33 thoughts on “McCain Calls to Exile Critics of Imperial Commander”

  1. Although McCain’s “suggestion” is outrageous, it plays well with that substantial segment of the public who fear the “dreaded libruls” like they are vampires at the gate. What is more troublesome is MoveOn’s failure to grasp this simple thought. The “organization” is considered as a shill for the Democrats just as Rush Limbaugh is considered a shill for the Republicans. There is something totalitarian in having an “organization” speak for you just as being a “dittohead” is just as troubling. MoveOn’s problematic position on war is well documented and it appears that the “leadership” of MoveOn determines what they put out, again akin to totalitarianism. The emose effective antiwar tools are the websites like Antiwar.com and others which effectively stimulate the reader to think, not TELL the reader what to think. Leave that tactic to Rush Limbaugh and MoveOn.

    1. I guess we are talking about the same man who is paid by Albanian lobby selling heroin to the kids of Europe and USA.Right !

  2. McCain probably just meant that immigrants in the organization should be thrown out of the country. How can he throw out the US citizens?

    1. Just tell’em go abroad or go to prison, or to death. It’s happened often enough elsewhere

      Folks, if you really do need to flee, China is a good destination.

  3. McCain probably just meant…..

    You can imagine whatever excuses you’d like for McCain, but the fact is that an American presidential candidate is so far gone in totalitarian rhetoric that he advocates exile for people exercising their right to free speech.

  4. Who wants to bet McCain would howl to high heaven if there were ever an attempt to censor the ongoing hate speech against Muslims, “leftists”, “traitors”, and the familiar litany of fascist scapegoats in America in the name of “freedom”? Brings to mind an old saying- “It is the drivers of negroes that howl loudest about ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy'”- meaning, of course, that those who typically appropriate such terms as rhetorical bludgeons do so precisely because they suffer from a peculiar kind of aphasia in which what they mean with such words is precisely the opposite of their formal definition. McCain is a classic example- rehashing the familiar neoconservative tropes about “patriotism” to describe something quite different from what it is traditionally understood as. Reminds me of how the Stalinists always liked to pontificate about “democracy”.

  5. Is it not funny how everything he had said, when applied to the current administration and the way “they have betrayed U.S” holds true. Mr. McCain, nope, wait…in fact you do not deserve to hold the title of “Mr.” McCain….Okay, lets start over…hey hillbilly, you should probably think before you say anything. You are right, a betrayal to the country is an act of treason. Kinda like when a commander in chief leads the (not “his” but “the”) country into an illegal war for illegal reasons. Which are most beloved Greenspan has just clarified for us in his new book. Its also an act of treason when an administration narcs on a covert operator who is embedded in another nation looking for proof of this administrations claim. Lies Lies Lies. I do not support you and don’t worry, I am a member of MoveOn.org and I have left the U.S. because I no longer want my tax dollars going to the demise of those poor people in Iraq. I suggest others who hold the same views do the same. Leave the U.S. and let those fat cats pay for their own mess. Or just quit paying taxes. They like that remember….tax breaks the Republican way. Sincerely….A former American who no longer gives his allegiance to such a filthy country. Enjoy.

  6. McCain must realize he is finished. This smacks of desperation on his part. It is even dumber than what Tancredo has said. It looks like the leading Republicans have hired Borat to write their talking points.

  7. IMO any hope McCain may have held for winning the nomination just went up in smoke. His own smoke. Lucky for us he seems to have a built-in self-destruct mechanism. He certainly displays an ability to lead in one area – a lynch mob.

    Good riddance to him.


  8. This is a sign of desperation by McCain. He knows his campaign is desperately running out of steam and is willing to resort to Tom Tancredo level vitriol to re-energize his support.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else suspect that McCain and Tencredo have hired Borat to script their foreign policy talking points?

  9. IMO this ends any hopes McCain may have had to win the nomination. Lucky for us he seems to have a built-in self-destruct mechanism. Such blatant lynch-mob tactics, while attractive to the fringe crazies, will cause moderates to leave him in droves.

    Good riddance!


  10. McCain is nothing more than a war criminal who wants to continue committing war crimes.

    If he hadn’t done time in a North Vietnamese prison, he should be doing time in ours for the same events.

    So his comments about MoveOn are the height of hypocrisy.

  11. MoveOn.Org had it right. No wonder every God Damned Republican (except one)seems to be going berserk. The Republicans have led the country into a disaster and now don’t know what to do or how to do it.
    Next November (2008) America will teach the Republicans and pro war idiots a lesson they won’t forget. The Republican Party should be stomped out of existence without mercy by an enraged electorate. Ditto the Neo-Cons.
    Every single patriotic American should back MoveOn because freedom of speech is still important….without it we wouldn’t be America.

  12. General “BeTray US” is helping to drive America into ruin by insisting on pushing “damn Amok Crazy” on “A Wreck” to please a “lying yellow belly coward” ….Why didn’t you go into that market in Baghdad Mr. Bush???? Sinator McCain talked about how safe it was…don’t you remember?? Or are you just plain yeller?

  13. McCain was a commy collaborator from day one. The average POW in North Vietnam lost 65 pounds during his captivity; McCain GAINED 45 pounds! In other words he is a god damned TRAITOR just like the rest of the AIPAC-bought and paid for traitors in Washington DC!

    1. Amen, willy! You are the first person aside from me to hit the nail right on the head. I never liked McCain’s collaboration with his captors. Where other POWs stood their ground and suffered the consequences, this little s**t sought relief by giving the commies what they wanted. Now he wants to point his knarled finger at other Americans and call them traitors?! For my money and my vote: the entire Republican party, their “base” and the Democrats as well can leave the USA and the sooner the better. Maybe then those of us who remain can return this nation to some sanity.

  14. Never since it’s first appearance in the late 1940s has television offered its facilities to someone more generously than it has John McCain. Always anxious to portray himself as earnest and uncompromising, McCain irrevocably stained his reputation with his support a year ago for the torture authorizing Military Commissions Act, and that despite the most energetic posturing to the contrary. McCain epitomises the egotistical Washington gas-bag. One only hopes that, finally, his sun is setting.

    John Lowell

  15. Hey McCain——

    Should I leave the country too?

    I say that we Impeach Cheney and Bush and Rice and several others.

    Then we try them all for war crimes.

    Then we move on to people such as yourself that made those war crimes possible.

    You are complicit and guilty of treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    I’m not leaving my country.

    And I’m not going to allow scum like you to completely destroy it either.

  16. McCain has demonstrated why he SHOULD NOT be nominated and, if nominated, why he should be voted down. His mindset is that of those he claims belong to our “enemies”. How is he different from those he says are our “enemies”? His own positions are virtually identical: if you disagree, you must be removed.

  17. talk about “overplaying your hand”. the GOP has crossed into full on creepy with this move on stuff. It’s like they are reliving their Dixie Chicks moment of , what, 4 , 12 years ago?

  18. McCain is a living example of the kinds of damage war can inflict on soldiers. He is tainted meat. He will never again be worth anyhing more than to be used as an example of the human costs of war. What he suffered at the hands of the NVA is worthy of our pity and saddness. It is not however worthy of our vote. He does not even belong in the senate or on a poliical stage whatsoever. Thousands like him will be returning from this conflict, unable to deal with the reality they experienced and the war crimes they committed.

    They as well will need assistance, but they should never be allowed into politics or any other position where they can influence the lives of others.

    If we are not going to be smart enough to stay out of these conflicts , rhen we must take the necessary steps to keep these people from turing their realities into our nightmares.

    War has its costs, and people are at the top of the list.

  19. McCain’s comments call to mind a notorious rant made by John Wayne in front of a California audience full of Jaycee’s back in the late 1960s exhorting the younger members of the crowd to go brownshirt of anti-Vietnam war protestors. Of course, if you’re well acquainted with that speech you’d know that the Duke was pretty well in his cups when he said this and would later apologize for the inappropriate comments. The scary part is that McCain’s stone-cold sober and seemingly unashamed in his diatribe, though, now McCain campaign spinmeisters are now attempting to “clarify” his statements to make them more palatable. Ain’t politics wonderful?!?

  20. I see; John McCain welcomes criminals who sneak into this country, but wants to deport law-abiding American citizens who disagree with him on Iraq and the Middle East. Maybe we should return McCain to Communist Vietnam; as, obviously, his theories on freedom are closer to theirs than ours.

  21. Typical republican version of democracy.

    And the people that support such reactionary tactics,
    that Reich’s Minister McCain encourages, no doubt wear
    their Brown Shirts with pride. If not for the Liberals
    and Progressives, we would all be taking a loyalty
    oath to Volk und Vaterland. But McCain is free to have
    his opinion, which is much more than he would afford
    others, if he could get elected. Quite obviously, our
    Republic is on life support with such people running for


  23. John McCain who was allowed privileges even as a POW because his father was an admiral may have given secrets to the enemy at the time. What is also interesting is the fact that MCCain’s father is the Admiral that betrayed the men of the Liberty by actiely covering up the investigation of the Israeli attack on The Liberty. McCain was also an inferior pilot who would have been grounded were it not for his father.

    Yes, if McCain knows about treason he and his family have a long history sa traitors.Now he throws stones at those who criticize a President who has rejected The Geneva Convebtioons, The American Constitutioo, and who uses torture, secret detentions, domestic spying, and all the other means of dictatorship.It is obvious who really betrays America and its principles

  24. There is nothing conservative or patriotic about his neocon foreign policy of endless war and puting Israel first.

  25. Let’s see –

    Don Imus makes mean remarks about some college girls and is widely excoriated for weeks before losing his job.

    John McCain advocates deportation of millions(?) of Americans for exercising their free-speech rights and he gets continued fawning press coverage and endorsement of a former president.

    I love this country!

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