26 thoughts on “Bollinger’s Balls”

  1. How clammy it makes me feel to realize that the president of one of our major universities is an intellectually dishonest, hypocritical, trouble-starting jerk, who brings shame to Columbia University.

  2. We should still be thankful to President Bollinger for extending this opportunity to Ahmedinejad, given the control that the lobby exercises this is the only way he could have done it. Had he shown any civility to the Iranian President he would be out of the office by now. We have to understand the limitations of all our elected and non-elected leaders.

  3. Bollinger’s career as a respectable academics is ended here.

    AIPAC promptly advertised Bollinger’s action, and he may get some pat in the back from the types of Lieberman and other Zionist warmongers. Fron now on, Mr. Bollinger would be more suitable for ‘academic’ places like AEI instead of Columbia!

    1. Let's not get carried away. He did at least invite Ahmadinejad to speak, and as John Caruso says at the link, I have no problem with private citizens excoriating heads of odious governments. But it doesn't take much courage to echo your own government's talking points — to be obsequious to "friendly" tyrants and furious at the much-exaggerated enemy du jour.

  4. If Bollinger had any… He would have introduced Ahmadinejad, allowed him to speak his piece and then asked questions about the content. This was the classic “guilty until proven innocent” approach. We all know that once Bush accuses someone of being “against us” there is no way that they can ever redeem themselves.

  5. I think what Bollinger did was pretty ridiculous. If he had any principles, he would have raked both of them over the coals. Both men are executives in nations where the savage religion of Islam is written into some of the laws.

    Chris Baker
    Ron Paul support

  6. Pity Mr. Bollinger. As an academician, it should have been too embarassing for him to shut down a well-cultivated intellect in such a momentuous event. His "petty and cruel" introduction of his invited guest, let us hope, doesn't speak for all the products of America's top university. We can only hope too that he will not become a symbol of a "highly democratic and civilized" Americans.

  7. Mr. Bollinger,

    I think you should have guts to give the same hospitality treatment to the president of this country.

  8. Have Americans become such arrogant bullies that we no longer accord visitors common courtesy? Mr. Ahmadinejad is the democratically elected head of a nation of 70 million people. In disrespecting him Mr. Bollinger disrespected the people of Iran. Mr Bollinger played to the audience in a cowardly and crass manner. He could just as easily have voiced his opinions to Mr. Ahmadinejad in private if his object had not been to embarass his guest and cater to the Zionist sponsored protests in the streets. It takes no courage to do what Mr. Bollinger did. The only courage and courtesy I witnessed on the stage came from Mr. Ahmadinejad.

  9. His taunts and accusations were absurd. They show a shocking ignorance of the Persian culture, politics, and history. Ahmadinejad has a limited amount of power and has been in office for a short amount of time. Just how much of Iran’s alleged human rights abuses can be directly attributable to him? Does Bollinger not feel the slightest hint of embarrassment considering our own human rights abuses which make Iran’s pale in comparison? Why was this a dialogue of humans rights anyway? Does Bollinger not know of the pending expansion of war?

    There’s no excuse for Bollinger’s foolish behavior. At least before it was only our president, politicians, and much of the public at large who could be viewed as intellectual simpletons by others around the world. Now the highest educated at our most prestigious institutions of “learning” can be added to the list.

  10. His balls only look big thru the lens of the US media. He is a big part of the American landscape at the moment. His feelings are represented by those with most of the power in the US. So, it doesn’t take balls that big to echo the neocon view, especially in New York City.

    On the other hand, it takes balls to go against the grain, and act like our parents taught us to act towards an invited guest.

  11. Oh How the mighty have fallen. Whither goest thou now America?
    How much further can you fall? You are now regarded by people all over the world, from every nation and every tribe, from every region and every religion, from every colour and every creed, from every class and every strata, as being the gutter of the world. So long…..

  12. Chris Baker, nice you support Ron Paul, but your racist comments about Muslims and ignorant comments on Islam makes me think you are probably a very sneaky little Republican neo-con Zionist s**t trying to turn Ron Paul’s supporters against each other. ‘Savage religion of Islam’?????????? Ever read the Bible and Torah and noted the savagery and insanity preached there. Man made bulls**t pure and simple. For someone who supports Ron Paul you are resoundingly ignorant and racist. Do you live in Texas, chew tobacco and drive a pick up truck and work on a hog farm?

  13. Why are there no thinking Americans any more…the kind will balls of brass. the likes of Mark Twain or the founding fathers. Why does Israel have its hand so far up the American arse??? WHY ??

  14. Even if I do not agree with an Islamic regime I wonder if Mr. Bush would dare to be a speaker in an Iranian University…maybe his arrogance would not allow it!

  15. Todd asks: Why does Israel have its hand so far up the American arse??? WHY ??

    Read Mearsheimer and Walt, THE ISRAEL LOBBY, and you will find out.


  16. Bollinger’s balls shrunk so much since his disgusting behaviour towards his guest PRES.AHMADINEJAD, that one could hardly find any trace of them.

  17. …Heck of a job Bolley..
    President of a university or a urinal? An intellectual flyweight, and a coward, just like his boss.

    1. Bollinger had the guts to stand up to a disgusting tyrant and Islamic fanatic masquarading as a legitimate President. Bollinger should be commended.

        1. Abraham, you sound quite immature. Why all the mean-spirited personal attacks and insults? Don’t you know how to speak and to support your arguements without resorting to insults?

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