All Is Forgiven

I have consistently criticized Americans Against Escalation in Iraq — an antiwar group that has been running antiwar ads and doing grassroots political work – for what I viewed as their partisan strategy in pursuing an end to our involvement in Iraq, particularly their tactic of going after pro-war (or fence-sitting) Republicans in Congress and leaving pro-war Democrats alone. However, the following more than makes up for their past transgressions:

At last, the antiwar movement is waking up. Only a coalition of antiwar Democrats, Republicans, and independents can beat the War Party.

7 thoughts on “All Is Forgiven”

  1. Shame on mainstream media for withholding from their readers and viewers the fact that the majority of the watchers of these Republican debates vote Ron Paul as the winner. He is indeed the best and the brightest, as well the most humanistic.

  2. The constant giggling from all the clowns out there can piss a guy off. Someone put a vid on YouTube about it, every time Paul is mentioned people laugh and giggle. They won’t be laughing once the voting starts.

  3. I know the DeLorenzo fans out there will think this is an odd analogy, but I believe Ron Paul is the greatest American orator since Abraham Lincoln. That’s Abraham Lincoln on the stump as an abolitionist, not the tragic and flawed chief magistrate. The reason is not hard to find, Dr. Paul argues from principles while his opponents argue back from consequences. The impact of the former kind of oratory is to ratify and strengthen the moral sense of the audience, while of impact of consequentialism is to play on the fears of the citizenry. I won’t hazard a guess if he will win or not, but, as in the case of Lincolin, rhetoric has its own power of turning the tables on supposed shoe-ins and annointing unlikely Davids. Either way Dr. Paul is adding to, not depleting, the moral capital of America’s public culture…which is amazing enough!

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