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Reese Erlich, author of The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of U.S. Policy and the Middle East Crisis, discusses the fight between the realists and crazies in the administration over Iran, his belief that the realists have the upper hand for now, the dictatorship in Pakistan and his view that the power of the administration is waning.

MP3 here. (18:34)

Reese Erlich reports regularly for National Public Radio, Marketplace Radio, Latino USA, Radio Deutche Welle, Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio, and Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Radio. (Don’t forget that he also writes for San Francisco Chronicle, St. Petersburg Times, and Christian Science Monitor.)

Erlich has been a media critic for San Francisco’s KQED-FM (NPR affiliate) since 1988.

His “Perspectives on Jazz” series airs on sixteen public radio stations in the United States and Canada. These three- to four-minute profiles of jazz artists also appear online through the San Jose Mercury News.

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  1. I saw Reese Erlich in a recorded talk on C-SPAN2 a bit ago. In his discussion, he told of how on the very day that he was in Tehran, there was a gathering of women for a Woman’s Rights celebration. He led the audience to believe that this showed how open and wonderful it was there. The people were celebrating the International Day of the Woman.
    What he failed to mention, was soon the armed police came and arrested those in the demonstration. Many women were arrested, imprisoned, tortured and raped by jailers. To this day November 2007, some women are STILL being held in prison.
    What a hypocrite he is to stand before people, and not mention what REALLY happened. Just WHAT is HIS agenda, because it surely isn’t the truth. Check out

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