6 thoughts on “Become a Fan of Antiwar.com”

  1. Is there something similar available for Myspace? I know you guys have an account there, but you hardly use it.

  2. Excellent idea! Your logo is small but perfectly readable on my facebook page. Our website carries a widget with your newsfeed on our news page. Keep up the good work, folks!

  3. love your comments especially the ones critical of the Zionist cabal of Israel and AIPAC. Keep investigating those crooks and let;s fight hard for the Palestinians

  4. You are great. Thank you for all your good work. I am a big, longstanding fan. In our household, two of us are online too much, always commenting back and forth, “Did you see the campaign page this morning, you gotta go there!” “Did you see Justin today, you gotta see this one.” Its like you live with us. In addition to the reporting, the stories and information, the literary quality of your articles is outstanding.

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