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War on hold?


Pat Buchanan, author of the new book, Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed Are Tearing America Apart, his belief that the new Iran NIE has significantly weakened Bush’s case for war, the battle between the War Party and the “realists,” U.S. use of Pejak and MEK terrorists against Iran, the costs of the Iraq war, the neocons’ efforts to create a new Cold War with Russia, his analysis of the presidential race, his affection for Ron Paul, Israel’s nuke program, why he doubts Iran would even want nukes and the peace offer of 2003.

MP3 here. (22:07)

Patrick J. Buchanan was twice a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and the Reform Party’s candidate in 2000. He is also a founder and editor of the new magazine, The American Conservative. Now a commentator and columnist, he served three presidents in the White House, was a founding panelist of three national television shows, and is the author of seven books.

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  1. It was hysterical watching Bush stutter and stammer around yesterday at the White House press breifing concerning the NIE report on Iran. He basically has a teenage mentality: I don't care what you say I am going to do it my way. He would not call on Helen Thomas, he knew she would slice and dice him. But he got broadsided from many other reporters, oh his hand was way down in the cookie jar. Only 412 more days..

    1. Is it not at least possible that the decision to release the latest NIE and President Bush’s remarkable news conference in fact signal an imminent attack on Iran by the United States and/or Israel? Consider the following:

      1. The Annapolis conference provided a perfect venue for the U.S. and Israel to finalize their planning.
      2. The U.S. currently has three carrier task forces in the waters adjacent to Iran.
      3. The War Party may misread the current reduction in reported levels of violence in the Iraq theater; the accompanying reduction in negative war news from that front; and an apparent diminution of Iraq as a political issue to be an opportunity to pursue its Grand Design for imposing “democracy” throughout the Middle East.
      4. The NIE’s release provides an enhanced element of surprise for a sudden attack.

      Of course, Iran’s alleged imminent possession of nuclear weapons is only one of a number of scenarios that neoconservatives could employ to justify striking Iran. Any significant attack on U.S. forces in the area, whether alleged to be launched by elements of the Iranian armed forces or groups aligned with Iran, would offer a pretext sufficient for their purposes.

  2. Off all contemporary politicians only Buchanan and Bush will be remembered.

    Bush for disaster, Buchanan for being right.

  3. Funny watching Bush tip toe around the question about the saudi women given lashings for being gang raped, you can just tell he wanted to say ” it’s not up to us to tell other countries how to do things in there own countries” :)

  4. I love Pat – went to one of his rallies with a “Pro Choice – “Love U Anyway” poster… he loved it.

    He is not past his use date.. he should run again.

  5. Which Pat Buchanan is this? I guess it depends on what audience he is pandering to.

    Is it CNN Pat Buchanan, aka Establishment Shill, where he plays along with the “Paul can’t win” meme and goes along with the lie that the race is between the three major offerings of the War Party? Then starts making claims that if Paul doesn’t get the nomination and tries an independent run he will be responsible for a Democratic victory? Why doesn’t he just say what he really thinks? Maybe Mr. Buchanan needs to be cognitive of the fact that Ron Paul isn’t Barry Goldwater or Pat Buchanan? Ron Paul is Ron Paul. He is surfing a tidal wave.

    Hmmmm… Paul can’t win, so lets spend a bunch of time promoting the War Party instead? Maybe he should take the second word of the subtitle of his new book to heart?

    Is it Charles Goyette Show Pat Buchanan? Is it Alex Jones Pat Buchanan where he says that Paul needs to stay in this thing?

    So what’s the deal, Pat? Did you forget that people can use the Interwebs to watch you change attitudes depending on the audience? Way to make yourself look like tool who panders to the audience.

    I guess he is promoting his book, but there seems to be some cognitive dissonance regarding his feelings about the rEVOLution and the establishment. Like a little Chomsky Horsefly that gets fat from the blood because it bites just enough to get brushed away without being swatted.

    1. Thank you, Chris, so much for calling out Pat Buchanon. All of what you state above is true. Pat is not really an independent, but a Republican want-to-be that is unelectable, and only was able to run Reform because he bullied his way into its leadership. Ask Jim Mangia, the former national chair of Reform, who was actually, not just literally, locked out at the nominating convention.

      Anyway, finally someone on this site has fully pointed out, shall we say, Pat’s constant contradictions, depending on who is paying him, and the harm down to truth and justice, by his being accepted by the television networks as a legitimate politician/political analyst By the way, I think that he is jealous of the Honorable Ron Paul. Feel free to answer, Patrick.

  6. Pat was a rare voice in the wilderness presciently warning us of the dangers of many of our nation’s policies for decades.They twere ignored as were those of Washington and Jefferson who had previouly warned us to avoid foreign entanglements. But we have gone far beyond those warnings because the present threat is now being the victim of foreign control. Steve, USN, WW2

  7. If He had not been on the butterfly ballot we would not be where we are today. Nothing against him, just an observation.

  8. Other than that Al Gore would have claimed that he invented Iraq and he’d be even fatter while telling us to all be carbon neutral.


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