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All the cool stuff I’m not allowed to write about on goes to Taki’s Top Drawer. The Huckster bloviates about education, why Rudy’s off his game (hurrah!), Alan Keyes is either high or nuts, the Paulista rebellion against the neocons at National Review, and whatever happened to the AIPAC spy trial — it’s all over at TTD!

And, yes, I’m going to tout my recently-published piece in The American Conservative on the poet Robinson Jeffers. No, it’s not online: you’ve got to go out and buy a copy.  


10 thoughts on “All the cool stuff …”

  1. Jeez ‘R’ man, you’re not allowed to write about stuff? Wouldn’t that technically be censorship? I don’t know but, that sounds like censorship. Wow, in America. Go figure.

  2. AIPAC spy trial — treason, espionage, disdain for the interests of the USA and its citizens, matters of life and death/ war and peace — yet still only inching forward, with no MSM coverage. Thank you, Mr. Raimondo, for keeping the bright light on this treachery and threat to our liberty and security. If not you, who?

  3. Justin: Been supporting and reading ANTIWAR since 2003, and love it. This is my first posting re your new photo.
    As a reformed sinner (smoker) I normally loath photos of folks puffing, but I must say that the old photo lent an air of “bad boy” panache that I found quite irrestistable. It added heft to your always cogent analysis.

    But let’s not promote smoking amongst the younsters who read your excellent column…

    Antiwar Lawyer/Pacifist in Chicago

  4. In the world’s paradigm of Democracy, Liberty, and Free Speech, you need caution? Obviously self censorship must prevent midnight visits from the waterboarders (a uniquely American term which ranks alongside “co-lateral damage” for cuteness).
    Here in New Zealand of course things are quite different (hence my blog names).
    My long-term ambition is to make it unaided to your blog roll; meantime, keep up your good work — please!

  5. Good stuff, Justin. I’ve bookmarked your archive on Taki’s Top Drawer. Oh yeah, nice new pic. Keep up the hard-hitting journalism!

  6. what Maryann said – I also liked the smoking guy. If you quit, good. If not, flaunt it!
    That’s some tumultuous commentary on Taki’s, though. What a shark tank; even (most of) the trolls are sharp. I think the smoking guy will do great there.

  7. I agree with Justin on the war, but when it comes to immigration, he’s hand in hand with the neocons. His views on immigration are indistinguishable from those of Linda Chavez.

    The white race is under assault and, like a good Leftist, Raimondo celebrates it.

  8. Paleoconservative,
    In reading you, anybody would think that the brown races were laying siege to the U.S., and the life of white people were in danger. What you fear is the end of white supremacy, right? I understand it, but remember that before you -transplanted European- came, this land belonged to the browns. Your white ancestors stole it! Now if the pendulum is swinging back, do not worry because the browns will not put you in reservations nor will we drive to extinction through massacres and invasions.

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