12 thoughts on “Ali Shafeya al-Moussawi, RIP”

  1. Especially, investigative journalists are targets of the governing bodies in Iraq. RIP Ali. His family does need the support of the anti-war community at this time.

  2. Please give me a freaking break about the “Iraqi Authorities”. Stop spreading this myth!!! All actions by the puppet government are attributable to the occupying forces, the only real and final authority in Iraq.

    The hypocrites at Reporters Without Borders who have displayed a constant selectivity in their condemnations know this very well. Iraq will only have peace when it regains its sovereignty. These puppets masquerading as an autonomous government can not fart without their American masters’ approval. How can anyone with a modicum of logic think otherwise? The charade of an Iraqi Governing Council is just that, a charade!

  3. Both Reporters Without Borders and Committee to Protect Journalists suggest the Iraqi journalist has been executed (shot 31 times in head and chest) by the Iraqi National Guard in connection to his investigation on militias cq government run death-squads aka the El Salvador Option.

    Alas the politics is a bit more complex than simply a bunch of puppets remote controlled from Washington. There exists dirty politics unrelated to the US too and to me it seems that Iraq begins to resemble Afghanistan more and more in that Washington is sucked up in the complexities of local and regional politics, characterized by an ever increasing fluidity in alliances and about which seem convincingly oblivious.

    Any investigation, whether it be by the Iraqi govt (who most likely are directly involved) or the US as the occupier (and thus ultimately responsible for security-matters) is utterly pointless as the conclusion will have been written before they have even begun, especially so when this accusation is the truth.

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