Ron Paul and the Key to Electoral Success

Let’s see: Last night, I read this — an announcement that Ron Paul has, for all intents and purposes, dropped out of the GOP presidential race — and today, I read this — a report from Washington state that, with 78 percent of the vote in, Ron is polling 21 percent in the Republican state caucus.

At last, the Paul campaign has discovered the key to electoral success — play hard to get.

UPDATED: The KNDO report was for eastern Washington state only.

57 thoughts on “Ron Paul and the Key to Electoral Success”

  1. Hello Ron:

    I am from Lynchburg, VA. I was there at Liberty University yesterday to hear your speech. It was a moving and powerful message. I was glad I was able to see you at least once during your campaign.

    There are so many young people at your speeches because they know that it is about them. They know that they are the ones who will inherit the country that we leave them. They will inherit the debt, the resentment of the rest of the world and the pieces that will have to be picked up of our shredded Constitution left by the imperial presidency of George W. Bush.

    As I said your speech was great and made so much sense. How can anyone argue against it? That evening when I checked my Email I was surprised to see the letter from you Ron saying that you won’t consider running as a third party candidate. I and many others hope you will reconsider your decision. Like you I am a father with three daughters and like you I hope to be a grandfather too. Ron no one but you has generated this much support for real change in Washington. Your campaign is the first thing to come along in a long time to give HOPE to me and many others.

    In a general election you will get much more support then you are now. The democrats are not happy with their choices especially if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. The republicans are not happy with their choices either. I know you won’t vote for John McCain or Mike Huckabee. Do you expect us to? I also meet with Libertarians, Code Pink and other antiwar groups and you have their support. I was in Charlottesville, VA talking to Cindy Sheehan and she had a Ron Paul button on her purse. On the radio the other day it was said that the Constitution party would put you on their ticket if you would accept the invitation. The Libertarians feel the same way and many of them feel that they shouldn’t even put forth a candidate if you are going to run. With the discontent among the democrats and republicans and great ecumenical efforts started in your name Please reconsider! We are under attack on all sides and there isn’t another Ron Paul on the horizon.

    Ron all through the Bible God called many men to do works that at first seemed impossible but he always gifted them with the things and people they need to get the job done. He gave the children of Israel Bezalel so that the could build the Tabernacle in the wilderness. He gave Samson great strength and Solomon great wisdom to keep their people free. He gave Esther beauty so that she could stand before the king and not die but save her people. Ron He has given you something better he has given you the truth, the ability to tell it and people who will stand up for you and stand behind you. Please read the following, it’s it is from the book of Esther. It comes at a time when she also had doubts about her ability to change things.

    14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

    Ron you are here now for a reason and I believe that and I think you do too and that reason is bigger that Texas or any state for that matter. The reason is America! Even in my 45 years that word still evokes emotion, hope for better tomorrows and a call to service. Lets keep it that way!

    Sincerely, Job

    1. Job; Your comment is well written. Finding the right words to express the reality that McCain will loose to Obama is hard to be kind to the involved. But let’s face it Without Ron Paul this nation will be won over by moneyed aristocracy who seem to pulling the strings. To abolish the Unfederal Preserves is the first step to win back control. Andrew Jackson had them pegged when he paid off the debt. He knew what they were up to then, in 1835. We are nearly bankrupt, what happens then? Our constitution has failed us? Go to it.

  2. Yeah Ron, please consider strongly to run for President of the US of A. I know you have been through many battles and frustrations trying to spread the word of what America should be, rather than what it is now. Our country drastically needs change: Change being having our beloved Bill of Rights and The Constitution become the law of the land once again and doing away with the rule of proto tyrants who rule us today. I would not like to see our once great country fall to tyrants who are self-serving “useful idiots” who line their pockets with Gold bringing poverty and chaos to “We the People.” If our nation is destined to fall let us not go quietly into the night, but rather, fight the good fight and if we lose the battle, we can at least say that we tried to turn the tide. I know you are weary, but without hope and dreams for a better tomorrow for our children’s children, what will their life be without the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ron, without you in the running, there isn’t much hope out there for a better today and a better tomorrow. For my HOPE is that you decide to run for the once noble office of The President of the United States for the purpose of getting America back from the brink of chaos so “we the people” can have HOPE for the future.

    Prayers your way Ron,


  3. There is no liberty in the Old Testament. What there is a Tribal God, bloody and vengeful, and a vicious priestly class given to hypocrisy and enforcing silence with charges of blasphemy.

    American Liberty, and liberty around the world, is in modern times the child of the French Englightenment, and manifested in American history in men such as Franklin and Jefferson and Madison.

  4. As a muslim woman i feel very very sad to see the great Ron Paul drop from the race. if elected president, he would be the only american president who’d stand against the criminal corporations like AIPAC&co. As long as AIPAC rules America, the poor palestinians will keep bleeding, wars against middle eastern muslim countries will continu, by Israel or on the behav of Israel and the american empire will expand ! Americans are BLIND if they don’t elect him president : he is one of a kind, an honest man and a real republican,a man who has the answers and the solutions for every american problem!

    It is very sad to see that AIPAC’s criminals became the NEW FATHERS OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION.The REAL constitution is about justice, morals, values, respect and peace&commerce with the rest of the world !Where did the constitution go? and how could americans allow a bunch of bloody warmongers steal it away from them?

    I live in America but sometimes i have hard time understanding the american people. I mean…if the american people want and cry for peace and social justice, why do they keep electing bad presidents?

    i’ve heard that Ron Paul’s son is also a very good man just like his father and i hope he starts politics and run for president in 4 years! Ron Paul, americans love you, i love you, muslims love you, the rest of the world love you!

    1. Strange then that Paul initially opposed and now is only lukewarm in his approval of impeachment, including Kucinich’s motion to impeach Cheney.

      As Congressmen, it is his and other’s constitutional duty, to impeach criminals in the office of President and Vice President.

      That is the first and only constitutional remedy for the present abuse of both offices.

      What then are Paul and rest waiting for?

      1. See this video on Ron Paul and impeachment:

        Video’s almost 11 months old but I don’t believe his position has changed much if any. Basically he’s looking for due process before he makes up his mind, or more likely looking for it before he states his mind. Personally I think there is little if any doubt of impeachable offenses, however if by some miracle the impeachment movement gets off the ground a full-scale investigation would have to conducted before articles could realistically be filed.

        As to what they’re waiting for, imho they are waiting for shrub to leave office in the hopes that it will all go away. Stupid, shortsighted and cowardly of course, but then what else would you expect of the US Congress ?

        1. That is not true.

          Read the Constitution carefully. Impeachment is specifically excepted from the protections of a jury trial.

          The penalty is removal from office.

          The rest is procedural.

          No court can rule on the proceedings and it is not subject to appeal.

          There need be no investigation at all by the House, if that is what the House prefers, and the defendant is not even accorded the right to present a case if that is what the Senate agrees to.

          I am not suggesting that the Congress go that route, but impeachment was deliberately made a very simple process and for obvious reasons.

          Paul initially opposed it and is now, like many other Congressmen, retreating into the cover of “proper procedure”.

          In fact, outside of what is said in the Constitution, there is no proper procedure, and impeachment proceedings can vary as the House and Senate choose.

        2. Eugene, you need to read my comment more carefully I think.

          I said “could _realistically_ be filed.” In other words no way are they going to move on impeachment without the cover of an investigation. Now that is my opinion of course, I was not referring to the Constitutional procedures (or lack thereof) re: impeachment. What you say about those procedures is correct, but that is not what I was talking about. I was suggesting that Ron Paul was talking about an investigation that I believe inevitable in any Bush/Cheney impeachment attempt, not if such an investigation is required by the US Constitution. Honestly it is all very hypothetical anyway, the chance of this Congress moving on impeachment seems to me zilch.

        3. Again you are wrong.

          The House needs no investigation at all to impeach, which is simply the equivalent of bringing charges. Nor would there be any defense in the the House.

          The only requirement is that the House conform to the charges listed in the Constitution.

          The Senate then tries according to their own rules, and one presumes the charges would be investigated.

          Even if the impeachment is just begun in the House and the trial not finished in the Senate until the next election it would serve an important purpose, with the possibility of a quick trial hanging over the Executive’s head as a discouragement to the next unanswered subpoena or the next unconstitutional usurpation of power.

          I resist the obvious pun–that half an impeachment is better than none.

        4. Why don’t you have the Democratic Majority impeach them instead of someone from their own party?

          oh, wait……..


        5. Most Democrats are as incompetent as most Republicans.

          But naturally I am urging the Democrats to do exactly that.

          I do not see why most non-NeoCon, anti-Bush Republicans are not pursuing impeachment.

          Paul Craig Roberts is obviously the genuine consitutionalist among the Reaganists–what Paul, it is now clear, only pretends to be.

          What is clear is that you do not want impeachment, for example, and present disingenuous arguments about its difficulties mainly to obscure your bottomline opposition.

        6. Comment by Eugene Costa on 2008-02-10 01:54:50
          “Again you are wrong.”

          No, again you fail to fully read my comment before beginning to type.

          We have no actual disagreement on this issue, you keep making one up.
          I never said there was any Constitutional or legal requirement for an investigation prior to impeachment. Maybe I need to repeat that – I NEVER SAID THERE WAS ANY CONSTITUTIONAL OR LEGAL REQUIREMENT FOR AN INVESTIGATION prior to impeachment. I was trying to state my _opinion_ that “no way are they going to move on impeachment without the cover of an investigation”. This opinion is based on my analysis of the current membership of the House of Rep’s, and what I view as their likely actions, including the actions of Ron Paul. I AGREE with you and many others that impeachment is called for, I just don’t think it is likely to occur and if it does I believe they will DECIDE to launch an formal investigation in the House first. They don’t HAVE to launch said investigation, I just think they will. Assuming of course they ever grow enough spine to get started on impeachment at all.

        7. My analysis is structural and to a certain degree contingent.

          Impeachment is a central power of Congress and really the only remedy for a criminal in the office of President.

          The Congress can sit around and wring their hands over the chief Executive power not answering a subpoena for this or that evidence, or not acting according to law in this or that instance. So what?

          They have the remedy given them by the men who wrote the Constitution and they refuse to use it.

          It is not a question of popular support either.

          The most recent polls I have seen suggest that eighty-five percent of the electorate wants Cheney impeached immediately, and a majority want Bush impeached.

          The numbers for impeaching Bush would likely be higher, since it is only good sense to impeach Cheney first.

          Or impeach both of them simultaneously, perhaps after arranging for a different succession by electing a new speaker of the House.

          So what are they waiting for?

          Paul is a sore disappointment on this score. There is no doubt in my mind he could have won more support by coming out strongly on the issue.

          That he has not suggests a hidden agenda, and in retrospect I am glad he did not do so and get that support.

          By not impeaching the Congress might as well give up even the appearance of constitutional power. With that “law” also follows.

          Without impeachment it does not matter much who becomes “president”. Presiding over what? A hollow shell that talks much about not being a rubber stamp to the new King, but does nothing.

          If the polls are valid, the American electorate at large perceives that point at least much better than any of their politicos do.

    2. Sabrina;

      All the American people care for the most part is their pockebook and cheap gas for their SUV etc.. .They might not go and kill for it…but they gladly let their governement do it for them as long as they do not have to send their sons and daughters to die for it

      Do not not beleive the polls whenb they say they are against the war! Beleive what they do not say and do not do! All this talk about Justice etc… its only for them not for the others1

    3. Ron Paul hasn’t dropped out!! He is staying until the end, and says so in his email letter to his supporters. Stop spreading this nonsense!! He’s in and will remain in! You think his fighting this take over of our government by neo-cons for 30 yrs is going to stop because the media won’t acknowledge him? NO!! So, for all of you out there who have yet to vote in your primaries, rest assured Ron Paul is in and should be on your ballot.

    4. Ron Paul has scaled back his campaign staff. Unlike Romney, Ron Paul has not suspended his campaign. Take heart, there are still lots of us who want peace in the Middle East and will continue to work for Dr. Paul.

  5. Sabriina! You’re back!!! Do you know what happened to Alimhaq, aka Jeremiah McAuliffe???

    He used to be on the forums, but he tuned out some years back. I haven’t heard from him since…

  6. Hold on there, what’s this: This Candidate Doesn’t Quit

    Notified by Paul Campaign that there would be open precinct delegates in Michigan because of Romney’s suspension. I went and became one. They wer all talking Ron talk(Paul and Reagan). Tax less, spend less. The only winning strategy would be for old Guard to join Paul’s supporters for victory against the Democrats making Dr. Paul our President. Cakewalk? It may be more than possible.

    It would be great if it could be done in spite of the medias efforts. That would help marginalize and discredit them.

    1. The Republican Party as the ANTI-WAR PART–precious.

      That is so convoluted the Neo-Cons might fall for it for the sheer entertainment value of its perversity.

      On the other hand, they might have a bit of a problem with the anti-Zionism Paul has now and then displayed.

      But perhaps Paul’s sincerity too is now negotiable, eh?

      1. Perhaps. But they are aware that it has cost trillions. Inflation is rampant and their children are in a war zone. There are four solid talking points or tactics, I say:

        1. “I gave up watching TV news 30 years ago because it was crap and a news free zone.” They have been so well trained that this pisses them off. They can’t imagine a life without their TV friends. Then they do imagine being free of it. I hear freedom is most popular amongst psychological slaves. Some people say freedom is the true voice of God, symbolically speaking.

        2. In response to the bogeymen of their personal Dead Marshes, I say, “That does not worry me.”… “No, that does not worry me at all.” Nazi retaliation was a promised 10 to 1. “We’re heading to 3,200,000 to 3,200 in the region. Are we shooting for 1000 to one? Is outdoing the Nazis an American plan? When will they be scared enough?”

        3. My partner says if you can’t kill an unborn child then it’s still wrong to kill the former child. What God has given dare man take it away?

        4. Are we fighting until Newscorp gets a broadcast agreement in the Middle East. Is that why Iran and Syria are so important? Everybody but Newsorp is tied to the military, so why are they pushing the war?

        See, these are my neighbors, it’s not always easy to love them, but they have lost their way. It is affecting my families well being and theirs and it isn’t necessary. The binary thinking of us against them is a poisonous fruit, eating it gives us paradise lost as promised in one of our oldest oral traditions. Conservatism has been respecting traditional values since before words were written.

  7. My word, four to eight years of the President allowing me to “own my own body”.

    For some reason all I can think of is Russell’s Barber Paradox.

    If all this and no vigorous effort to impeach–thanks, but no thanks.

  8. Dr. Paul is almost 73 years old and has been on the road for a year. He hasn’t quit he needs some rest.DR. Paul is Moses leading us in the desert, we still need a young Joshua to take the promised land.

    1. Was Hitler German? No. Was Napoleon French? No. Was Moses a Jew? No one can say for sure, but very likely not.

      Pardon, but, after Madison, I am fed up with religion of any kind in government, and especially Old Testament absurdity, and I’ll definitely pass up the Moses and Joshua, Saul and David and Schlomo–indeed, if prominent, actually work against them.

      The more I hear about Paul from his supporters the less interest I have in his candidacy.

      Another item I am uniformed about is whether Paul opposed faith-based initiatives?

      1. Eugene, in case you haven’t noticed, you hardly qualify as a Paul supporter, and so your opinion about him is worth less than the plastic into which you typed your words.

        1. Ironically I have been defending what appeared to be some of Paul’s Libertarian ideas, as well as his supposed Constitutionalism.

          My main doubts were his refusal to pursue impeachment seriously and vigorously, and they have now been confirmed.

          I also am vigorously opposed to faith-based initiatives, which use Federal funds to support Bush’s and Cheneey’s Mega-Church political machine and free funds for such organization as the Roman Catholic Church to pay off civil suits against it for covering up for pedophiles.

          I now see that my support for Paul was erroneous, and understand why he does not pursue impeachment.

          He is just another benighted “Christian” pursuing presidential power, itself unconstitutional, to institute his own and his supporters’ hidden agenda, including the nonsense spewed by Liberty University, which has as much to do with the Constitution and American “liberty” as Turtle Wax has to do with turtles.

          Thanks much for the enlightenemnt.

    2. This is the kind of bilge that just turns my stomach, that Ron Paul is the equivalent of some biblical figure – in this instance, Moses – and that he’s leading us to the promised land. Permit me to recommend a good emetic, will you? He’s a politician, for God sake, not a saint! This phoney just tanked on you, used your money to increase his visbility in advance of his comgressional re-election effort and is probably hoping to survive a primary challenge from some neo-con. At this point I wouldn’t much care if he didn’t survive, actually.

  9. The RP message sent to supporters said he was going to continue to the convention, if anyone can put together a plan to give him a shot at the nomination, lead on.

  10. If the third parties could get their act together and come together and fight for the soul of this country it would be a lot easier for Dr. Paul to go third party. Why couldn't the Libertarian, Constitution, Green party, and even the left over Reform party, unite behind somebody who will follow the Constitution? They are to fragmented and are to ideologically fixated on every belief that they have that they don't want to give a little in order to save our Republic. Save the Republic first, then save the environment. Dr. Paul is right, real change can only occur within the Republican party. Besides he is to valuable to not have in Congress. Local Paulites need to put the heat on their county, and state GOP's and start the real revolution.

    1. That union of third parties/independents is the answer, as expressed by Brian above, and some of us have worked hard to provide this, only to have establishment bullies break in and take over, pushing their agenda, and the courts then refusing to provide a remedy for those many thus pushed out, again.

  11. Time will tell if Dr. Paul’s loyalty is to the Constitution of the former USA or the Republican Party.

    He gave me and countless other the impression and HOPE that he was American.

  12. I think you’re all living in fantasyland. Dr. Paul is not the messiah, he is not coming to save us from ourselves. If you believe a Ron Paul presidency will turn the nation around, you must be buying into the President-as-dictator bullshit that the republicrats have been laying the foundation for.

    Congress can block and stymie President Paul’s agenda, which there is no doubt they would. Right off the bat, President Paul would be a lame duck.

    The Republic is dead and the revolution will not be televised because there will be no revolution.

  13. Instead of scaling back his campaign, Dr. Paul should immediately pick a vice presidential candidate to join him on the ticket. Repeat, immediately. That person should be the most eloquent orator in the country, a person who can inspire Americans with Ron Pauls’ ideas and visions for the country. Ron Paul is the first to admit he is not the best speaker to place his positions in front of the country. His VP should be that person. Then rent the largest auditorium in the most anti Paul city in the country, and use some of those millions of dollars that have been donated to buy national TV time. Even 30 minutes. Dr. Paul needs to go around the media boycott thats in place. Have the two men (or man and woman) stand in front of the audience and take questions for the entire time. Reserve 5 minutes at the close of the program for each person to speak about their vision, the America they both want to see in 4 years from now, or 8 or 10.

    Buy advertising in every local and national publication that money allows, to tell the country that the program will be aired. Call it “The Return of America,” or some title that tells people the 2 candidates will be talking about reconstructing America that existed when the Constitution was laboriously put in place to create a society that enhanced the lives of Americans, not the increasingly repressive society we now live in.

    Ross Perot used his own money to break the media blackout on him and garnered in the upper teens in votes, nationally.

    If you have the truth, and speak the truth, and people listen to the truth, they will recognize the truth, and be moved to add their strength to the movement towards the truth.


    1. Screw those media. They have no contract with us viewers. They are responsible to their shareholders and they hold contracts with their sponsors. Even if the campaign buys ads where will they end up? Does anyone believe that they want an audience of awake, aware, mature, thinking, adult individuals? They are going to bury the ad in the worse place possible lest it disturb the addict’s regularly scheduled program. Shhhh…

      That is why I recommend shunning those media. Every time {med*a blac*out} is even mentioned it reinforces the notion of their unending control. There are people whose are assigned to watch each broadcast sports event, one for each major advertiser. They count how many times and how complete and how long each logo is seen. Try it at the next NASCAR Race; this is how sponsors measure the job the broadcasters did for them. If I print {m**ia b***k***} for real that is one ‘mention’ the media gets for free. I am doing free advertising for them?!? No way! That is why I recommend shunning. Break the spell.

      Dr. Paul has often posted articles here at There is no blackout in any media that really matters. Send’em a Hamilton, they deserve it. IMO.

  14. Thank you Ron Paul for all you have done to promote the true spirit of the American forefathers and fought to change what has become a corrupted, warmongering nation ruled by hypocrites and special interests like the military establishment and oil companies. Thank you for pointing out what should be obvious to all, that you can’t keep printing new money to finance empire and not expect to have a weakend dollar or inflation.

    But most of all, thank you for showing America what the courage of one man combined with the support of many using modern technology can do to effect positive change within our system of government.

    Your message for America will move forward!

  15. With all due respect, I just used Moses and Joshua as a metaphor.The younger people have to take over the fight and you can’t expect Dr. Paul to carry this forward forever.Dr. Paul will keep on fighting but this fight is eternal, good against evil and it must be fought forever.

  16. I’ve personally reached the point where I now believe that Amerika does not deserve Ron Paul’s leadership and vision. This nation of apathetic, uneducated, uninformed hyper-belligerent sheep is headed for the trashbin of history and in gravitating toward the likes of Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain, it has shown its true colors and its real preferences for whom it wants as its rulers. Job’s allusions to the Old Testament in the first post of this thread are perhaps more apt than he realizes; throughout that book God punished the errant, arrogant Israelites many times and in many horrible ways over the course of the centuries when they refused to obey his commandments and live the lives of righteous people. Amoricons today share many similarities to those errant ancient Israelites. While claiming to be a “Christian” nation, claims made in particularly loud voice by those at the levers of power who most egregiously pervert Christ’s message as contained in the Gospels, Amerika has done more to destroy the legacy of true Christianity than even the most militantly nihilistic and atheistic of nations in modern history. No, Ron Paul has been sent among us as a messenger, not as a leader. Like Samuel, who warned the ancient Israelites against crowning a king to rule over them, his message is being ignored and the consequences to the nation will be catastrophic. But they will also be deserved.

    May God have mercy upon us, no matter how little we have shown ourselves to deserve it.

  17. He hasn’t dropped out. He is cutting the staff from Super Tuesday states and downsizing the national HQ (which has screwed itself over for quite awhile now.)

    Also, I heard reports that Ron Paul didn’t write that via email from Carol Paul via RonPaulForums. Ron Paul didn’t write the “0%”, which really concerns me; RON PAUL STOP USING GHOST WRITERS, DAMN IT!

    I heard he got the most delegates in Washington though. But oh well, how much difference that will make. I hope that his new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, comes out and becomes an instant best seller. People need a reawakening like they did when they read a Conscience of a Conservative (which, I just found out, was ghostwritten by Goldwater’s speech writer. What’s up with these politicians and their ghost writers!)

  18. I chalk up Ron Paul’s success in my (WA) state to the strong grassroots support here. The Spokane WA (Ron Paul) Meetup group is a fine example: they have been working very hard for months. The results are a strong 1st-place finish for Dr Paul:

    Spokane Republican Caucus Results: With 90% of the precincts reporting – Ron Paul 46%, Mike Huckabee 20%, John Mccain 15%, Mitt Romney 9%, Uncommitted 10%.

    The recipe for success – lots of motivated, innovative, patriotic people!


    Americans have been programmed to become obsolete. They have been taght to always look for the easiest way to get results for whatever… Why work hard when some poor sucker will do it for you? Make the most $ for the least effort and get results as easily and as quickly as you can. Why study hard for an exam when you can buy the answers? It is the antithesis of the old “no pain, no gain” axiom. You reap what you sow…

    Back in the 50’s when the USSR put up Sputnik the vision was of bright kids with buzz-cuts running around with slide rules strapped to their belts. The PTB were scared that we (The USA) were going be overrun by the commies and thus encouraged brightness and productivity. As time went by and we dominated the space race and the dollar became the world’s “reserve” currency it was assumed that “we” were on top of the world. Hey, America was the world power to deal with and everyone asked “how High?” when we said to jump.

    Individual education and productivity took a back seat to the point where the “Family Guy” and other cartoon nitwits such as Homer Simpson are now promoted as the prototype “normal” American.

    And this is a logical progression if you stop and think about it. The ruling and monied classes saw that there was no longer a need for bright and agressive individuals who would be a threat to their positions in the pecking order so they proceed to eliminate the threats. Their problem is that they failed to anticipate the rise of undeveloped nations such as China and India…

    Now we are threatened by hoards of smart, educated & agressive, individuals from these and other nations; to the point where our debt-based, house-of-cards, econpmy is in danger of collaps. The PTB find that they cannot easily coerce or otherwise minimize these threats so their solution has been to establish a program of military dominance around the world and to invade or bomb anyone who is a perceived “threat” to our “national security”. Tranlsted: “the status quo”.

    RP is a threat to our national security.

    The military solution will work for a short while and I emphasize the word short.

    1. 8Ball is so right about the presentation of the Simpsons as working class goyims, the father at a nuclear plant at that, and most of us know many of the plots, and none of the creators or actors for this series are gentiles. I need to look into whether the zionists are also the impetus behind Family Guy.

  20. Well done Paul (WA).

    I believe the Ron Paul revolution is only in its infancy. The goal should be for it to peak in future elections. 2012 or maybe even 2016.

    To have real success the revolution needs to go strong for many years to come. 2008 was not a defeat, it was a success. The revolution has developed the strongest grassroots despite the MSM and despite the opposition in the republican party. My estimates is that the revolution is a massive 20K people strong.

    But, as you can see in the site there is an effort to recruit 180000 precinct leaders, one for every precinct in the country. In the first year the of this revolution a full 10% of that goal has been achieved. At this rate the goal is achievable for 2016. which is great. But the revolution needs to continue and the efforts need to be double and redoubled so that we can try to achieve that goal for 2012. With a base 10 times as big we need very small contributions from people to cover the costs of the revolution and growth for the first 2 years. About $5 per month. Then in 2010 the campaign starts again.
    A base of 200K people contributing their full legal contributions of 2300 over two years (about $100 per month) can produce about $460M. The blimp can fly all over the country and we can have ads in all the media as well as the superbowl. If the MSM ignores us we create our own space and time.

    If the good doctor can’t be at the helm for 2012 or 2016 then

    Keep the good work going.

  21. Come on John, Ron Paul is just a decent guy who did his best going up against an oligarchy that only promotes those that serve it…sad that Paul really came in third in NH but was robbed…( We all know he got twice as many votes in the precincts that were handed-counted vs. those corrupt corporate rogue CIA aligned DIEBOLD machines…Diebold: as in go you soldiers and die boldly for oil, Israel and war-profiteering.) .In May I’ll vote for Paul here in NC…And in November vote for Obama for his foreign policy promises ( which is the only issue that matters now ) or vote for the Constitution Party candidate; Patrick j. Buchanan..

    1. Why? That can’t offer victory. But a coalition of Republican, Libertarian, Constituionalist and r3volutionaries plus antiwar democrats can win in November.

      Any third party can only offer Dr. Paul a loss while they will gain from his popularity. No win-win then no go-go..

      Nomination or Bust!

      1. Let me clue you in–none of that non-Paulist crew is going to vote for Paul, even if by some vast stretch of the imagination, he somehow won the nomination, even as a Vice President (that would be a real hoot).

        Not after his recent declaration of party loyalty.

        The Republican Party is through, unless it is a dictatorship you are talking about after another stolen election.

        Why do you think so many Neo-Cons are working the Democrats?

        When Perle jumped ship it should have told the non-Neo-Con, non-Christian Zionist Republicans something.

        They are as dull-witted as the Democrats.

        1. That is one reason, in my own dull-wittedness, I cannot reckon why a good proportion of Republicans are not vociferously behind impeaching Cheney.

          The Democrats’ calculations I follow, even if they are grievously wrong.

          Paul as Reagan, tell me another one.

  22. It’s interesting to watch the many people who write in to this blog get off on a tangent of impeachment. A comment that you are disappointed in RP for not taking the lead on this issue is enough. Then move on to the real issue at hand, which is how do we circumvent the media blackout and get RP’s message out to the country. Put your energy into making suggestions on this. I did, on 2/10. Let’s have more. There might be a few that will make sense, and be adopted by the new campaign people Dr. Paul has brought in. (Thank God for that).


    1. There is no media blackout at, send them money.

      People talking to people. Become a precinct worker for the Ron Paul campaign. To date about 10% of the precincts are covered and there getting near 10% of the votes. Campaign dollars are no substitute for feet on the ground. Living, breathing and sincere testimonials are priceless.

      An ad is just one more ad trying to break though the noise. But some “nut” standing outside in Michigan in the middle of January has something serious on their mind. Freedom is popular! After all that weathering who is likely to show up on election day?

      1. Don’t you even read what you write. You carry on about shunning and then you say the dreaded b****out in theis post giving them yet another free mention.

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