Is the US Getting Ready to Strike Pakistan?

Reuters reports:

“Pakistan rejected on Saturday a U.S. official’s assertion that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar are operating from Pakistani territory.“A senior U.S. administration official told reporters in Washington Bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahri and others were operating out of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan.

“Mullah Omar and other Taliban leaders were directing insurgency operations in Afghanistan from the Pakistani city of Quetta, said the U.S. official who declined to be identified.”

If the US has information as to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, why are they going to the media with it — unless it’s to ready the American public for a strike at Pakistan?

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Sadiqsaid had the only possible response:

“If there is any actionable intelligence it should be shared with the government of Pakistan so that they can be neutralized. You don’t talk to the media if you have information like this.”

No, you don’t. But if you don’t really have such information, and merely want to appear as if you do in order to pursue your own warmongering agenda –  well, then, you talk to the media anonymously ….

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  1. A major strike into Pakistan would seal the deal on NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan. Even Canada’s pro-Bush Conservative government wouldn’t stand for such an escalation – even if they are hiding there.

    Aid and fund the Pakistanis to clean up their own backyard, but don’t go walking in there like we have some inherent right to do so.

    1. I’ve never understood the attraction to foreign aid as a solution. Stealing money from Americans and giving it to foreign dictators props up their regimes, thwarts badly needed reforms, and causes resentment from the locals. Where’s the upside?

      An alternative approach: end all foreign aid and stop meddling overseas. That means, among other things, declaring victory in the Cold War, disbanding NATO, and saving those badly needed funds in order to stave off an economic disaster looming here at home.

    2. I honestly dont think that you people even care if American strikes Pakistan! I dont think that any of you care about alot of things that are going on outside country! And the reason i say that is because none of you are going to be over there helping our soldiers out! You all could care less about our soldiers, as long as its not you over there!
      You want our military to defend you and keep you safe yet call them out, you cover them with negative comments and you disrespect them at a level that is beyond words!
      I guess it is easier for groups like this to sit back and watch and always eager to offer up ones opinion about what is going on, Yet never offering up one kind word for men and women who so bravely fight for us! Our government may not be perfect..But at least its a working government with a structure that has taken so many years to build and support!
      Let us not forget the schools that have been built for the children of Iraq, or the medical clinics built by our soldiers in order for them to have some level of health care!
      As Americans we are so spoiled and most never give thought to the people of other countries and the trials they face each day due to Terrorism! My husband does care… He wants people to know what goodness that we as American are capable of! But sadly he knows that life will still bring war, it will still bring suffering and dispair… But he knows that if he doesnt try that everything we as Americans have fought so hard to build will all be for nothing! There is a reason for all of this and there is a purpose..just as it has been for hundreds of years! I can only pray that everyone help support our military and our government and next President whom ever that shall be! And i want the whole world to know that im proud to be and American and i am honored in sharing a life with a man who is driven in his committment to his country! HOOOAHH!!

      1. Ma’am, I assume you’re a mother.
        Please tell Iraqi mothers who lost over a million child since 1991 due to your government and military that their babies were bombed, shot, deprived, starved to death for a “purpose”.

        What you stand for as Americans should entirely be within your borders. Outside of your borders you stand for arrogant heartless power actioned by the gullible masses to further an agenda they either don’t know about , or condone of it. I can’t see how you could find pride in that either way.

        May God forgive you for all the pain and destruction you caused and seemingly intend to continue causing. People will never forgive though, and will never forget.

        We love our children too, you know!!!!!

        1. Nor shall we forget all the lives lost on 9/11!
          We wanted revenge for what had happened and we wanted it swiftly! So when it all came to pass i guess everyone had a quick change of mind…only by then it was to late because by then the ball was rolling! Now you stand in judgment of a President that made a decision for what he thought was best for his country..a desicion that the American public pushed so hard for! Now you sit in judgment of our military for doing a job that not alot have the courage to do! So dont be mad now.. regrets come to little to late!
          Its always easy to throw blame around, but to place it on one person or one situation just proves what cowards people can be! Everyone thinks they have all the answers…Yet no solutions! Its all just whine and crying! This isnt the first war to ever be fought nor will it be the last…Thats a fact of life and a bitter fact to swallow! I am no better nor no worse than any other person on this earth but by god im proud that i am and American! Im proud of the fact that my husband is one of so many to willingly do a job that others run from out of fear! Im sorry but i have to say that there is no one on this earth that will cause me to faulter in my support of a nation my husband fights so hard for! Everyone has his or her own opinion! And that opinion is the gift given to you by the United States Military and the government it holds so dear! If you hate America so much then by all means leave!

        2. I must agree with the army wife! My son serves his country and he does it out of pride for the American people….But for him to sacrifice so much for people who do not appreciate hurts my heart.
          And for the record i also LOVE my son! For him to defend a nation of ungrateful disrespecting people is something that i could never do! But he presses on!
          He holds his head up high..and i am so proud of him!
          Mom loves you Nathan and you always be secure in the knowledge that not all people are against you! And remember that Good will always conquer Evil! I am so honored to call you MY son, My soldier!

        3. ‘Nor shall we forget all the lives lost on 9/11!
          We wanted revenge for what had happened…”

          Blind vengeance, and hate aginst the nation and people of Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11,but then when Americans seek revenge is good,no matter who is the recipent of such revenge!whether guilty or not!

        4. “Army Wife,” you really should stop ending all your sentences with exclamation marks! It’s kind of lame!Your husband is a pawn, and is being used as such. If anyone asks you to commit murder, your “elected” government or otherwise, then you should really examine why. Taking a life is as profound as creating a life. Don’t forget, the “enemy” are being told to commit murder by their leaders, too. Pride in your husband or country is irrelevant. German and Japanese troops in WW2 were all doing their bit for their country, that doesn’t make their actions morally or politically justifiable.
          The actions of the U.S. over the last 6+ years will forever be remembered around the world as an atrocity. If your husband lacks the moral fortitude to question why he’s doing what it is he’s doing, then you can’t blame others for hating his actions and opposing them.
          It’s always the cry of the coward and the ignorant to tell others who disagree to leave the country, regardless of the fact that you are supposedly killing people to give them “Freedom,” and that your country is supposedly built on Freedom- Freedom of action, Freedom of association, Freedom of Speech. Then, when the voice of opposition is heard, you call them “traitor” or “terrorist,” and tell them to leave. Hilarious!
          Pathetic double- standards. If you sign up to be a pawn, don’t go crying when the pawn is sacrificed for an ulterior motive.

        5. “army wife”,your husband made a choice to be in the military and knew what it is all about,and so it is the case with your son “army mom”.The Iraqi people had no choice,the war,the oocupation,the death ,and destruction have been forced upon them by a country,thousands of miles away,that made a choice to go to war.

        6. That is correct, that our husbands and our sons made a choice to be a part of this. But the fact still remains that i didnt have a choice when our twin towers were struck did i? The mothers of those people killed didnt have a choice did they? The day that the mothers of those terrorist can explain to me why it happened is the day i would be happy to sit and explain my support of my son and our military. So you see not only the people of Iraq suffer. Is there a limit as to who suffers the most? I think not! My blood runs just as red as anyone elses.

        1. Dear”Army mom”

          Shut up, sit down,and read your history for the last 5 years or so.Then you are entitled to form a considered opinion.

          I suspect you will not because the truth will go against all you believe in!

          If you really are a “Army mom” I feel sorry that you and “Nath” have been so copletely conned by your President and his “bully boys’.

          However I suspect that you and the other recent “Army types” bloggers are happy little McCain supporters trying yet again to “pull the wool” over eyes of the voters, hoping to get the sympathy vote, supporting your “boys and girls over there”

          Most (if not all) of our troops (Aussies) will be back from Irag this year, I wonder in which next decade yours will be?

        2. i guess when all the boys run home(aussies) as you call them, the men (american soldiers) will stay and fight so that the next time something happens and your leaders need help im sure the first ones your gonna call is the big boys of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA
          Just sit back and watch Big Daddy McCain bring it own home

      2. I’m sorry to have to call you on this but you are wrong. War brings nothing but suffering for all. There never has been and never will be a good war. It is simply impossible. Our actions will eventually bring the war home. I fought for my country twice and all I have seen is death and destruction. Bomb a School and Rebuild it? What kind of logic is that?

        As for supporting our troops. The best way to do that is to bring them all home as soon as possible. I feel sorry for the misinformed youth who join. They are brainwashed by our society. However, I have little or no sympathy for those who are lifers. By now they should know better than to continue supporting death, for me it would be like being an accoplice to murder. It brings death and destruction, that is what it is. Not to mention the effects it has on families back home.

        I know you want to believe in this mission. It’s very hard to admit that you and the ones you love have been lied to and used. But that is the truth. Blindly following liers and warmongers will not bring peace and prosperty. In fact that is exactly the attitude that allowed Hitler to take over half of Europe.


        1. Well if you served then im sure you had reason behind it….its just sad that now you turn your back on them!
          Im just glad that not all soldiers are like you…to walk away and show dis respect to them! Im thankful that only the true men stand strong and remain fighting for our great nation! They are the ones who have earned respect and honor!!

        2. So in your opinion only “true men” stay in the military. You obviously have no clue. You have bought into the lies. Our brightest and best? Yah sure right. The military is full of good people but it is also full of complete losers. Many of whom can’t make it anywhere else. It’s the one job they can keep. I hate to be blunt but it’s a fact, ask your husband.

          As for asking for respect and honor. I haven’t ask for nor do I deserve respect or honor for taking part in orginized murder. The respect and honor I do deserve is for being a husband and father for 19 years. Earning a counseling degree and becoming a volunteer in my community. Starting a successfull business and helping to employ people in my home town.

          When your war hero comes home he will soon realize the ticker tape parade won’t last forever. Eventually he will need a job and probably counseling. So it won’t be long before your “true man” comes running to the likes of me and many others who have opted out of the latest mess. Luckily for you and your husband most of us still feel sorry enough for your plight and ignorance to embrace you and people like you. We wont spit on you or call you baby killers or any of the other nonsense. But at the same time don’t expect the parade to last for long it never does!

      3. To the wife of the American soldier

        Have you ever thought about what the American soldiers and the US government has done to the Iraqi population over the last 15 years? We have killed thousands through economic sanctions, we have bombed their cities, bombed their water and electrical systems, bombed schools and hospitals, created unrelenting chaos, caused a civil war, displaced thousands, tortured their men, made widows of their women, ruined their historical culture, imprisoned thousands, tortured and humilated their men and women, built permanent military bases on THEIR land, restricted their coming and goings in many cities, infected their air quality with depleted uranium and much more. So in essence, your saying the people of Iraq should be happy with a few schools the Americans have built and disregard the killing and destruction we have reaped on their country over the last 15 years? Are you really proud that we kill people for our own objectives? Ask yourself, what is the difference between a person who uses a car bomb to kill innocent people to initiate change and a person who drops a 500 ton bomb from an airplane and kills innocent people to initiate change. There isn’t any, they’re both terrorist!!

        1. Not only have i thought about it sir… I have lived it! I have been a military wife for 16 yrs! And today i stand just as strong if not more than i did the day i married him! Im very well aware of these situations.. probably more so than you because my information comes directly from our military… not half truths spread by the media or people searching for 5 mins in the spot light!!

        2. I too have served my country in the military but what I quickly understood was propoganda. During the 1990’s, Iraq’s military, economy and people were totally decimated by war, economic sanctions and poor government. Here’s the questions I asked myself. What type of threat was Iraq to the US homeland. The country had no long range missile system capable of transcontinental flight, no satellites, no long range bombers, no Navy, no way of transporting an Army to our shores, no in-air refueling capabilities, no external military bases anywhere in the world, so how was he a legitimate threat?

          p.s. I don’t read that garbage in the US media or listen to politicians either

      4. The next President can go to hell because it won’t be Ron Paul, Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich. They will get us into more wars that have nothing to do with Al Qaeda such as Iran.

        The military’s only goal is to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Iraq is not a threat to the Constitution thus it is a waste of our resources. We can’t make them not want to kill each other. They’ve been going at it for thousands of years and they will continue long after this Empire has run out of money to stay in Iraq.

        Afghanistan is a waste of resources. We can’t help these societies. We don’t know anything about these societies. We don’t know our enemy but he knows us very well. We should have done what Michael Scheuer said. Go in and kill those we need to then rethink our Middle East Policy. We didn’t do that, we aren’t doing that and I fear we will not do that.

        I support our military. I want them home now! I want the crazies, liberal interventionist (philanthropic armchair killers), and right wing extremist (Bolton/Cheney/Rumsfeld) out of the policy making. The military is filled with human beings who vowed to protect the Constitution not make the Establishment and Military Contractors rich at the expense of the USA. The Establishment is taking away the liberty that the Military swore to protect. I was going to vote this election season but now it doesn’t matter. I’ll just watch as the US bleeds itself to death of dollars just like Osama wanted.

        What the world sees and I know people across the world. They see dead Iraqis and civil war. We are so low in their opinion that they think a Chinese Empire wouldn’t be so bad. What’s the difference? They ask.

        1. maybe america should become communist, take away all the rights and freedoms they have– bet all of you would think twice then about the out bursts against our government. you would then learn to appreciate being american. stop taking it for granted!

        2. I got news for you “american”: You’ve already had many of your rights and freedoms taken away: Habeus Corpus, illegal wiretapping, “enemy combatants”, secret torture sites, the Military Commissions Act and more. All this done by the very government you pretend to support.

        3. American, I don’t have a problem with the government just the parasites that have infected it. Timmy’s right. There is another bill coming down the pike: the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007″

          We are fighting a war based on lies (Iraq) and have neglected the war on people who attacked us. The only person standing between the US and war with Iran is Admiral Fallon. I don’t blame the military. They know the score, a hollowed out military and a strengthened Al Qaeda is what we are getting from 8 years of Bush. The military men and women live in reality I have noticed while the policy making armchair chicken hawks have enough paranoid delusions to warrant a stay in a psychiatric ward. Intelligent and pragmatic military men and women should be making the policy and strategy not some bloodthirsty know-it-all armchair chicken hawk in a think tank. I’m starting to ponder if Starship Troopers is a model society for us where chicken hawks don’t make policy.

          It all is Bush’s fault. He’s the current king of the parasites. I want to help the government, especially the military because they don’t deserve to die so some bureaucrat can make some money. Military contractors get treated better than our troops. It is disgraceful the lack of help our returning troops receive. The only way to change things is to educate people I know (get them off the mainstream media kool-aid) so hopefully we can get some flea dip (educated population) and give the US Government a good bath (electoral purging of one tick at a time)!



        2. “bold and proud”
          “american” (I think that the America deserves a capital A don,t you?)
          “U.S. Army Wife”
          “Proud American”
          “Army Mom”
          “Wife of a U.S. Soldier”

          Is it me? or do I read from the above comments, a concerted effort to intimidate “Antiwar” readers by their threats and tearjerking “crap that they have delivered.

          Get back to Fox where you don,t have to think….wankers!

        3. wankers? correct me if i am wrong but i dont think that word will be found in any dictionary any time soon

      6. You want our military to defend you

        I accept your passions and beliefs. You seem to honestly believe that your husband is defending me. Please think about this question. Just how does our military fighting a war in Iraq defending any American? Our armed intervention there has resulted in the deaths of over 1 million Iraqis. Just how is it that those deaths have contributed to our defense?

      7. We all support US constitution the reason ppl appear against US current govt is for the fact they implemented good ideas with bad implementation.

        First destroy and create havoc and starve people and then divide and conquer them with bribes and alliances.

        Starve families and yes then hold soup kitchens and yeah bomb them and provide band aids.

        Just wars are not fought for oil and greeed.

    3. Creation of BinLaden’s Alqaida and Mujahedeen by the USA in 1979 to defeat Soviets through them and when their aim of breaking Russia was acheived,abondoning the hundereds of thousands of warriors without a job and support. Then The trillion dollars spent in attacking Afghanistan and Iraq and buying enmity with the entire Islamic World and creating enemies all around the world is all the stupidity of US Administration
      If a fraction of the money spent by US in attacking these nations was spent on removing hunger and disease from the world and educating the masses.USA would have won the hearts
      of people around the world.Not a single American would have been hurt,the economy would have been strong and there had been a Peace in the world
      Any further involvement in attacking Iran or pakistan would be further disastrous

  2. The time has come and gone for both NATO and the possibility of trapping Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Pakistan or anywhere else. Continued European interest in this project with NATO a relic of history and the European Defense Force emergent is doubtful, particularly if there’s an escalation. Like every other foreign policy initiative undertaken by the Bush Regime, Tora Bora was an unspeakable botch. An involvement in Pakistan morphing from this earlier presence in Afghanistan would have all the risk and likely consequences of a confrontation with Iran morphing from our current Iraqi presence. But they’re crazy enough to do it.

  3. Speaking as an Indian. An attack on Pakistan now will the stupidest thing to do. I know the hawks in America know that too.The Bush goverment is just doing some shadow boxing to make the Musharraf government cringe in supplication

  4. The bush adminstration in disary.Failure in Iraq, underfire in Afgan, and lost way with Iran. what else do they need from Pakistan?.

  5. Do you really think the world is that simple? Can you really not imagine any other reasons why someone in Washington would want people to know, or to think, that Bin Laden is in Pakistan’s neighborhood?

    Here, let me help you. It might be to distract the public from something else. It might put political pressure on some uncooperative Pakistani officials. It might be disinformation in a counterintelligence campaign (to persuade Bin Laden we think he’s somewhere he’s not). It might be any combination of those, or something even more convoluted, or, possible though not likely, it could just have been a boneheaded mistake.

    Or Raimondo’s interpretation could be right. My point is, let’s not dumb the world down for the sake of conspiracy theories and demagoguery.

  6. I don’t think it’s a precursor to a strike. I think the target audience is the US public, and the goal is to shore up the aura of fear on which (what’s left of) the Republican Party has thrived since 9/11.

  7. (Third attempt to post this comment…)

    Why is it that NONE of the media picked-up Benazir Bhutto’s interview with David Frost (2 November 2007), during which Bhutto says: “Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden”?

    That’s correct: two months before she was murdered, Benazir Bhutto said that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

    Watch the interview here : (at about 2:00 mins)

    BBC broadcasted the interview, but not without censoring Bhutto’s remark:
    (at approx. 5:00 mins)

    What if Bhutto was telling the truth? What if Bin Laden has been dead for years?

  8. The Ministry of Information is at it again, no doubt. But then again they never rest. Who knows what they are up to. I think Weston is correct and we really have no idea, they lie for all kinds of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. However, it is entertaining trying to guess which country is next on our hitlist. So far I’m batting a thousand.

    Panama was my first war, remember that one? nice and quick thousands dead, easy coverup (watch the Panama Deception on youtube). That one was easy for me to predict as we were already being handed maps of Panama weeks before the invasion. We Joes knew before Congress.

    Operation Dessert Storm was also easy enough to see coming. We had just gotten back from our second trip down south and they were getting us pumped for Iraq. They would take us into the dayroom and show us videos and slides of the Kurds that had been gassed. Women and Children, very very graphic, all that good stuff. It shure got people pumped up and ready to go HOO RAA. This was of course BEFORE Saddam invaded kuwait. So the first gulf war was very easy to predict.

    I was no longer in service when The Afghan War started. But I also picked that one before 9/11. One of Bush’s speaches tipped me on that one. It went something along the lines of this, The Taliban is Harboring Bin Laden and will be held responsible when Al Quida strikes again, blah blah blah etc etc etc. Again very easy to see coming.

    Everyone saw the new Iraq coming no surprize there (did it every really stop?).

    So what’s next you may ask? Iran, Syria, Pakistan, or someone new and out of the blue? Who knows and thats the point of the propoganda. They don’t want you to know or anyone else. The object is to keep us guessing so we can’t get out and rally against it. For what it’s worth I think it will be Iran first.

    As for getting Bin Laden, they don’t want to. Isn’t it obvious? He is the perfect BoogeyMan. He can be anywhere and everywhere, his minions stretch out and attack anywhere we feel like saying they do. From London to Spain to Iraq to Afganistan. Wherever We need to use fear or intimidation just bring out old nasty Bin Laden he’s our man now as he was before. He’s just no longer getting paid (or is he?).


  9. I can tell you one thing. Any visable U.S precence on Pakistani soil will cause World War 3. The Might of the 1 Million Man Pakistani army, and all its weapens from the JF-17 Thunder fighter Jet, and the F-16, too our Cruise Missles will come on you. If Musharraf doesnt do it, he will be killed by the people. Not to mention the Million or soo Ethnic Pashtuns that we are regulating, and destroying we will arm to the teeth. Their is no Nuclear option on us either. We have 100 Nukes and the Missles to put American power on the Ash heap of History.

    1. Mr. Khan, Pakistan is in no position to fight USA. All your arms and ammunition are supplied by USA, all your jets are probably fitted with deactivation devices. Only God knows how many generals are on CIAs payroll. Just a few airstrikes can completely cripple Pakistan’s economy. The people will die of starvation or migrate to India and Iran. It will be a major catastrophe from which that part of the world would never be able to recover. Let us just hope that cool minds will prevail and the neocon warmongers will be thrown out of power. And, gullible among us, like the ‘Army Mom’ and ‘Army Wife’ will see the war for what it really is.

      1. Masmanz,

        Pakistan makes its own Jets (jF-17), cruise missiles, no imported tech. Most of Pakistan stuff is from Chinease assistance. Thats brings us to another point Pakistan is China’s little Israel. Let us just hope that cool minds will prevail and govt around world stop playing grand chess games and actually do some good for their people for a change.

  10. Bomb then into the stone age! George Bush must act fast and eliminate Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt before leaving office. We MUST use every weapon at our disposal, including all nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. When this area is a glass parking lot, then the violence will end. We need to do this now – fight and kill them there, before they come here.

    1. Hizzoner is just the typical blood thirsty american idiot,it easy to say go kill a bunch of people while you sit home in america safe and sound,while the fighting is over 5000 miles away from you.Thats the problem with americans they have never faced a foreign force right in their own backyard,thats why its easy for the ignorant americans to say lets go attack someone.

    2. violence will stop when the USA stop supporting terrorism.

      UBL, an American asset and an Iranian agent is doing what both the USA and Iran want. The truth is the USA needs permanent war in the ME. The fear is that the euro will replace the worthless dollar.

      Even since we departed from the Gold standard, we got a free ride printing these worthless dollars. The World had to take them because they had no other “reliable” currency. We took advantage of that until the euro came about.
      Now, we need wars and instability to keep these countries, (Gulf countries) from switching to the Euro.

  11. We should have chosen our friends a little more cautiously, had it not been for our obsequious relationship with Israel, we wouldn’t have to worry about Osama because he would not have leveled those buildings in Manhattan in the first place.

    Oh wait, I forgot, “they hate us for our freedoms” so I guess the Arabs will soon attack Switzerland and Iceland…

  12. Osama Bin Ladin is Dead, at least according to Benazir Bhutto

    Fast Forward to Time Index 6:15.

    Or Fast Forward to time index of around 5 minutes to get the gist of the conversation.

    Jack Frost in the UK, is sort of like Larry King or Chris Matthews in the U.S.

    Why is the U.S. not aware of this! Why would such a comment not make it all the way around the United States in 10 minutes?

    Could Media Censorship be the culprit?

    Wake up, folks!

  13. army wife and army mother are classic examples of people who have been brainwashed to equate patriotism with jingoism. I don’t think there’s any way to talk sense into them.

    1. Jingoism is a political tactic for some, a passionately held belief system for others, and a defense mechanism and camouflage for cowardice for yet others.

      That does not exhaust the subject, but it’s a start perhaps.

  14. If it’s true that bin Laden is dead, our government may be “keeping him alive” to keep a boogeyman alive to keep us militarily involved.

  15. This reply to the Comment by wife of a US Soldier

    Dear…THIRTY FIVE years ago I told my friend that the UNITED STATES OF TERRORISTS worst NIGHTMARE is to have DEMOCRACY in large part of the WORLD, The UNITED STATES OF TERRORISTS will NOT SURVIVE without DICTATORS RULES around certain parts of the world thats how the UNITED STATES OF TERRORISTS keep their interests in check and SAFE!

  16. reply to soldiers wife; disrespect…? you have no idea. I and my fellow Nam vets can tell you a thing or two about disrespect

  17. Right on, army wives&such. All these people making negative comments about USA feel smug that they can bash it to high heaven, after all, they are given the freedom to do so. Talk is cheap. And, as for Ameicans who bash USA, you should go live in some other country where bashing it would get your brainless head chopped off. You’d think before you run your mouth. Hey, if you hate USA so much maybe someone could have it arranged for you to be dropped in the middle of Kenya, North Korea, or yeah, Iraq. Then you would not have anything to bitch about, would you? I thought so.

    1. We were lied to about Vietnam but we believed the lies and we went there feeling proud about doing our duty for our respective countries. Only later did we question the things we had been told, but so effective was the propaganda that some think to this day that Vietnam was a just war. We acted in good faith and were spat on, abused and denigrated because we believed what our governments told us. It’s not easy to accept that you’ve been lied to when you want to believe. Dont let our troops come home to such a welcome again. Pay them the respect they deserve for being willing to defend us for most truly believe they are doing that. Go easy on army wife and soldiers mum they are supporting their loved ones and find it hard to believe they are being lied to. We too should support them, but condemn our governments who sent them

    2. Sorry Me. I have one more comment. I am not American, nor do I live there, but I should remind you that your country was founded in 1776 on the principle of the right of the citizen to disagree. Your forefathers enshrined that principle in your constitution. They disagreed with the government and rather than leaving, they changed the government. You and every American citizen now has the right to freedom of speech.

      So where do you get off suggesting they should not criticize the government, it’s their right.

      1. Ken, they have every right to lambaste the government. But some do much more than that. They actually hate America. They hate America deeply and passionatly. They think America is an evil, imperialistic empire. And they have every right to believe that and to speak their mind about it.

        However, what I can’t understand is why they still live here. That is what I’m confused about. They are hypocrites. Its like a tenant living in an apartment building and complaining how evil and rotten the landlord is, always complaing that he hates the landlord. And every time the lease comes up for renewel, and the tenant has a chance to leave, he decides to stay put and just keep complaining. Why not just move? I’ve yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

        1. Perhaps if you realized that “America” is not a unified concept, your confusion would be helped somewhat. What, or who, constitutes “America”? Does it connote any fixed set of traits? Is it the culture? The cuisine? The people? Or, as seems likely given the context, the political economy? Which part of this social goulash is inseparable from the country’s identity? Nothing, of course, for if that were the case, America as an idea would have ceased to exist long ago. “America”, therefore, is a synecdoche, a stand-in for more cumbrous expressions such as “the government”, “the neocons”, or god forbid, “the ruling class”. The claim that we “hate America” is therefore a category error- and deeply essentialist. What we in fact hate is the present regime, the prevailing value system, and its conduct abroad.

    3. Me, the fallacy in your thinking is you assume that we hate the whole country when we really hate a small criminal clique that has control of it through think tanks, the media, military contractors, and has infested itself in the government. If you want a prime example of this group look for the Times article on Sibel Edmonds. The clique is hiding nuclear espionage. These criminals sold our precious nuclear secrets to foreign countries and may have found its way into terrorist hands. The government won’t hold open hearings on it even when everything was investigated and found true. The US media won’t touch it. They don’t want to incriminate their own kind.

      I’m not given nothing. It is my God given rights and the government is starting to no longer respect those rights, especially the right to privacy! We don’t hate the US. We hate the people who are using it as an instrument of evil to enrich themselves, bankrupt the country, hollow out our military, infringe on our natural rights, and lie to the country into needless wars. If anything we are trying to save the US before it ends up looking like North Korea, Iraq and Kenya.

  18. If we start a war with Pakistan, will that be enough to cancel the election? Maybe it would take a war with Iran to make that happen.

    Let’s redeploy out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring some of the troops home to their families and communities. The military has been sacrificing bravely to support our American regime’s reckless and expensive foreign policy – let’s give our military families a break from the repeated tours and “stop-loss” orders that keep people in beyond their assigned times.

  19. Dear “Army Mom” and “Army Wife,”

    I just want to say how very proud I am of people like you. If it were not for people like you, we would not have a country. You have to try and understand that many (though certainly not all) of the people on this blog have a deep hatred for our country. They hate America as much as you and I love it. But don’t worry, they are a very small minority. And what a great country this is because of people like your loved ones. The people on this blog are protected by the Bill of Rights. And the Bill of Rights is protected by the bravery of your loved ones.

    Sure, nothing is black and white. Our nation and our army is far from perfect, and we have made some terrible errors. Personally, I think the air force should be a lot more careful about not killing civilians. Even though I know it is unintentional, I think we have a moral duty to do a lot more to not kill innocent civilians. But with that being said, I still know that if it were not for the greatness of the United States Military, hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people who today live in freedom, would instead live in tyranny. For me, the lack of freedom is pure evil. And with Muslim Nazis on the rise I know that it is the US military that stands guard as freedom’s last line of defense.

    God bless you and your family for your service to your country.

    1. “Greatness of the United Sates military”? What a crock. Draw in Korea, loss in vietnam, draw in the First Gulf War, and near total disaster on the way in the Second
      Gulf War and Afghanistan.

      In that last war, too, quick victory and overthrow of the Taliban, as well as rooting out “Al Qaeda”, whatever that is, was almost assured, by merely aiding the tribes and waging the fight with a modicum of intelligence and finesse.

      Instead, Afghanistan too is looking more and more dicey and the rest of Nato has left, is leaving, or is threatening to leave, largely because of disgust with United States policy and execution.

      The last clear victory of the United States Military was World War II, and in that war the contribution of the Russians and Chinese has never been acknowledged by the jingoists.

    2. I think the people who used the deaths on 9/11, public fear and lied us into war with Iraq are unpatriotic and un-American.

      After 9/11 the Bush Administration lied 935 times in a two year period about Iraq.

      The Military Oath says that soldiers are bound to defend the Constitution from Domestic Threats too. I see some major domestic threats inside and surrounding the Constitution that have violated it repeatedly. The Patriot Act, Protect America Act, Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Military Commissions Act. Did I forget one? I wonder what the next one be called? Freedom of Movement Act? The Liberty Act? The funny thing about the wiretaps was that they were started in Feb. of 2001 not after 9/11. It is just another example how the politicians used 9/11 and fear to further their Anti-American goals.

      Where are these “Muslim Nazis” or Islamo-fascist? All Muslims? The ones in Afghanistan and Pakistan that planned the attacks on 9/11 that have been ignored for the last 7 years? The innocent Iraqis and Iranians? Our good Turkish friends who harbored Al Qaeda training camps and we are in the process of legalizing the black market nuke trade with? The Palestinians? Our good friends the Saudis who gave Osama the best extremist education oil money could buy?

  20. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
    John Stuart Mill
    English economist & philosopher (1806 – 1873)








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