McCain Doesn’t Get It

As usual, Matt Yglesias sums it all up in very few words:

“John McCain says that “anyone who worries about how long we’re in Iraq does not understand the military.” On the contrary, it seems to me that McCain doesn’t understand diplomacy, Iraq, foreign policy, strategy, the concept of limited resources, or just about anything else.”

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  1. He has ‘NO HEART nor NO SOUL’ As a child, he would have TEMPER TANTRUMS so bad that he almost passed out. His parents had to put him into a tub of cold water clothes and all. He probably still has those TANTRUMS to this day! This is just a warning to those who are thinking of voting for him.

    1. What a baby. Dude does 5 and 1/2 years in a POW camp and he can’t stop whining about it. I bet he had to have his parents feed him and bathe him when he was a toddler, too. It’s only reasonable to assume the same is true today. Nobody vote for the guy who spent all his time playing as a child; that’s just the kind of laziness he’d display as President.

      Are you getting this? It’s sarcasm. Normally I wouldn’t feel the need to explain it, but seriously–how dumb do you have to be to launch this kind of attack? I’m no McCain supporter, but I bet he knows how to use the word “nor” in a sentence.

    2. I would just like to say that my wife and i are both serving in the United States Army, 14yrs for myself and 11yrs for my wife. We have been in just about every place possible since 9/11 happened. This is a career that she and i decided on early in life..we both knew that we wanted to be soldiers and i hope that with every day i have done the best that i possibly can. Im not out for a pat on the back or to gain any glory or recognition. I try to live my life by a saying my drill Sgt. said to me back years ago..” always reflect back on the actions of yourself, be solid with your word, and with every action try your damn best to make a diffence in this nation we call home”. I understand full well that not all people support us, and its ok. Everyone is entitled to how they feel.. myself included, but im not gonna get on here and slam any one person or situation. I just wanted to say god bless you all and never lose hope of a better tomorrow!
      Thank you,
      Master SGT. United States Army

        1. This site is better than any day time drama ive ever seen. Plus its like being back in grade school and crying to the teacher that some little boy took your pencil. Then to have people that are not even American giving us Americans advice… Oh please! Keep your self in check here.. If your are not American then its probably for a reason, most cant even run their own country let alone anyone elses and lets not forget that America usualy comes running to help all of you when things get tough. Now carry on with all your little dramas so that we can have something to read and laugh about. Oh and dont forget to vote for McCain!

  2. Pat Robertson said he has concerns about somebody with such a hot temper having his finger on the red button.

    1. And having someone with a nerve – like Putin that WILL press the button in retaliation strike… that may be the end of the US.

      Now – why once again should Russia sacrifice itself for the ungrateful humanity? I really hope our nuclear missiles are aimed at Europe as well – which is THE root of this evil. Current USA is just the image of the centuries old European tradition of HYPOCRACY and AGGRESSION.

      On the other hand – the SDI system which is being built by the US now is not in place.

      Another point to consider – does not it make sense to make a nuclear strike BEFORE the SDI system is in place, since when it WILL be in place the US – as agressive as they are – WOULD strike.

      So, I’m also FOR that push on that RED button – go, baby, GO!

      Elect McCain, so I can see the endgame in my lifetime :-)

  3. Meathead: (n) definition: dead from the neck up.

    We have had 8 years of this and it looks like we might get 4 more.

    1. Well… unless we will have the ENDGAME sooner then in 4 years… apparently, US population has completely lost any control over it’s “democractic” government. Or – US population IS that bad and needs VERY hard contact with reality? But I don’t … oh well.. is that called the “burden of the white man”?

    1. G’day Herb,

      I believe you mean McCain “would” be worse than Bush!

      The Republicans WILL be decimated in the upcoming elections, therefore, no problem, McCain retires, injured, never to seen again.

      1. The Republicans WILL be decimated in the upcoming elections, therefore, no problem, McCain retires, injured, never to seen again.

        This of course assumes that the November election is fair and honest, a very naive assumption given the events of 2000 and 2004. It ultimately doesn’t matter whether McCain or Clinton is elected, because the end result of the election of either one will be the same: war, bankruptcy, and tyranny.

    2. Yes, I’m afraid he will, and Hitlery quite possibly worse than either. Not much of a chance I’ll vote this year what with St. Paul wussing off into obscurity and no one else on the horizon worth a hoot. The system seems capable of producing only paramecium-like figures; the anti-system contingent, in its pitiable weakness, little if anything at all.

      It was once said that a culture has reached its end when it is incapable of bringing genuinely new art to the fore. Looking out upon that panorama, the opera repertory hasn’t changed materially in decades and while some new orchestral material has managed to emerge, there’s not been enough of it to count in any way as decisive. Anything else is cheap imitation, hardly deserving of equivalent status. Our rejection of religion, and our embrace of a rationalist, unitilitarian scientism, has left a barren landscape which strikes one with its utter hopelessness. Its as though we’re about to embark upon a new dark age, gray, monotonous, engaged solely with the inevitable. It is truely sad to see.

      1. No, Sir. A culture has “reached its end” when it degrades itself, is wrapped up in guilt and shame, and is too politically correct to stand up for itself. A culture is in danger when that culture is engaged in self loathing. A culture is reaching its end when it is no longer united by a common language. A culture is in big trouble when it denigrates its own relgious traditions but will make sure to build foot baths in public restooms for other religions. A culture is in danger when it teaches its young people to despise their founding fathers. A culture is in danger when it can’t control its borders and can no longer decide who will or won’t be allowed to join that culture. A culture is in danger when it rejects its European ancestry and spits on the people that created that culture in the first place.

        A culture is in danger when it has politically correct politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama who won’t even use the words ‘illegal’ and ‘immigrant’ in the same sentence. A culture is in bad shape when those same politicians won’t even stand up for the importance of the English language. A culture is in bad shape when those same so called leaders are too timid to to use the words ‘Islam’ and ‘terrorism’ in the same sentence. A culture is in serious trouble when its leaders are more interested in protecting the so called rights of its enemies then the lives of its citizens.

        What America needs right now is our own version of Charles De Gaulle. We need a nationalist who will stand up to the Islamic apologists and the multi culturalists. We also need a nationalist leader that will stand up to the Chinease and the wall street elites that support our Chinese enemies. But instead we get weak, phoney, lame brained politicians like Hillary and Obama….although if I have to choose between the two I say Hillary all the way! Obamba is even worse.

  4. Today, McCain voted against the ban on waterboarding.
    The man not only doesn’t get it, he has sold his soul.

    1. McCain is and always has been the worst sort of poseur. His vote for the MCA in 2006 proved him a liar on torture and this vote confirms things. Does nothing shame this man.

  5. Incredible, this is the same man who questioned ( rightly ) the wisdom of sending US troops to Lebanon in the early 80’s..Now McCain’s message is: those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back, the illegal aliens aren’t going back-nor will I do much to hinder their coming, and yes, “there will be more wars”….He’s no friend of Scalia or Thomas or any strict constructionist who believes in the forgotten 9th and 10th Amendments….So exactly why are any “conservatives” rallying to him?

    1. Ans. to question posed by legendary Bill, because the McCain is the candidate for the angry white men, as is the Republican party.

      1. Oh wow… i knew someone would bring up race in here soon.
        Isnt it amazing how people fall back on the color of someones skin? This like a comedy! You guys are killin me!

      2. Well, as long as we’re going to be lobbing stereotypes around like idiots, why not say that Hillary is the candidate for passive, bourgeois, 2nd-wave feminists, and that Obama is the candidate for inexperienced left-wing idealists, or that Ron Paul is the candidate for selfish, Ayn-Rand-loving libertarian nut jobs? Look how easy that is! Caricatures are a dime a dozen. Think for yourself and stop using shortcuts.

  6. We need a nationalist who will stand up to the Israel First AIPAC lobby…We need a patriot who will recognize that Israel ( the country that deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY in June of ’67 then tried to blame the Egyptians as an attempt to drag us into their war ) is NOT an ally, just a burden..Morally ( for their massacres and ethnic cleansing and brutality towards the people whose land they’ve stolen ) Financially ( $100 billion plus and counting ) and even strategically…We need a patriot who can recognize that people like Podhoretz and Feith And Wolfowitz and Perle and Lieberman are agents of a foreign government who really only see America as a tool that they can use to beat Israels enemies…

    1. Actually America needs a Vladimir Putin. So do we in England.
      A nationalist who will put his people first and secure his borders. Who isn’t bombing half the planet and committing mass murder and who is standing firm on international law and sovereign integrity.
      Someone who doesn’t use the threat of terror to impose increasingly draconian terror on his Russian population in the form of eavesdropping and Patriot Acts whilst at the same time funding and supporting islamic terror to the extent of recognising an illegal declaration of independence by a criminal and terrorist state – namely Kosovo – led moreover by an indicted war criminal, within Europe itself.
      Don’t bring out the old canard about election cheating in Russia. What we are seeing in America takes the biscuit and in England under Blair a judge claimed that our system with all its abuses, was worthy of a banana republic.
      Lucky Russians – they have a leader of worth, intelligence and a charisma that makes Obama look the typical yankee sham he is. Move over Bush. Yu are due for a worthy replacement be it Billery, Obama or McCain.
      What future do the American have with leaders who will sell out America and its people and take out half the planet doing it?
      You sure do need a President Putin.

      1. Well… we’re coming to an ancient question – does the leader create history, or does history create leaders?

        I have become completely sceptical about “communizm” (well – never was a believer), “democracy”, “theocracy” etc. etc.

        From the times of ancient Egypt – to nowdays – human nature have not changed much – if at all. Every country, every society has the govenment, the rule, the order (or lack thereof) that is deserved by the population.

        If you think a little bit – if majority of the population does not like a particular rule – it will not hold. Look at a simple example of Iraq occupation – pupulation does not like the “new order”, and we don’t have any society or an order.

        So – we’re coming to the root cause of why USA is constantly fighting wars all over the globe for last 50 years pretty much non stop and with increasing intensity.

        The answer is quite simple – democracy or not, but the majority of the pupulation supports or does not care.

        That is because of the fact that human beings are nasty, egositic, narrow minded and very un-ehtical, lacking the biological moral foundations (unlike dogs or any other naturally well armed predator). And even more so when blood and suffering happens at the other side of the globe – be it Vietnam or Iraq.

        And example of McCain show that even having first-hand experience of suffering does not move a human being 1mm in the direction of compassion.

        To put it short – human beings are bad. But even more so are americans :-) Why? For a simple reason – there have never been a war on US soild (hmm.. that is from Soviet time propaganda, but I think it makes sense).

        So – the longer term outlook is BAD. Untill people in the US en mass would experience pain and suffering, untill every family would loose a member or two (like was the case in Russia during the WWI) – until such time there would be no end to the “War on the World”. And because there is at most 300 million people in the US, and around 5 billion people outside of the US… this situation would resolve sooner or later – but over the course of the next 50 years it will.

        I have personally moved out of the US because of this, but I still don’t feel safe, since Russia is apparent target for all these nuclear charges. People over here are though very concerned, so there is hope that if we’ll put as much effort into SDI as US is putting into the “War on the World” we might have the chance in the ENDGAME.

    2. And if we had had that kind of leadership all along, as our Republic deserves, the World Trade Center would still be standing!

  7. “On the contrary, it seems to me that McCain doesn’t understand diplomacy, Iraq, foreign policy, strategy, the concept of limited resources, or just about anything else”

    I swear you people don’t seem to get it. McCain isn’t worried about the future. He doesn’t think we have one. His concern is with bringing about the rapture. That is it. He is a true believer. He honestly believes that we need to bomb Iran for the chosen people so that Jesus can come down and take him away. Look around the internet and you can find the video of him and Rev Hagee preaching the end times to adoring fans waving the isreali flag.

    This is not just pandering he thinks it’s for the good of all of us. If we bring about WWIII Jesus will come down and save us. Don’t you want to be saved?

    1. Where do they get this notion that Jesus has a open return ticket on El Al to Jerusalem that he will use just as soon as they can get all of the Arabs off of the runway? The Bible talks of a “new” Jerusalem, that comes down from the heavens at end times. Or am I just being picky?

  8. I didn’t know that McCain was an Evangelical Armageddonite but hey, it wouldn’t surprise..I guess we don’t deserve any better..
    I mentioned AIPAC because it’s not the Muslims who are trying to influence our foreign policy for their own benefit-it’s the Israel-Firsters…The Muslims mostly just want to be left alone…stop overthrowing ( Iran ’53 ) or propping up their puppet govts..leave their lands ( our Air base in Saudi which may be closed now, our occupation of Iraq, etc )..And, of course, our bias in favor of the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees in the Holy Land ( would that be Jesus’ foreign policy? )…Etc.

    1. True words have never been spoken. People seem afraid or unwilling to talk about these AIPAC “issues”. The sad thing is that frankly speaking if it has gone on this long I don’t seem things changing in the future unfortunately. :-(

  9. I don’t know what Jesus’ foreign policy would be. Who knows, maybe he would be a pacifist? He would probaby repay the violence and hatred of Muslims with love and prayer. I do know he said something about “he who is without sin should caste the first stone.” So something tells me he would not be very fond of stoning people to death as they do in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim lands. He also said something about turning the other cheek and loving your enemies, so something tells me he would not be too thrilled with a book, the Quran, that tells people to seek revenge and to chop off the heads and finger tips of those who do not accept Islam.

    1. Lumping all Muslims in one catagory is the same as lumping in all Christians. I have read the Quran and I don’t see it as being fundamentaly worse than the old testiment. It’s not the religion its the fanatics. Fanatics have always tried to use religion as a means of control.

      My point is that I don’t see any difference between the two (Christain or Muslim fanatisism). When you have end timers on both sides it adds up to a self fulfilling proficy. Bringing about WWIII will not get any of us into heaven, it will just bring about more death and destruction.


      1. To be honest – Quaran is better then Bible – in terms of what is actually written there.

        It is certainly more liberal on woman.
        Of pork is says just “it’s not good”.
        Of wine it says that it’s pure evil.

        Granted, it DOES say that “people of the Bible” (jews and Christians) are OK (as long as they pay special taxes) and that following any other religion/faith is punishable by death.

        OK – EVERY religion is an attempt to capitalize on the idea of God, on the idea of Faith. “Good” religions have provisions for “fare competition”, whereas “bad” religions try to establish a monopoly. Monopoly is bad. But so appealing. The USA as a whole is an example of that…

        i.e. “don’t judge and you will not be judged” pardon my translation :-)

    2. Listen Tim. I am a committed Christian and I have to say this. Actually I have said the same things before on this message board but you have not been listening/reading.
      Both Jewish and Muslim scriptures and the Old Testament have horrible laws. However the only place where it is practised is Saudi Arabia, which has close connections with G W Bush and a long marriage for mutual benefit with previous American presidents. Sharia laws are not practised with the ferocity matching Jesus’s time anywhere else.
      Sharia laws are not only concerned with chopping off limbs and the veiling of women. A number of laws are very just and are meaningful to practising Muslims in other countries. Therefore the comments from the Archbishop of Cantebury

    3. PLEASE explain me the logic here “Since muslims are (maybe) stoning SOME people we’ll come and KILL millions (for sure)”

    4. Wow… will the day ever come that everyone realizes that religion DOES NOT matter! It doesnt matter what label you place on yourself or what building you go to worship in…Its all the same, it all has the same meaning and the same purpose.

  10. Comment by Tim R. on 2008-02-13 17:10:03 Report abuse

    We also need a nationalist leader that will stand up to the Chinease and the wall street elites that support our Chinese enemies.

    Exactly when did the chinese become our enemies.Treat it like one
    and it could become one.

  11. Of course McCain doesn’t understand the “concept of limited resources.” He and his family have been living off of the government for decades.

  12. McCain, like his predecessor Cain of Genesis, does indeed understand and submit to the iron doctrine of radical militarism: Eternal War and Imperialistic Occupation of Sovereign Lands.

    McCain does not understand why continual war, invasion, regime change, and occupation is wrong. He is against torture however, and I applaud him for wanting to destroy Guantanomo prison camp.

    Jesus would not torture, bomb, or waterboard anybody. Jesus cursed the military by pronouncing: “blessed are the peacemakers”.

    Victory? In a war that consists of bombing a nation, imposing our regime, occupying it, and setting up bases for permanent colonization? You want to succeed in that? You want victory in this wicked mess?

    That’s like catching a rapist in the act, and letting him finish the job, since he’s already there.

    1. My prediction for the US elections outcome – McCain. People of the US want the 100 years long “War on the World”. That is suicidal. Now – US policy have been bad and arrogant – but what is happaning is the demonstraton of the complete failure of “democracy”. The one the wins is not the best – but the worst.

      1. “‘Cause suicide is painless

        it brings on many changes

        and I can take or leave it if I please.

        …and you can do the same thing if you please….”


    2. Steven,

      Classy as your “rape” analogy is, I believe it begs the question by assuming what some (though perhaps not McCain) would deny–that Iraqis would be better off if the US left, in the same way a rape victim would be better off if the rape stopped. There is some reasonable disagreement about the former, but not about the latter. I know it’s tempting to think people who don’t hold your views are morons, but generally, they aren’t. At least, they’re no more morons than we are.

      I also wonder where in the bible you found Cain espousing his preference for ‘Eternal War and Imperialistic Occupation of Sovereign Lands.’ Or perhaps this was a misguided attempt to label McCain a murderer? That seems to cut against your “applause” for his desire to close Guantanomo. Isn’t it possible that McCain is trying to come to the right decision just like you are, and happened to arrive at different conclusions? You don’t need to demonize somebody just for disagreeing with you, do you?

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