Shut Down by US Court, which has published documents such as the Rules of Engagement for Iraq and Guantanamo Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures, has been ordered to remove its content from that URL by a California court. The court issued an injunction at the request of a bank in the Cayman Islands. Fortunately, foreign versions of the page, including this one, remain online. Read more here.

6 thoughts on “ Shut Down by US Court”

  1. america the “free” lol

    Thank your fat bloated arses that your government doesn’t treat you like they do to the Iraqis…although, that would be justice served at it’s finest!

    Scumbags, you deserve what you get.

  2. Home of the brave. Land of the free.

    Home of the brave? Americans are coward to stand up against their government/media/police brutality. Land of the free? Free to shoot innocent students in shcools, when they’re fed up with f**king life.

  3. I was very confused by this story at first… Now I understand – this judge, and these bankers are those types of very old people who have to be shown every second day how to drag and drop. I would feel sorry for them if they hadn’t proved their own guilt.

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