Some of FDD’s Bigger Donors and Another Defection

Jim Lobe notes that former Amb. Marc Ginsberg now appears to have resigned from the FDD board of advisers, and expands on his previous posts about the Foundation for Defense of Democracy’s defections:

As Donna Brazile blamed the “influence of their funders” on FDD’s increasingly “radical right-wing” orientation, it might be helpful to list those individuals and institutions that, according to publicly available tax records, have contributed $100,000 or more — sometimes much more — to the group from 2002 through 2005.

Check out the list over at

4 thoughts on “Some of FDD’s Bigger Donors and Another Defection”

  1. Let them spend their money on TV ads. It’s one way to redistribute their wealth, and perhaps once they’ve spent enough of it they’ll decide they can’t afford any more. I sense the American people are no longer listening to the fear mongering and racism. There’s no question the Clinton campaign played the race card and I think they paid dearly for it. As for a 3 am phone call, I’d much prefer to be talking to someone who had the judgement — and courage when getting ready to launch a US Senate campaign at a time when the solid majority of Americans and US media were in the midst of war fever — to make the right call the first time.

    1. Lest I be misunderstood, I want to make it clear I’m not an Obamamaniac. I’ve liked some (not all) of the things he’s said, but the more I hear about his actual record, the more skeptical I become. Matt Gonzales (Yes, Nader’s running mate) has an interesting article over on Counterpunch that catalogues a lot of it. I’ve known about a lot of his past positions since entering the Senate, so this was not all news to me. In particular, he reminded me of Obama’s statement in 2004 that now that we’re actually in Iraq, his position wasn’t all that different from Bush’s. He thought we needed to see it through. On the other hand, I think if we’d have withdrawn in 2004-2005, we wouldn’t have seen anywhere near the level of sectarian violence we’ve seen, which frankly had been largely due to our adoption of the “El Salvador option”.

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