‘Left Behind’ and that McCain Ad

Having read and even reviewed (rather unfavorably) the first book in the thoroughly anti-semitic “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, I found this analysis of the recent McCain ad on Obama as “The One” pretty persuasive. It doesn’t follow book one exactly (Obama is not from central Europe or Carpathia/Romania), but it’s close enough. The ad can be found on the link to beliefnet.com.

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Author: Jim Lobe

Visit Lobelog.com for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service's Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

18 thoughts on “‘Left Behind’ and that McCain Ad”

  1. An ad like that would not get a run here in Oz. Not because of censorship, but because the “payer”, in this case, “old man McCain” would be laughed out of the race!! What a complete wanker. What is even worse is that there is many millions of “end times” type people in the U.S. who will think that Obama IS “the antichrist”. Hang on, don’t the “end times” type people want this all to happen anyway? I can forsee a great voter swing of “the great christian right” to Obama!

    Oh man, it could only happen in America. (North America that is.)

    1. Oh please: I worked in Australia for a year — your politicians are as bad as ours. John Howard gave me the heebie jeebies (as did almost all Australian politicians outside of the Greens) and you RE- ELECTED his coalition, not once but four times, leading him to be the longest serving Australian Prime Minister. All politicians are wankers.

      I do think that maybe Obama should counter this “end times” speculation with putting out his own ad targeted at “Christian” Zionists, spread over the internet to their outlets. After-all, these nutjobs want the “end times” so what better way to get the Rapture here faster than to elect “the One”?

    1. Not at all comfortable with this remark, I’m afraid. Too much in common with the picture of Jews emerging in such filth as the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, Jews drinking the blood of Christian children and the like. A far better and more truthful choice would have been “Likudist use of Premillenial Dispensational eschatological imagery”. Beside the anti-semitic thrust, the remark also identifies Christian belief in a way that is quite wide of the mark.

  2. Must we degrade ourselves with discussion of the trivia of the campaign of Tweedle Dum vs. Tweedle Dee? Who here particularly cares whether its “who shot John” or “who shot Obama”? Can we rise above this unmitigated vacuity somehow, please?

    I’ve quit watching the news on TV, so full of this “your-guy-is-a-bigger-meanie-than-my-guy” dukus, is it. And I missing nothing. That is not to say that the web manages to escapes this descent into meaninglessness, it doesn’t, its just that on a computer this oafal isn’t imposed on you. Help!

  3. John Lowell: “I’ve quit watching the news on TV […]. And I missing nothing.”

    Don’t watch TV or these viral adds for what they tell you. Watch them for what they tell you about what they want you to think. The clearly orchestrated Obama-the-Celebrity mainstream media message didn’t make sense to me until I saw the Obama-the-One viral add. And the diabolical thing is that almost all the Obama supporters are going to completely miss it.

  4. “…further evidence of the systematic Jewish use of Christian eschatological imagery.”

    Not “Jewish.” Israeli Nationalist. There’s a difference.

  5. If anybody is Antichrist here, it is McCain. He’s even survived a head wound (tumor removed). More importantly, he presents himself and the US military as saviors of the world. Antichrist always imitates the real thing.

    His false prophet is the borderline-psychotic John Hagee. He wants all Jews to return to Israel–so they can be blown up in the great Battle of Armageddon. With friends like these, Israel does not need enemies.

    1. Hmm, I started noticing the parallels between Obama and Carpathia back in June, and composed a table document about it last month. Looks like I’ll have to add a McCain column to the table — I’d forgotten about that tumor. Thanks, Tikhon! That said, IMHO Obama still gets the edge in the Antichrist Sweepstakes. He has his own false prophet (Rev. Wright), his followers are worldwide and far more fanatical than McCain’s, and while Mrs. Obama could be a credible parallel to Viv Ivins (“Ms. 666”), so far I haven’t seen a convincing McCainiac version (though Ann Coulter wИould qualify if she joined his campaign). Finally, Carpathia’s career progression is a much better match to Obama’s than to McCain’s.

      If McCain has a fictional counterpart, it’s Palpatine. He even looks a lot like the senator-turned-emperor, at least in Episode III. And I was calling him that way back in 2000 because of their twin quests for absolute power.

      Of course, there’s a character Obama and McCain have in common — namely, Gollum. Both are scheming megalomaniacs whose sole purpose in life is to take the One Ring for themselves. Fast-forward to either one’s victory speech in November: “Yes! Yes! Yes!! Precious! Precious! Precious!!” There’s never a volcano around when you need one! :-o

  6. Oh, dear lord, we have let stupidity get way out of control in this country. How can you fight the passionately intense delusions of millions of people? I should know how hard it is to get through to such people: my sister is one of them.

    I just don’t understand why these people want so much to believe this depressing and irrational garbage. It’s like, they need to believe these really awful, scary, magical things to offset the magic, deliriously total happiness which they strenuously insist Jesus gives them every waking moment of their lives.

    They wortk so hard at being preposterously, aggressively, overbearingly brimming with love and good cheer, every single goddam second, lest somebody doubt their righteousness in the lord. The only relief from this exhausting, constantly willed super-happiness is the fearful contemplation of the devils all around them. There is the one place in their psychic landscape where they are allowed to rest from their laborious affectation of continuous ecstasy. Maybe after furiously smiling your face off all day, from time to time you really just need to hate and fear something with equal fervor.

  7. Your all wrong. This is a huge fight between two different schools of conservative Christian theology on eschaltogy.

    The Dispensationlists have more fiscal resources than the Reformed crowd and most of the public believes that that Dispensationists represent the majority of Christians.

    That is wrong, wrong. In reality, almost of every Christian that I now does not believe in that.

    The Conservative Christians already got the internal police on these guys

    The problem is that we are dealing with one part of the Church is so well-funded that it displaces about 60% of the Conservative Christianity that disagrees with it. This is to due to the marketing machine of Commerical Christianity that is based on Word of Faith and Dispensationlism and us Reformed Christianity despise it.

  8. I see that the comment I attempted to post arguing that the problem can legitimately be described as the result of ‘Jewish influence’ as a whole rather than ‘Israeli nationalist influence’ has not been displayed. However, my point, once again, was that the entire Jewish Left has the effect (whether intentional or not) of preventing US Christians from kicking zionists out of their churches, since to do so would bring accusations of anti-semitism even from the people who hate evangelical domination, such as e.g. the mikey weinsteins of this world (who profess to want the evangelicals stopped by a secular or center-leftist culture which in point of fact does not exist).

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