Muravchik: McCain Will Bomb Iran

I attended a debate between Harvard Prof. Steven Walt and veteran neo-conservative and American Enterprise Institute (AEI) fellow Joshua Muravchik at the Nixon Center Thursday evening. Most notable for the unfortunately abbreviated time I was there was Muravchik’s certainty that “if McCain is president, there will be an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.” The way he said this also conveyed that it could well be item number one on McCain’s agenda.

He also asserted that “McCain is by history more of a neo-con than Bush” (no quarrel there) and noted that his service as chair of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a creation and beneficiary of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), helped steer him in that direction. “I would expect from McCain policies (that) I would like,” he said just before his observation about McCain’s intentions vis-a-vis Iran.

I would have to take Muravchik’s prediction seriously given his long-time perch at AEI, McCain’s favorite foreign-policy think tank, and his long association with some of McCain’s closest advisers, including Robert Kagan with whom he has worked since their Central America days. (Incidentally, Kagan, as well as Abrams, may be vying for the National Security Advisor post in any McCain administration.) Of course, bombing Iran has been a devout and explicit wish on Muravchik’s part for nearly two years if not more, so this may be an example of wishful thinking, but I can’t help but believe his associations give him some real insight on this question. Kagan, however, has supported unconditional talks with Iraq if for no other reason than to strengthen the case for eventual military action.

Author: Jim Lobe

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30 thoughts on “Muravchik: McCain Will Bomb Iran”

  1. A war with Iran will be the end of Israel, or rather the accelerated end and a non-orderly one at that to boot. And also the end of a lot of things in America and with America’s allies. Eventually, or later or sooner, it does not matter. Nuclear weapons? It is going to be very amusing to see Israel and its assorted allies try.

    1. McCain is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to be president. Obama is no better. Vote for anyone else besides the two of these morons.

      1. Well said, Corkey. Neither Saint Barack nor Mad Bomber McInsane is fit to lead this country. They’re the candidates of the DemoPublican Party and, as such, they both stand for the same things–war, statism, imperialism, you name it.

        Would McInsane attack Iran? It’s certainly possible, given the fact that he’s controlled by the Israel Lobby.

      2. Vote for Barr — it takes a vote away from McCain and sends a message to the GOP: NO TO THE “PATRIOT” ACT. NO TO MORE WARS, ESPECIALLY WARS FOR ISRAEL.

  2. I really don’t think the USA will be in a position to strike Iran anytime in the near furture. I believe that window has come and gone with economic collapse now upon the empire. It is now far to risky which is why the Bush regime has reportedly taken it off the table – though they would never admit this publicly. Will the Chinese, Saudi’s and Japanese finance another bloody American imperial campaign in that region? If the Americans are unable/willing to strike Iran, will Israel attempt to go it alone? Hell, if we get McCain as president, I’d be FAR more worried about him starting a war with Russia. I really think most American/European diplomats are oblivious to just how fed up the Russians are with US hypocrisy and arrogance. I think they are of the mindset that if NATO did take some sort of military action against the Russians, that they would never consider nuclear retaliation – I think they’re dead wrong.

    1. Russian Govt. repeated numerous times that any military action of Georgia against Osetia or Abhazia would result in (conventional) retaliation. Somehow nobody believed it.

      Russian Govt. and military are constantly repeating that in case Russian army can not prevail in any conflict with conventional forces it will use nuclear. Better believe it.

      Just recently the programme for accelerated modernization of nuclear forces was adopted. Russia has a belief that the only way to react to nuclear weapons proliferation is to have significantly stronger forces, that would be able to blow an unacceptable damage to any party that will dare.

      Somehow it seems that US Govt. believes it will win in a nuclear conflict. My assessment is that US population is completely unprepared to a war on US soil. Unlike Russia. US builds up army forces to attack quickly countries that can not retaliate. Whereas Russia builds up nuclear forces and division of Army (one of the best and mostly supported after the nuclear forces) that can perform disaster recovery quickly, and all over the Globe. Therefore, Russia is in fact much better prepared to a nuclear conflict. Situation like Catrina are simply impossible in Russia. There are forces that are constantly ready to act for such situations in a matter of minutes and hours.

    2. Mr.Williams YOU are absolutely right : IF the WORLD would be honest ? Wich is NOT and not everybody is against the ruskies, LOTS of bad propaganda is going against them, to bad they are inoccent about the Georgia (Gruzia) invasion !! The Russians did NOT start ANYTHING ! When their citizens where SLAUGHTERED the Russian army went out to protect them ! IF that wouldn’t happen ? That countries president who is NOT protecting it’s OWN CITIZEN “is a MASS MURDERER” in case of loss of lifes !! Even IF is animal life has to be protected. We are hated around the world for invasions and ocupations around the GLOBE :O(
      because WE citizens of this country has so much LIES in provocations against others. Sometimes takes decades to find out that : This and that war was a result of FABRICATIONS !
      Are we a nation of people with NO BRAINS ? HOW can one vote for people like MCBUSH
      (grandpa mccain)the guy is mentaly unstable. I do give obama a chance because I AM NOT in the racist bussiness ! How about in 8 year an american china women or man ? Skin color doesn’t matter YOUR ACTION DOES ! I NEVER did hate any nationality in my life ! Why should I ? I had very inteligent parents who tought me ACTION DO COUNT not hair, eye and skin color ! YES, they where absolutely right ! Both where schooled people, and my whole family is,including me ! Only the STUPID and the uneducated is racist !!

  3. The only thing that can help the whole world is –America has a long lasting depression–a 3rd world type. No joke! What worries me is that prior to WWI WWII,goverments purposely allowed it’s citizens poverty to take hold and suckered them to join the military cause. WWIII is about to happen–in our time.
    No Cheers on this one :^)

  4. Watching the Presidential debate last night, it was obvious that when Iran got mentioned, McCain’s visceral hatred of Iran came through. He couldn’t pronounce Ahmadinejad’s name (after a night of name dropping on his part); he made motions to pound the podium and he took up a mantra that Ahmadinejad wanted to commit genocide upon the Jews in Israel (holocaust II). When Obama casually mentioned that Ahmadinejad wasn’t even the person in power in Iran, McCain started up his tantrum again. Damn right, Iran is in his crosshairs.
    Incidentally, If elected, McCain is going to miss his big military to fuss over. Neither he nor Obama seem to get it that America is bankrupt, tap city, busted, sleeping outdoors…. As for luxuries like a trillion dollar a year army – Good-bye to all that.

    1. Neither he nor Obama seem to get it that America is bankrupt, tap city, busted, sleeping outdoors….

      Most of Washington, left and right, does not grasp this simple fact, nor does most of the American electorate.

      Some of the more sophisticated of them are vaguely uneasy, but it has really not dawned on them yet how black the economic horizon is.

      If there is even the smallest chance of survival it means destroying the Republican Party of Bush and Cheney.

      In its starkest form, that means voting for Obama. If Obama does anything halfway helpful, it’s all gravy.

      If he doesn’t, and he is the same as McCain, nothing has been lost.

      Also at the very least the Neo-Cons and Born Agains and Corporate Fascists entrenched in the executive for eight years will be out and a whole new group of incompetents put in to replace them.

      Without impeachment, that is the best that one can do in the way of accountability.

      It may be far from good enough, to be sure.

  5. I always get him confused with David Rifkin. They are both highly stupid and massively pro government in a scary way

  6. I was so angry with Obama during the debates. I personally am voting for Barr, but I do want Obama to win because McCain is CRAZY. The latest is that he’s addicted to playing craps, sometimes for 14 hours at a stretch. That’s obsessive compulsive behavior and doesn’t bode well for a president.

    Here’s a well-sourced article on McCain’s gambling problem from the Huffington Post — even McCain’s aides admit his gambling.

    Anyway, McCain made SO many glaring factual errors that I lost count, but Obama didn’t call him on them. Who is prepping Obama? Especially on foreign policy? The AIPAC gang of course, but there were other things not related to Israel that Obama failed to mention. But then, maybe all U.S. foreign policy, even Venezuela, is related to Israel.

    I actually thought McCain won the debate. Obama needs to unleash his anger and his intelligence — he came across, especially in the first part of the debate, as clueless and passive. I could have done a better job.

    1. Obama needs to unleash his anger and his intelligence

      Why the in world does he need to do that? Will that win your vote, Give Peas A Chance?

      How do you know that he even has any anger, or, for that matter, intelligence?

      What I saw of the debate was worthless fluff, confirming my inclination to view the debating form as an empty rhetorical exercise and worthless.

      Given that it was fluff, however, there is no question, from what I saw, that Obama “won” the match, at least partly by being calm and collected, relaxed, and in control of the various factoids that the media requires a show of competency in.

      On the other hand, I can’t image how anything said by either party was worth even the small time I spent watching it.

      Obama reminds me a bit of Cassius Clay a.k.a. Muhammad Ali in his floating butterfly mode.

      Does he have a sting? I haven’t seen it. He seems to be much more of a dancer and a jabber.

      But perhaps I have hit on the wrong figure, and it is all, like most of Washington, now more like bad ballet.

      1. I grew-up in a red state and now live in a purple, except it’s not mixed purple, it’s hardcore red in some parts and hardcore blue in others.

        McCain for all his insanity and outright lies, which were too many to count, came across as much more folksy — and I haven’t checked the polls but did he win the red states? I would think so. He came across as a grandfather, not the senile one, but one who would patiently explain to you what he’s learned over the years.

        Obama came across as a fancy-pants, which made it especially egregious that he didn’t attack McCain’s lies with some semblance of passion and real facts. If Obama was going to come across as the young ‘un a little too big for his britches, he should have owned the role. The debate was his to lose, and lose he did.

        I used to think that Obama was intelligent, and as editor of the Harvard Law Review he must have some talent as a debater — why didn’t he use it? Obama didn’t have to come off as agro, just passionate.

        Instead it was like sitting in a classroom listening to your most boring and pompous teacher ever, and not being allowed to scream out, “You’re wrong!” Because every time Obama congratulated McCain, to my recollection, what McCain had actually just said was wrong, so Obama was compounding the lie.

        Obama needs to appeal to Joe Six-Pack, and he doesn’t. But it doesn’t help that he didn’t challenge McCain on all the BS McCain spouted.

  7. McCain is out of his own control he is a passionately angry and hes going to jump in head first into boiling water because he can be played

    Sorry my compatriots, but as a herd we share this weakness and blindndess to being manipulated.

    The only claim to American Exceptionalism I see is that we are able to admit and correct our mistakes, more than other nations have shown.

  8. Obama will bomb Iran.

    The political system in the US has been subverted by very powerful interests…so to say “I’m voting for McCain/Obama!” is f#&king ludicrous! I mean honestly, if these two clowns are the best we can do…?!

    We should be voting for issues, not people.

    1. At the moment, i find more practical to be voting against.

      Idealism is the scourge of mankind. That includes Libertarian and “free market idealism” as well.

  9. “The only claim to American Exceptionalism I see is that we are able to admit and correct our mistakes, more than other nations have shown.”

    That claim could only come from someone either drugged on blind patriotism, or who knows nothing about history. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acts of genocidal state-terrorism. During the Viet Nam abomination the total U.S. bomb tonnage dropped was 3-1/2 times the tonnage dropped in WWII –1,000 lbs. for every man, woman and child. There’s never been an admission of these criminal mistakes. They can’t be ‘corrected’, nor can a nuclear attack on Iran by McCain be ‘corrected’.

  10. I can only repeat what I have said before. If the United States decides to attack Iran, it will be a catastrophic mistake.

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  12. YES, the Russians will use NUCLEAR ARSENAL ! The Russians WON”T START any WARS ! IF and ONLY somebody would attack them ? YES somebody from here, WILL put one of Russian neighbouring country or MORE than one country to try to escalate a WAR SITUATION with Russia !
    Than we go to help those out, who did start the crap, like NOW when Georgia got the go from this REGIM ! WHY ? YOU even ask ? US does need Russias WASTE and plenty of OIL FIELDS !
    What YOU think, why we still in IRAQ ? To spread american democracy ? MY @……….

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