‘Pro-Islam’ Talking Doll Too Silly Not to Mention

I know this doesn’t really have to do with much of anything we cover, its just way too funny not to mention. Several local Fox affiliates are running a short (slightly over 1 minute long) news broadcast about Fisher Price’s Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo dolls. While no one seems to have problems with the cuddling, the report sees some serious problems with the cooing.

Putting aside for a minute that Islam is at least as anti-Satan as Christianity (and the very garbled speech that they’re concluding even said that) what really stands out to me is that although they claim to have a mass marketed doll in the United States proclaiming “Satan is the King!” they’re focusing on its ostensible statements with respect to Islam. Indeed, if you go to the comments section of one of the more widely viewed Youtube versions most of the people seem a lot more worked up about the Islam aspect than the Satan aspect.

I don’t know how this story could possibly be any more ridiculous, unless of course we were somehow able to tie it in with this. That’s probably asking for too much though, right?

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  1. It is more interesting terms of unconscious presumptions and current pathologies than it might seem.

    The “Virgin Mary” appears in random patterns on a plaster wall and soon masses make a pilgrimage.

    I make no judgment.

    On the other hand, why is not the supposedly miraculous ever associated with the assembly line or its productions?

    Why are there not pilgrims or crusaders on the way to Fisher Price factories to do battle as before Jerusalem?

    What would be the tone of the same Fox piece if what was heard was, “Jesus saves”?

    In fact, simply as a phrase, “Islam is the life”, even if that is what is “said”, has no necessary sectarian significance beyond what these people put into it.

    1. Eugene,

      Have these mothes no humour? Better, perhaps, that the doll call its owner a “douch-nozzle” and make Sicilian hand gestures? :-)

      1. Therfore I made my visitaciouns
        To vigilies and to processiouns,
        To prechyng eek, and to thise pilgrimages,
        To pleyes of myracles, and to mariages,
        And wered upon my gaye scarlet gytes.
        Thise wormes, ne thise motthes, ne thise mytes,
        Upon my peril, frete hem never a deel;
        And wostow why? for they were used weel….

      2. “Have these mothes no humour? Better, perhaps, that the doll call its owner a “douch-nozzle” and make Sicilian hand gestures? :-)”

        Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was thinking!!

        BTW – Where the hell is this Fox affiliate? I hope I never have to pull off the road for gas in that neighborhood.

    2. I remember, back in the ’80s, when the people of Dayton, Ohio, got the idea that Jesus’ face was appearing in the form of rust stains on a giant tank of soybean oil, in Fostoria, OH, next to I-75. Hordes went out to drive slowly by the oil tank to see for themselves, slowing down traffic enormously. Truck drivers were especially inconvenienced. Finally, the owners painted over the rust spots and life went back to normal (for Dayton).

      I also remember (also in the ’80s) a pair of Protestant Fundie youth evangelists discovering that the theme of the Mr Ed TV show urged people to worship Satan (if you played it backwards, slowly, listen carefully, and were very gullible).

      People trying to understand US politics should never underestimate either the foolishness or the clout of the Religious Right.

      Lester Ness

      1. There are different orders of irrationality. The Reverend Arnold Conrad, at McCain’s rally in Davenport:

        “I would also pray, Lord, that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their god — whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, Allah — that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons…And Lord, I pray that you would guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and Election Day….”

        In the all too long and turgid history of Western religions–indeed, in any history East or West–I cannot remember running into anything like this, to wit, a prayer from an adherent requesting a supposedly omnipotent divinty not to sell itself short, and tarnish its “reputation”.

        That the reputation is to be tarnished by losing an election is all the more striking.

        Colloquially, this may be an expansion of a theology in which phrases like “God failed us” are possible, but in this case said by a putative adherent.

        This is almost seems rooted in the Tribal and Henotheist concept of “God” in the early parts of the Old Testament, and akin to the other ancient religions which Nietzsche talks of, according to which success in war or the world was the sign of divine power.

        It is exactly the subtilty of the later Old Testament, however, to have to a large extent transcended this simplicity, by having the tribe “fail God”, rather than the reverse.

        In fact, some theologians have argued that it is exactly the tribe’s failure that allows the possibility of an abstract monotheism.

        1. MacCain’s and Palin’s “God” as the Fonz–dudes, HE’S got a REP to keep up, HE’S got FACE to save.

          Anyway, in regard to those two, to vote for them is +1, to vote for Barr or Nader or McKinney, et. al. or write in Paul or not to vote at all is 0, and to vote for Obama is -1. That’s a range of two.

          No guarantees what -1 will bring, after Paul Craig Roberts, but if you can possibly bear Duopolymint, you can double your fun.

  2. This is obviously a ruse by some trickster at Fisher Price to create an anti-Islam backlash by the mouth breather reactionary masses. Its a ready-made story for the FOX News propaganda machine.

    Anyone who believes a Muslim would in the same breath exalt their faith and praise Satan is beyond the pale of stupidity. I think the controversy here should be who at Fisher Price is a Muslim hater bigot. But nay, FOX News would rather use this as an opportunity to further their diatribe against 1 billion people.

    I spend a lot of time on YouTube speaking with people. There is a MASSIVE anti-Islam sentiment that rivals 1930s Germany. These hundreds of thousands of users carry the banner of demagogues like Robert Spencer, FOX News, and various Zionist chauvinists like the terrorist organizations Jewish Task Force and so-called Jewish Defense League.

    Shame. Shame on American society for allowing this. It can happen here.

    1. Could some Fisher-Price competitor be responsible? Like Amway spreading rumors Proctor & Gamble was run by Satanists, back in the ’80s?

      Lester Ness

    2. Don’t forget Rod Parsley, McCain’s supposed spiritual adviser. He claims it is America’s destiny to destroy the Muslim religion.

  3. “Satan is King” is obviously a pro-America message!

    Do the radical muslims not label America as “the Great Satan”?

      1. No, it does not mean that. We pronounce Satan, something like ‘Sheytaan’, and in Persian have words like ‘Sheytanat’ which has different meanings when applied to different situations. For example when a mother says to his child, don’t be a Sheytaan, when the child makes a lot of noise playing around or disrupts something in the house, it has a meaning of being too playful. In fact some people apply that in loving admiration to little kids or teenagers who are again too smart and playful. But, when it is applied to an adult, it means “interference with mal intentions” with the added notion that those intentions are by now known to everyone and that that person has lost the plot, and that it will not be long before he looses the game too. The key word in “Great Satan”, is not the ‘Satan’, but ‘Great’. It now means “Great Looser”. In Islam, Satan always looses to man. Remember, that Satan the greatest angel of God, was expelled by God for not bowing to man. Gabriel only moved up a notch after that fatal mistake by Satan. So in Islam, God has guaranteed that man is more powerful than Satan. Only if man wants to be more powerful than Satan. Still, the battle is great.

        1. @Ali:

          Actually, the Persian usage of the word Sheytaan doesn’t sound all that different from the English usage of the word “devil,” although “Satan” is generally used more as a proper name for God’s adversary. For example, a mischievous child might be referred to affectionately as “such a little devil.” Also, it could be taken as a compliment for an adult if the person is highly energetic, clever, and/or daring. However, it is derogatory when describing someone who indulges in behavior that is harmful to others.

        2. A. G. Phillbin,

          That is true. But in Islam, Satan is not the adversary of God. It is the adversary of man. Satan, does not want to dethrone God, so to speak. Satan professes to itself being created by God, and holds God to be all powerful. Yet, it wants to prove to God, that man is weak and not worthy of the place that God has given it in the scheme of things. Satan, is not an adversary of God, in the sense that it knows what is right and what is wrong. It is only his own place in the kingdom of grace that he was worried about. It protested to God, that God created it out of fire, but created man out of soil. It volunteered to be man’s greatest ally, only if man’s baseness was acknowledged by God, much like America’s proclamations to its love of other people, while America will not be friend to anyone, much less love anyone unless America is the owner and the boss and the arbiter of everything. So, God gave man freedom, to be as base as Satan deemed it to be, or as close to God as God intended him to be.

        3. @Ali,

          Sounds to me like the Islamic take on Satan is a bit like sibling rivalry. You have a jealous older sibling, Satan, who is angry that the parent, God, is lavishing attention on the younger sibling, Man. The older sibling then promises the parent to love and protect the younger sibling, in exchange for acknowledgement of his own primacy and superiority. The parent then gives the younger sibling the choice of whose guidance to follow. I say this not to trivialize or ridicule, but just as an observation. I’m not especially religious, but I think part of the hold religion has on people is it’s ability to generate metaphors that have psychological or political meaning. The metaphor you related regarding the United States and it’s “Satanic” behavior is an example of the latter.

        4. A. G. Phillbin,

          I would not even dream of bringing America into such an important matter, but this sub thread was about the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s branding of America as the Great Satan. Of course, he was talking metaphorically, but it was and is much more than a metaphor. Then again, perhaps I ran with it just too far.

          But as for the simplicity of the narrative of Satan and man as siblings, perhaps it will not be that simple, if you consider that you are one of those siblings, and that you are not so detached from the whole adventure as you would like to be. :)

          By the way, only Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God. Muslims consider that as blasphemy. God is one, and only one. No offspring whatsoever.

        5. Ali,
          I can appreciate Islam’s understanding of Satan and man. As a Sunday school teacher, I try to get across the message that Jesus’s message of the kingdom of heaven is really about the possibility of direct communion between God and man, whether internal or in some celestial place. This elevation of man’s status, if man so chooses, is very clear in John’s Gospel. As such, it seems that Satan would have this jealousy and would strive to have man reject God’s offer.
          Incidentally, my experience with most Christians is that they are uncomfortable with this notion of direct communion, preferring a distant God, who can be generally avoided so as not to invoke his wrath. Sort of like clerks, heads bowed down and furiously scribbling when the big boss walks through the office.

      2. In Hebrew, “satan” means something like “prosecutor.” Think of the portrayal of Satan in the book of Job.

        Lester Ness

        1. Americans have believed themselves the True Israel since the 1630s, when Massachussetts was founded at a Xtn Protestant utopia. My weariness with such nonsense is one reason I have been living in China for the last 11 years.

          Lester Ness

        2. I’d be very surprised if the Dutch West India Co. were a more spiritual enterprise than the Dutch East India Co., the VOC.

          No, the weird religious strain in US society definitely comes from England, from the Puritans and later, the First Great Awakening.

          Lester Ness

        3. True enough, one has to be careful talking about Cotton Mather in Portuguese. Voicing the surname clumsily is a no go and may summon up who knows what hobgoblins.

          And you do now add “weird”, it is true.

          Still, Calvin had his weirdness among the Dutch as well, though they were, it is admitted, much more practiced and pragmatic in their hypocrisy, including mastering the fine art of the “hex”, as often seen in the exterior of their houses.

        4. Almost completely by the way, the wikipedia article on “hex” makes a common mistake, seeming to identify “Pennsylvania Dutch” with Dutch. “Dutch” in America meant both Dutch and German (Deutsch) at the time and the article has the groups confused, surely because of not understanding the usage of the name. Nor were the Dutch as Netherlanders mainly in Pennsylvania.

          Not that there is a huge distinction between Low Deutsch and Dutch. Low Deutsch is sea level German, which is also Dutch, who, with their dikes, go the Germans one better in the matter of “low”.

  4. This reminds me of the old Bloom County cartoon, where the presidential candidates at the time (Bush I, Dukakis, and Bill the cat) had to write down the lyrics they heard in the song “Louie Louie”. (See it at http://www.xs4all.nl/~tdg/pix/louiebloom.jpg). Fundamentally, this silliness is no different from christians seeing Mary in grilled cheese sandwiches and what-not.

    Of course, a real news station would’ve gotten the manufacturer to specify what the doll *actually* was supposed to be saying. Hmm, wonder why Fox didn’t do that.

    1. Of course, a real news station would’ve gotten the manufacturer to specify what the doll *actually* was supposed to be saying. Hmm, wonder why Fox didn’t do that.

      It’s a toss-up between malice and rank stupidity, or some powerful combination of both.

  5. Yes, but if you play the doll cooing backwards, preferably after ingesting large quantities of beer and/or inhaling large quantities of marijuana, it says “we buried Paul.” Of course, what it’s REALLY saying is “only morons take Fox News seriously.”

  6. What a diversion?!While the US public is being robbed in daylight ,fox finds nothing more important to rely the public against Islam than a doll.This same public will fall for this trick again!

  7. As usual, none of you have anything to say. You like to bash Fox and this just shows all your rediculous, ignorant views. Too bad your mothers didn’t make the right choice and abort you. Watch your CNN and MSNBC and continue to get your inane left winged reports. Soon your God will be elected and you will all be quieted by the new regime. Better stop wasting your time here and start marching for Muslims. BTW, if I were you, I would run, not walk to the nearest Musi Dept Store and buy your burkas and prayer rugs.

    1. @Jumbo:
      Are you sure your name isn’t a typo and you mixed up “D” with “J”? Or are you just trying to sound like Bill O’Reilly having an aneurism? As for my “God” being elected, I had no idea Ralph Nader was doing so well in the polls! (Yes, folks, I’ve decided to switch from Barr to Nader). By the way, during my last pro-Muslim march, I picked up the most incredible prayer rug, with a really clever geometric pattern. It’s so much better than that 5 by 5 foam rubber mat with Sean Hannity’s face on it that I formerly used while praying to Allah! But on the burqa front, I have some disappointing news: the burqa salesman told me that I looked positively awful, and that I should lose 40 pounds, or at least shave my beard before wearing it in public!

      1. A. G. Phillbin said: “..Yes, folks, I’ve decided to switch from Barr to Nader”! Another convert! Yee Hoo!

        1. I plan to cast a virtual ballot for Jonathan the Impaler, candidate of the Witches, Vampires and Pagans party. He promises to impale Bush and drink his blood.

          Lester Ness

        2. Drink his blood? A true patriot, sacrificing himself for his country.

          Isn’t it retailed in Injun lore that eating Jesuits can lead to tribal extinction, though it takes awhile?

          The same lore cautions never to eat a Lutheran–indigestion is fatal, quick and specific.

          Destroying the Republican Party, after Paul Craig Roberts, is well worth the possibility of Lebanon on the Lake.

          Besides, Chicago politics is at least interesting, and quite a bit better than going directly to jail, not collecting $200, and filing bankruptcy.

          I remember the tale of the alderman who cautioned about fiscal irresponsibility when the City Council wanted to by a number of Venetian gondolas for the lake in one of the city parks.

          “Can’t we just buy one pair, and have them breed?”, he said (fere).

          That’s style.

      2. “Yes, folks, I’ve decided to switch from Barr to Nader.”

        Out of curiosity, was your decision motivated to any degree by Barr’s contemptuous treatment of the Ron Paul, “Four Principles”, joint news conference with Nader, NcKinney and Baldwin?

        1. It certainly was a major influence on my thinking, although the changing electoral landscape was decisive. Originally, I had thought that this election would be painfully close, and hoped that a strong Libertarian candidacy would act as a “spoiler” against McCain, not because I look forward to an Obama administration, but as a lever to cause extreme confusion and rancor within Republiscum ranks, possibly causing a fracture. That sense of owning all votes to one side or the other of the center is a disease of both parties, and hoped that sense could be turned against the Republiscums, since they are currently the most vicious of the two major Parties of War and Repression. Granted, since I have NEVER voted Democroach or Republiscum for president, and I live in a Democroachic safe state (California), my vote could not directly contribute to such an effect. Nonetheless, I wanted to add to the numbers nationally, since that also has a frightening effect on a party that sees all votes to the right of center as it’s natural right. I would relish the sight of the Reps attacking the Libs in 2008 the way the Dems attacked the Greens in 2000! Especially if the Libs told the Reps to go fuck themselves, like the Greens should have told the Dems.

          Since then, it has dawned on me that no one is a better spoiler against McCain is McCain himself, not even Sarah Palin. McCain is sinking fast (along with Dow Jones), and this election won’t even be close without truly massive and obvious cheating. So, I switched to the “minor party” candidate I was more comfortable with politically. And yes, Barr taking up Paul’s offer could have nonetheless kept me in the Libertarian fold this election.

          So why not vote directly for Obama, if I want to wreck the Reps? It’s an allergic reaction, I think. Anytime I go to vote, and even think of voting for a “major” party presidential candidate, my hand shakes uncontrollably, I sweat profusely, and become painfully nauseous.

    2. Frankly, I expect the religious right will soon decide to kill their enemies, including muslims and “liberals” (whatever that means.)

      Flee the wrath which is to come!

      Lester Ness

  8. LMAO! Some office nerd at Fisher Price is probably sitting in his cubical LHAO! Calling all his nerd buddies: “Dude! I just recorded ‘Satan is King’ and put it on all the sound chips of Little Baby pissy-pants..err, whatever! HAHAHA!!”.

    I’ve listen to clip several times…I’m hearing “Satan is King”, “Islam is the light”, and “Jumbo has a little wiener!”. :D

    I don’t know…weird!

    1. Shouldn’t it be McCain has a little weiner?

      I keep expecting some imaginative reporter to go around Luzon and interview any number of plump ex-bar girls about McCain’s vile lusts and how he’s hung like a cashew. Some of them might even be telling the truth!

      Lester Ness

  9. Yes, A. G. Phillbin, I knew you had a liking or is that a “finger lickin good” feeling for Sean. I always knew you were takin by Sean. We don’t use or pronounce the “ing” on words since Palin and Michelle Hussein Obama both use the folksy “in” when sayin words that end with “ing.” Burka’s are for real ladies not a bearded prissy…and rugs are for real men like the absolutely manly Pres of Iran.

    1. Actually, Dumbo, the 5 x 5 foam mat with Hannity’s face was originally located in front of my toilet, and my knees only touched it while “worshipping the porcelain goddess,” not Allah. And I’m very sorry about your speech impediment. And Michelle’s middle name (if she has one) would NOT be Hussein, even for addlepated McCainiacs. It would be something like “Fatima,” or “Leilah.” You see, even religious bigotry has to be done with some skill. As for Ahmedinajed, I actually detected a slight swish in his walk, and the burqa salesman thought he had just the right build for a burqa. Believe me, if I really swung that way, I could do waaayy better than Sean Hannity.

      1. Philbin,

        Listen, Mary, you just keep you hands off of Ahmedinajed, she’s mine. :-)

        1. Well, okay. The constant five o’clock shadow wasn’t very appealing anyway. Plus, he dresses like Borat.

  10. Duh. Michelle is Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama. So, her middle name is Hussein afterall. Now, why would any sane person buy a 5 by 5 mat of Sean? He is not a real man. He has no hair on his body and is therefore a dough-boy. I guess I spell burka with a “k” since I am a king and you spell it with a “q” because you are a …? I find it awesome that you have taken the time to type out the President of Iran’s name, Ahmedinajed (excuse me,) I just had to clear the phlegm from my throat after pronouncing that. It is a good thing since we may need to know that in the future. Have a good night or day, where ever you are. You come across as a nice person. Best always…..Jumbo

    1. @Dumbo,

      Uh, Dumbo, are you aware that women NEVER take the middle name of their husbands, only the LAST name, often using their maiden name (original last name) as a middle name? This is just one thing that you only have dim awareness, at best. As for this k and q stuff, just how old are you? Eleven? Nine? Burqa is properly spelled with a q and not a k because that is how it is transliterated from Middle Eastern languages. You see, the pronunciation is not exactly a “k”, but a little more like “kh” (but not quite), and no letter in the Latin alphabet quite matches, so it is usually rendered as “q”. I may seem like a nice person, but you seem like a dimwitted cretin with a third rate education. But have a nice day, anyway. (-:

    1. I’ve looked closely at Ann Coulter on TV -she has an “Adam’s apple”, narrow hips and a “ring finger” which is longer than her index finger (all signs of masculinity). I wouldn’t be too sure that ANN COULTER is anatomically correct.

      1. An “anatomically correct” Ann Coulter? What a disgusting notion! I’d much rather have a romantic encounter with Mahmoud Ahmedinajed, and I’m a confirmed heterosexual! Seriously, I have NEVER understood how anyone could find her to be attractive, unless when comparing her to Janet Reno. I find it more pleasing to see her as a foul mouthed, bile spewing, and basically vapid wind-up doll. Perhaps the toy is a deliberate self-satire. I’ve often wondered if, a few years from now, Ann Coulter will get on a talk show and tell us it was all a deliberate scam.

  11. Sad to see such islamophobia rife. It’s so common people don’t even see it anymore. The news anchor saying the doll is spreading ‘a message of hate’. Goodness, an earlier poster is right, this does appear to be planted for some nefarious purpose.
    And yep, stuff like this does scare me for what it bodes for the future.

    1. It is scary. Next we will have an Obama doll saying, "I'm an American Citizen." Now that is scary stuff.

  12. Abu Hussain, I think you were referencing my post. Yes, Islamophobia is starting to percolate and spill out of the shadows and into plain daylight. FOX News is starting to become less and less ashamed to air blatantly xenophobic pieces.

    It is a shame because that is not the America I grew up knowing. When I was a small boy, my conservative Christian family was friends with the Muslim family next door. Things are changing and I dont like it.

    And whoever recorded the message for this doll was obviously mocking Islam, not promoting it. By following "Islam is the light" with "Satan is king" they were equating Islam with Satan.

    The controversy in the reporting should be who is a bigot at Fisher Price. If someone replaced the word "Islam" with "Judaism" the machine would mobilize and they would descend upon the manufacturer as antisemitic.

    1. This is a part of a larger cooardinated campagin driven by extreme hate towards Muslims and Islam from the Danish cartoon,the distribution of over 28 million copies of the dvd “Obessession”,to the so many examples to list here.And always there is a common connection between all of them.

      1. The obvious connection is the target audience – the millions of useful idiots that fall for the far-right propaganda in America. Recent Republican campaign speeches have included the crowd getting whipped up into a frenzy by calling Obama a terrorist, making sure to include his middle name in a derogatory fashion every time they mention his name, chants of USA USA USA etc. It’s all done with American flags everywhere, US military personnel always being present and praised to no end and the useful idiots are eating it up. The far-right elements that exist in every nation are coming out of the shadows in the US, but hopefully the dullards are too little too late.

    1. Gary,

      Yes, that was my impression also. The scripts for the personalities of people like these are always written by someone else. They are charicatures of persons, not living beings. Frequently persons of this variety can be heard ending sentences or phrases with an uplilt, almost making a question of what would otherwise be considered by any fully functional human as a statement. Its been a characteristic of the speech of all too significant a percentage of Americans to inflect this way for about 20 years now and is a dead giveaway that your listening to walking, breathing vapidity.

  13. We have this stupid doll and it does sound like it says, “Islam is the light.”. The recording of this part sounds very different from the other babbling. I don’t hear anything else that sounds like anything. When you listen to it a hundred times (it is activated by light I guess), you just want to smash it. I think it’s just a stupid joke and I hope that Fisher-Price looks into it (and lowers the volume of the annoying thing).

  14. I think this is a do-it-yourself amateur psyop, conceived by someone at mid-level in Fox to settle a bet, where he or she had been challenged to show that they understood what “psyops” are and how to do them.

  15. We all know that Islam is the most peaceful of all religions. We know that it is only the radical Christians that hijack airplanes and ram them into buildings or get on buses and blow themselves up. Muslims do indeed need more people to spread the word about what a peaceful religion they have. I am surprised that the whole world has not converted yet. There is no other religion in the world today that has such profound love and peace for all people and protects the rights of women as equals and allows gay people to live in peace and allows people of other relgions equal rights.

    Its just really sad that the Radical Jews and Christians have not learned from the Muslims. Maybe someday the radical Jews will stop stoning people to death for sexual immorality and the radical Christians will stop chopping people’s heads of for insulting the Pope or Jesus. If only the radical Christians and Jews could learn to live in peace and harmony like the Muslims do!

    1. Yes, and Christianity is supposed to be about love and pacificism and rejecting power and money when tempted by Satan. When was the last time you saw any of that in US Christendom? Personally, every time I have been screwed, blued and tatooed, tortured and brainwashed, it’s been by my fellow US Christians.

      By contrast, I must have half a dozen Muslims in any of my classes, and they don’t terrorize me. The restaurant owners who sell me Lanzhou noodles or Xinjiang Shish-ke-bob aren’t terrorists, either.

      US Muslim-haters were bigots before 9-11-01. Many must have been jumping up and down with joy, inside, when their stupidity suddenly became respectable.

      Cold War big business types were probably secretly happy, too.

      Lester Ness

    2. Tim, where ya bin? You know what’s funny about America, allegedly Christianity’s last stronghold? It prays to God and Jesus on Sunday, then proceeds to invade under false pretenses other countries and slaughter their people. And it’s not even in self-defense.

      Meanwhile, post-Christian European nations take a far more, dare I say, Christian outlook on the massacre, maiming, and displacement of millions of innocent people. So let’s see if I have this right: Christian nation = warmongering butchers. Atheist nations = Live and let live people who think it wrong to kill without cause. Weird, eh?

      Funny thing too, when we were neutral in Mideast affairs terrorism against us was zip, zero, zilch. When we took sides and jumped in with both army boot-clad feet, though, suddenly we got enemies. Can you figure out those goofy Muslims?

    3. Tim, you have as much contemept for the Chriatians and thier religion as for Muslims and their religion,no matter how pertend otherwise.

    4. I pray that you are not an adult. If you are and adults like you exist, what hope do I have of living in a good world? Some Muslim terrorists knock down a building and you blame a whole religion. Do you blame all Christians for evey single killing done by someone who happens to be Christian? Given your two paragraphs of absolute drivel, I'm not entirely certain on what your answer would be.

  16. “In May 1948, more than 200 Palestinians were killed by the advancing Jewish militia in the coastal village of Tantura, south of Haifa. According to the recorded testimony of 40 witnesses, both Arab and Jewish, half the civilians were shot in a “rampage”. The rest were marched to the beach, where the men were separated from the women and children. They were taken to a wall near the mosque where they were shot in the back of the head.”


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