Glad to be Wrong about the Election

I’m not about to give up my Pundit Guild card yet but I’m here to own up to some bad prognosticatin’. Early this year I wrote a series of blog posts arguing that the Democratic Party (which I’ve viewed as the lesser evil, in this era of “Red State Fascism“) was risking losing the election by running either a woman or black person. I wrote, for example, the intentionally overconfident title “The Coming McCain Victory’s Lesson for Antiwar Democrats,” and gave Obama a one-in-four chance of winning. So what went wrong (or, rather, right)? Obviously there was the collapse of the stock market, the drop in real estate prices, the bank failures, and the federal bailouts. McCain had a brief post-convention lead in the polls and then just before the election came the deluge of terrible news, which was blamed largely on the Republicans. Still, in retrospect, I think my analysis was flawed. I noted that Bush won every state in Dixie in both 2000 and 2004, while losing big in non-Dixie America. And I noted that Dixie-as-kingmaker was a new phenomenon. But somehow I failed to realize that this Republican regionalism was a weakness, particularly considering Bush’s narrow victory in 2000, when he ran as a moderate, Gore ran as a not-very-believable populist, and Nader ran as a liberal vote magnet. I now believe that Bush’s 2004 victory was probably largely due to voters’ desire to  appear resolute after the 9/11 attacks, and during two deadly military occupations. I just hope I was right about the “lesser evil” part….

Author: Sam Koritz

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  1. The question is what will REALLY change? Will the American empire of globe-straddling bases be dismantled? Will the U.S. finally leave South Korea or Japan?

    1. Do pigs fly? And I don’t mean Palin on an airplane.

      About the only thing that will force the Democrats to pull back on all-out empire building is the economic reality now hitting home.

    2. Nothing’s going to change. Why the very first appointment Obama has made, and that today, was to offer AIPAC schmooze, Rahm Emanuel, the assignment of White House Chief Of Staff! And you thought Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby held influential positions? We’ve just exchanged one lying SOB for another, that all.

  2. I expect to be displeased by Obama and the Democrats, but not as outraged as I have been by the Republicans. McCain was scary, but Obama needs to learn that NATO needs to be disbanded, not expanded.

  3. I say lets all have a cigar ( Hamlets ) then we can be a bit of a quiver and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune—-I wonder how many millions of dollar democrats have spent on a good puff–smoke that is

  4. Chimp’s torture chambers and other war crimes were widespread public knowledge BEFORE Americans rewarded The Torturer with a second term in power, back in 2004. And now the same electorate votes in Obama? Odd. And ironic, especially considering the fact that US war crimes didn’t turn Americans against the Cons. But when $0.50 went missing from their pockets, Americans were outraged. “Omigod! DOWN WITH BUSH!” LMAO! Hit ’em where it hurts.

    God Bless America.

    1. CIA torture chambers have been common in Viet Nam, Latin America, etc., for decades. Torture in local police stations (not just Chicago) has long been common. Sometimes it declines, sometimes it comes back. A lot of Americans like torture, so long as it’s someone else suffering.

      Lester Ness

  5. Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s Chief of Staff

    Robert Gates reputedly offered job to continue as Defense Secretary under an Obama regime.

    Former Clinton Chief of Staff and longtime Washington handler John Podesta now heading Obama’s transition team.

    If that’s not The Change We Need, nothing is!

    Si Se Puede!

    Change Has Come!

    In honor of the Messiah of Change:

    1. Osama,

      Yes, it was reported that he was considering Gates! I mean this guy almost purposely misleads. Its infuriating. Among others there were the shifts on FISA, campaign spending reform, drilling and NAFTA during the campaign and now the Emanuel business. With Bush the lies came in support of policies he was going to pursue come what may. With Obama they’re gratuitous, almost slap-dash. Mark my words: Start by distrusting what Obama has to say about anything, determine what it is that he implies, and count on his doing the exact opposite. Like Clinton, the man seems constitutionally unable to tell the truth. We’re in for quite a ride.

  6. I seriously believe the the two parties work these things out in advance, that it is scripted and fixed. .

    Indeed. It would probably be more accurate to say that the military-industrial-academic-media complex that controls both parties worked this out in advance. I've always believed that the winner of this "election" was decided long before the primaries were even over with and that the "Establishment" simply decided that it was time to put a black face on itself for public consumption. Obama is no more a product of "the People Choice" than was Chimptard in 2000 or 2004. Within a decade, the Establishment will decide –well in advance of any national elections– that it's time to "feminize" the Oval Office (President Palin?). In the end, of course, it doesn't matter. The events set in motion for this country by the real Powers-That-Be will run their course regardless of the figurehead on the throne.

  7. I seriously believe the the two parties work these things out in advance, that it is scripted and fixed. Why did Kerry just shuffle and mumble through his last campaign? Because he was taking a dive and just barely trying to make it seem realistic. Why didn’t McCain even pretend to be realistic and flexible if not also articulate and knowledgeable? The election was decided when the Democrats used their corrupt primary system to choose the best candidate of a sorry bunch, and the Republicans used theirs to choose the worst (after Guiliani). Just when the world is fed up up with America, and the last penny has been emptied from the treasury, everybody rushes to the other side of the boat and starts singing in unison about equality and justice. It’s obviously a punch and judy show, but we can’t stop watching, or ever quite come to disbelieve, even though Plato demolished the whole scam years ago.

    Your last sentence is funny; now were all hoping. He did bring us together

    1. Hitler was accomplished – and probably the author – at what Obama has done to date: Offering himself as a kind of blank slate onto which everyone was to writes his hopes. Hitler even spoke openly about doing that, encouraged people in public speeches to do just that. He had no programs to offer, he’d report, only Germany’s clear interests, which were achievable by the German people as a unity. He’d ridicule the fact that there were in immediately pre-Hitlerite Germany 34 political parties. He would bring an end to such divisions. Its called “bringing people together” in Obamaland, but the technique is at least 80 years old.

    2. It is now quite clear that we live under a 1-party socialist dictatorship whose two branches (fascist Republican and Marxist Democrat) only pretend to oppose each other. The Party quickly disposes of anyone on either side who threatens the status quo in any way, aided by the controlled media. Look how they torpedoed Ron Paul’s campaign — pollsters routinely excluded his name from their surveys, he was excluded from most debates, and when he was allowed in and online polls showed him the overwhelming winner, those polls were instantly taken down and chucked into the memory hole. Kucinich and Tancredo got the same treatment, as did Howard Dean in ’04. Now imagine Tuesday night with Paul as the GOP nominee — IMHO the Obamessiah would have been lucky to carry 10 states. And with Paul leading the opposition from a position of strength, the hideous Wall Street bailout might well have been stillborn.

      One bright spot in the darkness — thanks to ACORN, the Black Panthers and the rest of Obama’s Tonton Macoutes, gun sales have skyrocketed the last several months. If the Obamessiah decides to become a real-life Adam Sutler, millions of real Americans might conclude that Claire Wolfe’s “awkward stage” has passed, and the time has finally arrived to start shooting the bastards. Or perhaps a modern-day Guy Fawkes will ignite the collapse of the Yankee Empire.

      1. Damn straight, Strider.

        I’m a Ron Paul man first, last, and always. Of course, a man like that will never get anywhere in the monopoly, one-party (DemoPublican Party) system. Saint President-elect Obama shows no sign of deviating from the Establishment script.

        Obama’s appointment of Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff is bulls**t. Emanuel’s a Zionist, dual-citizenship, everything-for-Israel warmonger. I’ll go so far as to say that he’ll be Israel’s “mole” in the White House. The FBI should open an ongoing security case on him.

      2. Just what our country needs! Another race civil war! Probably led by the same people who lost the last civil war!

        I’m glad I live in China. The Chinese are over their spell of political insanity. The USA is just beginning, I fear.

        Lester Ness

  8. Well, if you believe in the Easter Bunny maybe things will change. But I doubt it. Yesterday said it all — Rahm Emanuel! This guy, if not in the Mossad, was in the Israeli army. His brother is reported to be Mossad. I believe they both have duel citizenship (how is that possible?). He is an Israel-firster, and a war-mongering hawk. He’s the one that neutered the antiwar democrats elected in ’06 to end the war. I wonder how long the anti war left will accept this crap? They certainly didn’t help Cindy Sheehan in her race against that fraud and enabler, Pelosi. The short answer is that nothing will change.

  9. I honestly don’t understand the reaction to Obama. People openly weeping over his election victory! Are people really this stupid? Can any of these morons articulate a single meaningful policy change that will occur with him in office?

    And it isn’t just the man on the street that spends his every waking hour watching “reality” shows on his high definition idiot box. Go read today’s Tom Dispatch article. It’s sickening. Here’s a man who has taken the Bush administration to task for its murderous policies, and yet there he is embarrassing himself with a puff piece about how electrified he felt being in Barack’s presence. Gag me.

    1. The potential for disillusionment with Obama is enormous. I suspect that very, very little will REALLY change. Both establishment parties are basically the same. Both are bought and paid for by special interest groups like AIPAC and ethnic lobbies. Will America stop giving Israel 4 billion dollars a year in “foreign aid”? Will relations with Cuba be normalized, so that ordinary Americans can (horror of horrors) actually sit on a beach there and smoke a Havana like people from every other country in the world do? (Funny how America is supposed to be a “free” country, but apparently Americans are NOT free to decide where to take their vacations). Will America abandon its foolish overseas commitments? Will the U.S. withdraw from the moribund NATO alliance? Will the military-industrial complex have its wings clipped? Will America become a normal country like Canada or Norway and stop poking its snout in other countries business? Don’t hold your breath. The new boss is going to be just like the old boss.

      1. Many inmates are ecstatic because Concentration Camp America will now be ruled by a black commandant. They expect the lashes to hurt less because the whip is no longer wielded by a white hand. We are indeed living in interesting times. What we are really witnessing is an entire nation afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.

  10. The anti-war left, including such notables as the utterly phoney Glenn Greenwald, who supported Obama fully knowing of his perfidy on FISA and other issues, is too caught up in the Obama ca-ca to serve any useful purpose. The only precincts on the left that have any authenticity are those that supported Nader, period. The non-Nader left will put up with this nonsense just as long as so-called “pro-life” Evangelicals put up with George “Stem-Cell Compromise” Bush. You’re either in the system or out of it, there’s no middle way.

  11. over at haaretz they have pulled victory fro m defeat by pointing out AIPAC’s boy Rahm Emanuel is not only an isreali but the son of an irgun terrorist and never served in US forces but did serve in the IDF during Gulf War 1

    so nothing is changed…DC is still under zionist occupation and the flunky for zion baby bush has been replaced with the fliunky for zion obama

    and the mossad harlot livni is already telling her boy obama not to talk to the iranians

    nothing new

  12. The American people have spoken and I have to respect their decision and offer congratulations to my new President. However, I can’t help but be dismayed and disappointed. We elected a man on Tuesday who among other things:

    Went to a racist Church for 20 years.
    Went to an anti-american church for 20 years.
    Only changed his Church affiliation when he was already running for President.
    Went to the “Million Man March” with a man who called white people “the skunk of the earth”
    Compared America during WWII to Nazi Germany
    Has a wife who said this was the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be an American.
    Has a wife who said America is a downright mean and nasty country.
    Has written in his books about antipaty he used to have towards white people.
    Pretends to be a moderate but Believes we should give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
    Supports infanticide by voting against a bill in the Illinois legislature that would have mandated medical treatment for newborns that were born after a botched abortion.
    Had his first major political event at the home a a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.
    Has admitted that he was “friendly” with Mr. Ayers.
    Has a Pastor who married him and baptized his children that has called America the “US of KKK A” and screams and yells and rants and raves about white people. The very same Pastor who gave an award to Louis Farakhan. The same Louis Farakhan that has said, amonng other things, “Whites are the skunk of the Earth.”
    Pretends to be a man of character but first he said he could never disown his Pastor and then changed his mind a few weeks later when it became politically expedient to do so.
    Has hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from mysterious contributors.
    Has been associated with so many radicals and shady characters that if he wanted to become a US Secret Service Agent, he would have never passed the background check. ( And yet now he will be President.)

    When you add up all these things. I think Tuesday was a very sad day in American history.

    With that being said however, the American people have spoken and I respect their decision. God Bless the President Elect and may he be the most successful one-term President in American history.

    1. A lot of those talking points have been debunked over and over again. But that is not why I’m responding.. I bet you can make a similar list or even longer one on almost any politician. McCain’s list would be easy for instance.

    2. Tim, you just have to rethink your position on Zionizm and we at least would be in the same boat :-)

      So – white Americans were indeed right to be afraid of communizm – but it did not finally came to them from Russia. Quite the other way.

  13. Who needs actual substantive changes in policy when you have the Messiah.

    Won’t you cynics join me and millions of people here in America and around the world in worshipping Him!

    You can find us selling flowers for The One at a local airport or street corner in a city near you.

    Come, drink the Kool-Aid! It’s sweet to the taste and goes down well.

    Obama Love conquers all!

    1. Yes, isn’t this servility just the most stomach turning pap? I watched a Frenchman on Charlie Rose last night practically vomit on the table with his imbecile enthusiasms. It was one of the most nauseating testimonies in support of a politician I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The man has only oratorical skills to his credit for God sake! He has no appreciable political achevements to which to point and history of prevarication. And today the CNBC host, Chris Mathews, announces that it is “his job” now to ensure that Barak Obama succeeds. Imagine that, a journalist, so-called, seeing it as his responsibility to ensure the success a politician.

      This kind of insanity cannot long endure without consequences, the world simply isn’t built that way. The United States of America passed over the precipice some time ago but its descent into oblivion can only be hastened by such idiotic romanticising. Although on the surface the two hardly seem the same, Hitler and Obama have employed similar political approaches when dealing with the public. And the adulation, the lack of a certain grounding in fact, have been characteristic of the supporters of both. There is a picture on the cover of a recent book concerning the Nazi assumption of power by Richard Evans that catches the spirit of both. Young girls, middle teens probably, some in braids, all in the dress of the period, by the side of a road brandishing small swastika pennants and cheering. One views them from the perspective of a passing automobile. Knowing today what would soon to become of Germany thereafter, their naivete is chilling. It is in this respect that the present thrall must be appraised as it is contributory to an already badly displaced sense of the real in this country. And the truth simply has a way of imposing itself on events. I suspect that that truth will be a harsh one.

        1. “Obama is all style, no substance.”
          Which to me sounds exactly what you need to give to the americans if you’re going to have a decent change of winning. Short things that people can remember… slogans.

      1. I wonder what will happen when the feel-good adulation is dissolved by reality and the dumbed-down true believers awaken to the painful fact that nothing will change? Will “yes we can” become a chant for impeachment? What new hope will the audacious now fervently cling to?

  14. Why not just bypass Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and give it directly to Benjamin Netanyahu.

    1. As I recall, Emanuel was the 3rd ranking Democrat in the House. He was very busy during the 2006 primaries obstructing anti-war Democrats and funneling funding toward pro-war ones. Perhaps Obama thinks that Emanuel’s new job will give him less opportunity for pro-war mischief.

  15. During the Gulf War Rahm Emanuel served on an Israeli Army base. If he was going to volunteer it should have been with the United States Army. That’s disgraceful. If he has Israeli citizenship his loyalty should most certainly be in question. But then again, I question Obama’s loyalty too.

        1. Tim R. is an almost comical example of the typical Freeper: when this kind of thing was going on under Bush and the neo-cons, Tim R. would hear no ill spoken of our glorious leader George Bush and the War on Terror and the treasonous activities of the neo-cons. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he suddenly discovers that things like Sovereignty, loyalty, good citizenship and the rule of law matter again. But only when the Democrats are in control.

  16. Ok this entry seems to have really brought out the crazies.

    I agree with the main point about Obama still generally favoring an interventionist foreign policy and that being a problem.

    But judging from the comments: if you say something critical about Obama complete crazies come out of the woodwork jumping on the bandwagon (yea Obama is anti-white and Obama is akin to Hitler, just keep up the crazed ranting folks).

    1. js,

      You can spare us the the mischaracterizations, chief. Its the political technique of Hitler and Obama and the attitudes of their supporters that are being compared, not the persons. Can you muster the honesty to acknowledge that difference or is yours the kind of “craziness” we should note?

  17. Make her ambassador to Bourkina Faso. I'm sure she'll love Ouagadougou!

    Lester Ness



  18. I am glad there are so many clear thinking people on this website. His whole cabinet seems to full of pro Israeli types. Justin’s column lays out the scene.

  19. I subscribe to the ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’ theory. Biden and Emmanuel can do less harm in the administration than they were doing in Congress. Now Obama can tell them to keep their mouths shut and he has a chance of them doing it (Well at least Rahm, the only way to get Biden to shut up is with super-glue).

    1. Well, and they put undesired people to concentration camps during the Hitler’s rule to “keep them safe from the population that hates them”, sure, sure.

  20. I share everyone’s concern of continued Israeli control of our government – Obama seems destined to be another “house-goy”. But, as I watched his first post-election news conference this afternoon, it was so nice to hear an obviously intelligent person talking instead of that chimp. We can hope. I have a dream — a couple of burly secret service men grabbing the Israeli ambassador by the scruff of the neck and the seat of the pants and tossing him onto the White House lawn (with the new White House puppy in hot pursuit).

      1. Yes, indeed, our President-elect speaks English quite well. Too bad he is a radical liberal extremist who in his book, The Audacity of Hope, says that his young daughters will “have to” learn spanish and that does not bother him at all. Too bad he thinks that the common language that has helped to hold our republic together for 200 years is not worth preserving. I guess when we call the White House we will soon have to “press one for English and two for Spanish.”

        If radical liberals like Obama have their way we will soon have to write the obituary for our once great nation.

        1. Tim R,
          Spanish is the language of virtually every country due south of us clear down to the Antarctic. If one wants to survive in a global environment, it is probably prudent for young Americans to learn a bit of it.
          And you should quit worrying so much about the illegal Mexican immigrants drowning us out. The word has spread that America is broke and there are few jobs available. Besides the hostile attitude of the conservative “Know Nothings” is appearing to reach a dangerous stage. The Mexicans are not so anxious to try sneaking in here anymore. So you can quit worrying about them stealing any dish washer job you may covet.
          Any obituary for America should list as cause of death, “pretensions of empire complicated by extreme exposure to Zionism”.

      2. Not to mention read, write, count, even chew gum and walk at the same time!

        Lester Ness

  21. Has any one noticed increased activities at military instalations lately?!

    Could this be some indication?

    Bush: Terrorists May Attack During Transition:
    “In a speech at the White House, he said “we’re in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us, and they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people.”

  22. I correctly predicted the results of this election. In fact, I’d expected Obama would beat McCain by a much wider margin; in the southern states McCain received anywhere from 50% to 90% of the Hillary primary vote. Better to have one party as an enemy of peace than two. It’s going to be a lot harder for Obama to force another war down his divided party’s throat than it would have been for McCain and his lock-step GOP fascists (Ron Paul and Walter Jones, notwithstanding). I’m a lifelong conservative Republican, but I’m going to continue working to decimate GOP leadership until enough party members wise up and return to the “humble” foreign policy promised by “W,”or the party disappears. I sent notice to the GOP, that they’ll likely have to deal with me hamstringing them for the next eight election cycles, and many of the young RP supporters for the next 25-30 election cycles. Given its present direction, the GOP won’t last that long.

  23. The USA is now one nation, under Israel, without liberty and justice for all. BO lied at his press conference saying that Iran is building a nuclear bomb, and on Nightline, when they aired this clip, they then showed a scene somewhere of a cart pulling what appeared to be a covered armament, such as a bomb.

  24. Well after laughing at the GOP for the past 8 years saying GW Bush was a fiscal conservative, wanted to keep the government out of individual’s lives, ect.. I get to chuckle at the Dem loonies thinking Obama is going to withdraw us from Iraq, end “free trade”, ect …

  25. Not that I’m complaining in any way, but news comes on the main page that Obama and Poland would seem at odds on the question of the missile ahield. Obama appears to be trying to find a way to repudiate the deal with weasel words about the reliability of the technology and whether there were actually a committment as so on. The debates certainly left no question whether Obama backed Bush’s missile deal to Poland. So the world gets its first taste of an Obama promise!

    Why is it that Obama’s compulsive lying has to poison our doing the right thing? If this that-was-yesterday-this-is-is-today kind of an approach keeps up we’ll earn the contempt of the world for an entirely new and unexpected reason.

      1. Yes, of course, Andy. My point is not how badly conceived the missile shield idea is, that’s conceded, but rather that Obama supported it during the debates and now appears to be backing away as he’s done on so many other things, FISA, for example. The guy just can’t stop lying no matter whatever the question.

  26. Instead of bashing Obama before he’s even had a go of it – why not start pressing for war crimes and crimes against the constitution for members of the Bush admin. It might be a good time to get some real answers about 9/11 now that they are private citizens.

    I have to laugh at some of you guys whining about the military-industrial-media complex and then using lies and smears from that very same complex to smear Obama.

    Alot of you are seriously mixed up….

    1. War crimes charges against the Bush regime will not happen. Nor will any truth commission on 9-11 occur.


      Because the “antiwar” Demorats and progressives are criminal partners in those crimes.

      The Demorats were able to gain control of Congress in the 2006 election in large part by harnessing antiwar sentiment. But once in power, the Demorats have continued to support the funding of America’s colonial occuaption of Iraq, and it’s leaders like Barack O’Bomber have called for the escalation of the bogus War on Terror in Afghanistan and even into Pakistan. The Demorats have largely voted and supported for the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and domestic spying by the NSA, FBI, etc.

      Then, there is the issue of 9-11 and how the USA was quite cozy with Al-Queda connected elements like the Kosovo Liberation Army in the Balkans during the 1990s. I doubt that the Demorats want to go there, any more than the Republicans. As Justin Raimondo has stated, the USA has basically as a single party–the War Party–but with 2 different wings. And both wings of this War Party are dirty as hell.

      And Barack Obama is a complete political fraud. His rhetoric about “Change You That Can Believe In” is belied by his past voting record; his stated position on political issues; his financial and political backers (which include people like Warren Buffet and Colin “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” Powell); and by his appointments like Rahm Emanuel.

      Only the Kool-Aid drinkers believe in these lies that Change is Coming.

  27. To call the United States a “socialist dictatorship” and the Democrats “Marxist” displays a serious lack of understanding of those terms – and even more so of the American system of government. Sad.

  28. And what’s the problem with Greenwald? He’s done some excellent work regarding the FISA mess as well as exposing the zionist role in the U.S war party etc…..

    1. stevieb,

      The main objection to Greenwald raised here is that he is, in a sense, complicit in the whole process because he continues to champion the Democrats’ cause even while being well acquainted with their perfidy and duplicity. His refusal to take them to task or condone any third party that would doubtless offer a much closer approximation of his stand on the issues has been dually noted. The man, at his best, is merely a useful source of information; much of the time, he is merely a Democratic shill, the sort of “antiwar” liberal who will soon be found rationalizing the sort of mass murder, deceit, and bending over backwards for corporate America that would be (justly, make no mistake) condemned by his ilk if undertaken by the Republicans.

        1. Lester: I’ve not the faintest inkling of whence this conclusion comes. I can only infer that you are rather feebly deploying this line of argument because you can summon nothing better in Herr Greenwald’s defense. But you are right, in a sense; I resent the manner in which Greenwald steadfastly echoes a certain strand of conventional wisdom on every subject, playing the “moderate” tune to avoid anything remotely “extremist”. In particular, I’d like to see a broader view of matters than he presents. Let us hope that he comes to his senses when Obama pulls a Bush and reverses every single real or implied election promise to effect a constructive change of course.

    2. Greenwald was in diapers when Justin Raimondo and others were, as you say, “exposing the zionist role in the U.S war party”. I’d prefer “Likudist role in the U.S. war party”, frankly, as it is more precise. Greenwald came very late to this understanding and he can hardly be credited with exposing it. Otherwise, Kenneth’s take on him is eminently fair. Nothing could be clearer than that Greenwald is trying to build a reputation, what with the transformation from obscure blogger to Salonite, TV pundit and the like. You don’t want to back people like Nader or Chuck Baldwin for president when you have that kind of ambition. And even if in the end you vote for them – which is definitive, in my view – you kvetch enough about the Obamas of this world just enough to make it seem to others that you are pained in doing so. In burlesque there was a name for such a an approach: schtick. And such is Greenwald’s schtick.

      Here, not many are taken in with appearances. One is more apt to be judged by their acts rather than their imagined promise. Hence, few see the stock, Democrat/Repubican template as having much in the way of merit. It is rather the sad but all-too-real fact of an entrenched system of Democrats and Republicans that is perceived as the antagonist. The opposition of the major parties is simply an illusion, the out-of-power component serving to suck public discontent into a kind of black hole every two years. On this treadmill, nothing is ever substantially different, even if your name is Barak Obama and you were the first black man ever to channel this discontent into the void. The problem is the system, stevieb, not the Republicans.

      1. An incisive remark, John. I’d always thought there was an element of careerism in the obeisance shown toward the Democratic Party by many “left wing” organizations (MoveOn being a good example). If not outright at one with the political machinery such personages and organizations always seem intent upon claiming the social and pecuniary benefits of association. Meanwhile, the real opposition in this country is subject to a torrent of self-righteous rhetoric every time it decides to exercise its formal democratic rights by throwing its rather meagre weight behind a third party candidate or a marginal one within the two main parties, with the familiar cacophony of “vote-splitting!” and “lesser of two evils!”, as though the differences between the two parties were more than cosmetic. Heaven forfend that people vote according to preference rather than expedience! In reference to the title of one of his books, Glenn Greenwald should leave hypocrite hunting to those who aren’t.

        1. Correction: I said “this country”, but, residing, I should have said “America”. Still, its meaning is obvious.

  29. Contact President-Elect Obama, Congressman Emmanuel regarding Anti-Arab remarks by Emmanuel’s father.

    Dear Assad,

    The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee urges you to take immediate action by using the contact info below to express your disappointment to President-Elect Obama and Congressman Rahm Emmanuel for the detestable anti-Arab remarks Emmanuel’s father made this past week.

    ADC wrote a letter to Congressman Emmauel and President-Elect Barack Obama asking the congressman to publicly repudiate the derogatory comments his father made. Benjamin Emmanuel was quoted by numerous Israeli and American publications as saying “Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House.”

    There should be no place for such demeaning rhetoric and these comments are contrary to the very type change the President-Elect promised he would bring to America.

    Contact President-Elect Obama by fax at 202.228.5417 or through this online contact form .

    Contact Congressman Emmanuel by fax at 202.225.5603 or via E-mail at

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