Tell Obama: Dump Gates

Dear Supporter,

Please let the incoming presidential administration know that you demand real change in our interventionist foreign policy. Ask President Elect Barack Obama to make a stand for peace by dumping Bush appointee Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. You can easily let the transition team know your thoughts on this matter by calling 202-540-3000 or pasting the letter below into this form.

Dear President Elect Obama:

You sailed to victory on the promise of change and hope. For those of us who love peace, a change in foreign policy must come with a change in the key personnel who supported and argued for the continued occupation of Iraq. President Elect Obama, we want change in the Pentagon. We ask you to not to give former CIA Director Robert Gates another term as Secretary of Defense.


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28 thoughts on “Tell Obama: Dump Gates”

  1. My message would be: America will never prosper again until we end this war with the Muslims; and we can never be at peace with the Muslims until we insist upon justice for Palestine. Any holdovers from the Bush Administration that don’t accept that, must go, without exception.

    1. How America can be at peace with the Muslim world when it has the awful millstone of Israel around its neck I simply do not see.

    2. Do you really think sending sending Obama that silly little E-mail is going to influence his decision on how many troops to keep in Iraq? Obama has already caved on illegal spying by the NSA and it looks like he is about to cave on the issue of torture. You Obama supporters should face the facts that Obama is going to be a murdering, torturing, warmongering criminal just like George W Bush. The fact that he has a “D” after his name does not make it anyless immoral.

      1. Both establishment parties are essentially the same. The republicrats or the demopublicans. Two branches on the same tree.

    3. Crusades, war against Russia, Serbia and others are the effect, the culprit is the ideology of globalization which has adopted the worst of communism, NS and capitalism.

  2. While I certainly don’t want to see Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, I didn’t want to see Barak Obama as President, either. Why is it that wants to involve itself in trying to influence the outcome of cabinet appointments in an administration every bit as inimical to the goals of this website as was the Bush administration. It seems to me that that’s something more the style of Daily Kos or some other self-consciously left “anti-war” blog. Do we actually so believe the oafal being spouted about the upcoming adminstration’s “promise” that we’d want to seek to be identified with it in this way. Is there something about the Emanuel appointment that would lead one to believe that Obama just might be sympathic to the project? Not in the mind of this contributor.

    1. Agreed.

      There isn’t enough room here to contain the list
      of things I believe Obama should dump from his

      Why stop at cabinet posts?
      How ’bout every director under his influence
      from White House Gardener to Chiefs of Staff
      and finally his own resignation along with
      Biden’s, Pelosi’s, et al, etc., etc., etc.

      Before doing this however he should first lock
      up the entirety of Bush’s cabinet on a prison
      ship and point it at Gaza.

      1. willb,

        Reading your name at first, it occurred to me that it offered rather abundant potential for double entendre. What willb, willb, for example. Regard me as an idiot if you’d like, I just can’t resist such opportunities. :-)

        Anyway, yes, I just hope we’re not making a turn in the direction of political action around here, although this solicitation would make it seem that we were. Openly encouraging Barak Obama to take this or that step presupposes his good will vis-a-vis those sharing the general outlook and that’s hardly something one might do sensibly. Au contraire, he’s set his face on entirely different priorities. Since I don’t see myself as part of “the Obama team”, why, then would I wish to importune him. He had his chance with me during the election campaign and left me with nothing but a stomach wrenching disgust.

  3. Please, get real. Any attempt by us lowly hoi polloi to influence an “executive” decision is the ultimate in naivete and a ridiculous waste of time and effort. Since whoever holds the office of El Presidente de la Republica is never anything other than a marionette, he/she/it has no influence over who serves in the cabinet (you can bet a year’s inflation-wracked salary that the Rahm Emanuel choice for CoS was made for Obama by his handlers long before he ever secured the nomination, let alone won the presidency). “We the People” stand about as much chance of influencing a cabinet appointment as successfully convincing the sun to rise in the West.

  4. Quick Quiz!

    What do think President Elect Obama’s reaction would be upon receiving the letter above requesting that he not keep Robert Gates:

    a. Hysterical laughter.
    b. Giggling followed by uncontrollable laughter.
    c. A bored yawn.
    d. A haughty yawn.
    e. Some combination of the above.

    1. Assuming that such a letter even gets into the hands of His Holiness himself (an event with approximately the same statistical likelihood as winning the lottery jackpot three consecutive times), each of the above five choices above would end with the abrupt tossing of said letter into the circular file, with or without being wadded up into a paper baseball first.

      1. No letter required.
        Our leaders in D.C. know what we want.
        Making further suggestions only aids them
        in thwarting our will.

        1. Making further suggestions only aids them
          in thwarting our will.

          Exactly. I wonder if reverse psychology would work here: Maybe we should flood the Oval Office with letters begging Obama to retain Gates as SecDef, citing the stellar job he’s done in that position to date and painting a picture of him as a man of unique strategic vision. Any indication that Gates has popular support should result in Obama kicking him to the curb as if he were an AIDS-infected leper.

    2. I agree that Obama will laugh off any effort by us serfs to influence policy. He’s going to be untouchable the next four years. Congress, on the other hand, can be made to listen to demands to cut off war funding. If that happens, then why care who the Secretary of Defense is?

      Recall that it was intense pressure on Congress that resulted in the House voting down the Billionaires’ Bailout proposal. Of course once the trough was cynically sweetened with all kinds of unrelated goodies for everyone, the House went wobbly and the bailout did pass. The point is that if enough constituents pressure their representatives relentlessly, the House members will listen and they do control the purse strings.

      Our most effective weapon is the threat to vote out the members of the House every two years.

  5. To President Elect Barack Obama
    We, the American People, elected you for what you promised…REAL CHANGE.
    Now, God Dammit, that is what we expect. REAL CHANGE!
    To even begin thinking of making the changes that are needed you must decide to terminate Bush’s agenda. Throw the whole damn lot out like dirty water. Get rid of all traces of the Bush Administration lock stock and barrel.
    You must remove the AIPAC Lobby from its White House office…you promised no Lobby Group would run things in Washington…Keep your Word. Israel should not be running American foreign policy from this lobby group. American foreign policy should be geared to serve American interests, not Israel’s.
    You must absolutely make it understood that America is going to be a fair arbiter between Arabs and Jews. America cannot favor just one side and expect an end to the conflict between Israel and its neighbors. Our one sided policy has caused America great harm and must be ended…NOW.
    You must terminate this illegal and immoral war just as soon as possible. Bring our troops home and make sure they are given the care they deserve and need.
    Talk to foreign leaders as you said you would and terminate for all time the Bush Doctrine, criminal as it is.
    Work to bring a manufacturing base back to American shores and stop the off shoring of our jobs to foreign labor. If this is not done America will never recover…not ever.
    America cannot borrow its way out of this nightmare nor can we borrow our way to prosperity.
    In short Mr. Obama…we elected you to make changes. BIG CHANGES. Keep your word

    1. James,

      I’m with you most of the way. Can’t agree with the off-shoring bit, however. Any government that has the power to dictate where a company can operate and who it can employ is one powerful enough to do all the other things we despise.

      The parasite is killing the host. The answer is for the government to get out of the way. It has screwed up things for far too long. Must we wait until there is a complete economic meltdown before people understand this?

      And don’t look for Obama to change anything. The propaganda notwithstanding, nothing is going to change with Obama and his cronies running the show.

  6. You think Ablacker Bomber is gonna /read/ such emails? Get real. He has staffers to delete them for him.

  7. I told countless fu**ers that this O’Bombya was one and the same with the GOP, a tad less bellicose and nasty but otherwise still REPUBLICAN LITE.

    he hired Rahm Emanuel, a known MOSSAD OPERATIVE to be his Chief of Staff.

    considers Jaime Gorelick, a known “9/11 Truth suppressor” if there ever was one, as his head
    of the DEPT OF JUST US, now headed by Bush lackey and stooge Michael Mukasey.

    and he wants to keep Robert ‘mule dick’ Mueller, another co-conspirator from Sept. 11, 2001 ‘INSIDE JOB’ by the Govt., in power.

    I don’t know how anyone can conceivably expect less than 4 more years of disgusting transgressions against Civil Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and lastly, a foreign policy that resembles a CLUSTER FUCK BY DEMONICALLY POSESSED HYENA’S????

    I’m glad I didn’t vote for O’Bombya, he’s proven to be too tied to A.I.P.A.C. and the C.F.R. for my liking, and represents ZERO CHANGE if he keeps going with these jackasses he is bringing into his cabinet.

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