They Lob Chutzpah Bombs Too

A funny little essay in a local newspaper came to my attention this morning. During an email discussion over the events and motives in the Gaza crisis, a friend of mine forwarded part of an op-ed piece that appeared in this week’s Sun Sentinel, a daily newspaper in Fort Lauderdale. I immediately thought it sounded a little too familiar. Sure, Israeli officials and other apologists are serving the same talking points across all the television networks and in print media, but this sounded like more than just simple rehash, so I plugged the quote into a search engine. Jackpot!

There was the piece, but it was on a shared website for a pair of central New Jersey papers that I normally don’t read either. It was longer, and, oh, the author was different too. With my curiosity now piqued, I could not help but search some more. I found a nearly identical one written by David A. Harris, executive director of American Jewish Committee, over at The Dallas Morning News. Hmm, the other two “authors” also identified themselves as AJC directors. Eventually, I located Harris over at the Jerusalem Post where he had contributed not only this same piece but many others as well. My guess is that I probably read the piece there a few days back.

Clearly, this is just a press release created by the American Jewish Committee and being passed off by its members as their heartfelt and original opinions. Another local newspaper, The Palm Beach Post, even published the same piece a day after its competitor ran it. Thankfully in this case though, it was “authored” by the same South Floridian. I wonder how many other newspapers fell for it.

I’m sure the members all do genuinely feel that way, but did they really need to fake homegrown gravitas to ensure publication in as many local opinion pages as possible? Probably. You don’t engage in large-scale propaganda – excuse me, “a public relations campaign” – unless you feel like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. From the look of the essay, it seems that the pro-Israel crowd is going for the “but they did it first” tactic favored by young children for time immemorial. Occasionally that might work with one’s peers, but it’s a piss poor way to convince the rest of the world that they have the moral high ground – or maybe they are really just trying to convince themselves.

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  1. Great job catching that one Margaret Griffis. We should contact these papers and demand a retraction. This is another reason why we should boycot all mainstream media.


  2. Wow. Great reporting. How embarassing when you have to write stuff for other people to sign their names to and then proceed to get caught !

    I was watching CNN and they were interviewing some Israeli ambassador who was complaining that the Arab body counts were overstated by the press and that there really was no official body count. It was as if these people didn’t really die because there is no press allowed into Gaza to do an official count. And which government won’t allow the press into Gaza ?

    1. No press coverage, not even Red Cross inspections – even the Nazis allowed the Red Cross to visit the concentration camps and to bring aid packages!

      1. …which raises an interesting question; Was Nazis Germany reaslly more evil than the state of Israel? I don’t think so. Anyone who reads more than one side of “history” (as written by the victors), quickly discover that the “good guys” are actually the villians.

        1. Yeah right, when was it the Red Cross visited the death camps?

          The Nazis used the Red Cross for their own propaganda campaigns and frequently to cover up their own crimes.

        2. There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” in war, each side fights for their own interests and goals. It is just certain belligerents use more brutal tactics to achieve their goals that are inhumane. Genocide for example is one such brutal “tactic”. And the Axis Powers practiced it against more than 1 nationality or people. Collective punishment was frequently used against resistance forces by the Fascist Militaries, similar to what Israel is doing right now.

        3. Bill K,
          What is the point you are trying to make? – that Israel is no worse than the Nazis? If so, I’ll concede your point.

        4. Be it as bad as the Israelis have been, they are still not remotely as bad as the nazis. This of course does not justify their behavior.

  3. The Israel lobby has been doing this for decades. They do the same thing with letters to the editor.

  4. I suppose you missed the piece in the London papers TELEGRAPH. It was a quite long and informative article that outline how the Israeli government planned their media offensive for over two years, even to the point of sending speaking points to the Western press once the attack was underway. ABC Mideast correspondence–Martha Radash, or something of that sort–recently commented on TV that on the day prior to the invasion she received from the Israeli government her instructions on how she was to report the event.

    1. What do the Israelis have in common with Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine ? They write their stories BEFORE events actually happen.

    2. ABC Mideast correspondence–Martha Radash, or something of that sort–recently commented on TV that on the day prior to the invasion she received from the Israeli government her instructions on how she was to report the event.

      The only surprise here is that she went public with that fact. More horrifying still is the fact that she and/or her ABC bosses complied with said instructions. I guess the Establishment feels sufficiently comfortable in its entrenchment in power now and believes that Boobus Americanus is sufficiently dumbed down and propagandized to the point where they no longer need to hide the manipulation any longer.

  5. Did anyone catch Mayor Bloomberg of NYC run for cover during his trip to Israel the past few days?

    It seems that someone just happened to have a video camera of the Mayor and the NYC Chief of Police (Kelly was his name) running into the basement of a building because there was a rocket attack warning (they were either in Ashdod or Askelon).

    The whole thing looked very scripted and staged to me and one has to ask: Why exactly are Bloomberg and the NYC Chief of Police in Israel at this time anyway and who is paying for the trip ?

    Perhaps the two of them were taking acting lessons as based upon this video, they could certainly use them ? They could have stayed home and learned from this guy instead:

      1. Doesn’t this guy have better things to do? Why doesn’t he stay in Israel and become Mayor of Ashdod if he likes it over there so much.

  6. I have come upon this very same phenomenon while reading the letters to the editor of my brave monthly newspaper

    Ihe writer is usually complaining about a recent article critical of Israel. He attacks that article’s author in a very personal way using terminology that is often right slander (everything from antisemite to holocaust denier et al).

    I then go on another website to see very similar (and often virtually identical)letter to the editor attacks under the name of another a totally different author who is usually a well known local supporter of Israel. Apparently these responses are written deep within the bowels of AIPAC or the ADL and are then sent out to supporters of Israel all over the country for inclusion in their local newspapers. These recipents are probably told to rewrite the article in their own words to cover their origins but many recipients are too lazy to do so repeat the charges verbatim. This is how you can tell they are coming from some central source.

    Absolutely Number One on the Israeli hate list is Israeli writer Israel Shamir. For a newspaper to even mention his name in an impartial way is to invite an crippling economic boycott. The Coastal Post found this out to their severe detriment. So much for free speech.

  7. Can someone please explain a few things to me? And perhaps do it in a mature way, without insults or name calling? Here are some questions. They are “true/false” questions so I’d like you to first answer true or false and then you can explicate.

    Israel is a tiny country the size of the State of New Jersey (about 16,000 sq miles)and is completly surrounded by dozens of much larger Arab Muslim nations that are hostile to her and some of whom do not even recognize her right to exist. True or False?

    HAMAS does not recognize Israel’s right to exist and calls for her total destruction. True or False?

    Israel completey pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and in the years following HAMAS has launched thousands of rocket attacks at Israel civilians. True or False?

    Israeli civilians have been killed by said attacks. True or false?

    Under principles of International Law any nation has the right of self-defense. True or False?

    Israel is a nation of roughly 5 million Jews and is totally surrounded by over 200 million Arabs Muslims. True or false?

    At least some of the disputed land in question was actually purchased by wealthy Jews such as Sir Moses Maimonedes in the late 19th and early 20th century. True or False?

    In Novemeber of 1947 the General Assembly of the United Nations voted for a two state partition plan. The Jews accepted the plan and the Arabs rejected it. True or False?

    Up until 1967, the Gaza strip was “occupied” by a fellow Arab-Muslim nation, Egypt. Yet there were not rocket attacks or terrorist attacks on Egypt. True or False?

    The conditions of Palestinians in Gaza were no better when they were under Egyption control. True or False?

    On May 14th 1948, Israel was declared an independant nation. The next day, all the Arab nations attacked her. True or False?

    Israel won that war and subsequent wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973. True or false?

    In the course of human history, the winning party in a war generally gets to keep the land and spoils and gets to dictate terms of peace (examples include the numerous wars between white european settlers and the native american Indians, the American Revolution, the Mexican Amercian War, the Spanish American war, the Falkland Islands war, etc etc etc. True or false?

    So I don’t get it. Israel is always the bad guy, right? But it seems to me that facts tend to tell a different story. As the saying goes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. I am not saying Israel does not share blame or has totally clean hands in all this either, I think there is blame to go around but facts are facts and stop acting like Israel is 100% at fault. I know, I know, I am a zionist and I hate America and I am an Israel spy and I am a racist and I hate all Palestinians. Save the insults and give me something constructive if you care to respond

    1. The fact is that Isreal would not have come into existence without the role played by the US and the UK on lands occupied by other people whose wishes were never came into considerations.No other entity or state has the right to divide or give away any part of another country or people in order to settle some other people without the approval of those whose land is being given away.

    2. HI, Tim good to see you back posting here, at least it gives people a chance to complain about someone other than me, Ha Ha.

      Ok #1 False. Israel is actually the 51st state of the US so it’s the largest and most powerfull nation in the area by far. Even without the Backing of the US it would still be the most powerfull nation in the middle east. As for the other nations being hostel, Israel makes more enemies each year with thier own policies and oppostion to peace.

      #2 True. Why should Hamas treat Israel any differntly than they are being treated?

      #3 False. They left some of Gaza in a strategic move to further isolate The Gaza strip.

      #4 True. However, the death tolls have not even come close to the amount of death and destruction that Israel has given the People of Palestine.

      #5 True. Same answer as #1

      #6 True. However If I buy a piece of land in Russia does that give me the “right” to make my own laws and seperate from Russia and then kill off the population nearest to me?

      #7 True. But exactly how many times has Israel rejected the same terms and broken the agreements they have made?

      #8 and #9 False. Egypt did in fact face some opposition. However, as they were not considered occupiers there wasn’t much. Egypt did not try to anex Palestine and actually hosted many students including Arafat. The situation now facing Gaza is many times worse than anything they were subjected to under the Egyption administration of the strip. It was much more akin to the occupation of Lebanon under Syria.

      #10 True. The Arab nations were given no decision to let an Illegal nation come into existance in their midst. The Israelies had used their own Terrorism to get this land including the bombming of civilians.

      #11 and #12 True. Their illegal land grabs were successfull,so far.

      So here we have it Tim. Some rich people (not just Jews) bought a piece of land. They moved in enough people including many terrorists who had the goal of making it their own nation. They used enough force with the backing of many other western nations to take over. They kicked out many of the indigenous people and have treated them like dirt ever sense. Your arguement is that might makes right. I’m sorry but it doesn’t. Have you ever heard that two wrongs don’t make a right? You grant that Israel now has the right to defend itself and the property it stole. Do you believe that the Palastinians have the right to defend the little bit of land they have left?

      If Israel wants to live in peace it needs to start treating it’s neighbors like humans. If Hamas wants to live in peace it needs to realize that Israel is not going away. I don’t believe that either side wants to live in peace. They both seem more interested in wallowing in their mutual hatred. The Palestinians hate the Israelies for stealing their land and treating them like animals. The Israelies hate the Palestinians because they refuse to stop fighting for what was theirs and what little they have left. The Israelies actually seem to have more hatred in their hearts than the Paestinians. This doesn’t surprize me, as the person in any conflict who knows they are wrong will go to the furthest extreems to justify their actions.

      As for US policy. Our best bet would be to stay the hell out of the whole mess. Our backing of Israel has damaged us in countless ways. It’s not only morally wrong to support Israel it’s detrimental to our nation. As a nation we should not takes sides in any conflict. As an individual you have the right to do as you choose. If you wish to support Israel finacially or otherwise that’s your decision. I think it would be wrong on many levels. I don’t support Hamas for many of the same reasons.


      1. Brad,

        Great to read your very thoughtful comments! I do not have time now to respond to all but just a few points I would like to make and get your thoughts on:

        You said that Israel pulled out of Gaza in a “strategic move to further isolate Gaza.” Sounds like a classic catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. If 7,000 Israeli settlers were still in Gaza wouldn’ you be saying that they ought to get out right now? And that it is an illegal occupation? But when Israel, by force of arms, evicts their fellow citizens, some of whom had been living in those homes for 30 years or more, they get no credit for it and you say it was just a “strategic move to furthur isolate Gaza.” Ok, so should we move the settlers back then?

        As for Egypt and Gaza: Can you cite any specific evidence that the plight of the Palestinians was any better when Egypt was in control of the Gaza strip?

        Last but certainly not least: My arguement is NOT that “might makes right.” I totally agree with you that might does NOT make right. However, my main point is that, like it or not, for tousands of years, throughout human history, the people who win wars get to dictate terms of peace. To the victor go the spoils. I am not saying its right, but it is the way it is. It has always been like that. Why should Israel be held to a different standard?

        (By the way, I dispute the premise that all of the wars, including 1967 were cases of Israeli aggression, I say it is the other way around) But let’s say it was Israeli aggression in all those wars, let’s say you are right. Okay, but then why should Israel be held to a different standard than other nations?

        Do you say that America should give back all the lands we took over from native American Indians? Should we give back most of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California to Mexcico? Do you believe Australia should give back all the land to the Aborignies? Should New Zealand give back all the land they stole from the Maiori people? Why is it that only Israel is held to this high and exceptional standard?

        Another point, the majority of Isreali citizens want a 2 state solution, want to make peace with their Arab neighbors, and recognize the right of a viable, independent Palestine to exist. HAMAS on the other hand does not recognize the right of ANY JEW to live in ANY PART of Israel unless the State of Israel is totally destroyed and an Islamic theocracy is established. True or False?

        As for Israel being so powerful: Any nation that is almost totally dependent on another nation for aid and arms can’t be said to be all that powerful. Need I remind you that when there was a sneak attack by the Arabs on Yom Kippur of 1973, Israel was almost wiped out. The Arabs were on the cusp of wiping out Israel and if it had not been for an emergency air lift of arms and supplies ordered by Nixon and Kissinger, Israel would have lost and been destroyed. Any nation that is dependent on another nation for support cannot be said to be so powerful. I’m not so good at math but it seems to be that 200 million Arabs in over 20 something countries have an edge over 5 million Jews in one country.

        1. First off, Israel has enough nukes to take out the whole middle east and then some. One nuke can be as powerfull as many tens of thousands of people. So I would say they are by far the most powerfull nation in the area. As for pulling out of the settlement in the Gaza strip, it would not have been neccessary if they could learn to live in peace. As they had no intention of living in peace, they made a strategic decision so they could isolate the strip. They continue to build in other occupied areas.

          As you have said many Israelies would like to live in peace. Most people would, the two state solution is the only way to go. However, you fail to realize that most Palestinians would also like this. It’s the hatred of the two governments and the actions of Israel that makes this impossible. Of course there is also a mutual hatred shared by many of the people of both nations, or non nations if you choose.

          As for what I think about giving land back to natives, I’m not claiming that Israel should be driven into the sea. Or that they should give back everything they have. First of all it’s not going to happen. Secondly, with the nukes they have no one is going to force them out ever, and of course where would they go?

          I believe that if the US would stay out of the matter, Israel would be forced to make peace. This is just one of the reasons why I think the US should stay out of the matter. It would also be the best thing for both nations. I’m sure you have read my other thoughts. I do believe that the US and other nations promote the instability of the Middle East out of fear of a United Arab Union. Which would not only make an agressive Israel impossible but would also hurt the profits of many Multinational Corporations.

          I don’t believe that Hamas should be lobbing their rockets into Israel, but I also don’t believe they would be doing it (at least not with popular support) if Israel were acting in a rational manner. The one thing you could do I be a little less one sided yourself. I hear you in your frustration. I don’t agree with many of the people on this site who claim to be anti-war but at the same time pro-Hamas. I don’t see violence as the answer to anything. I believe that Hamas would have done much better for themselves and their people without it. But the same could be said of Israel.


        2. Do you say that America should give back all the lands we took over from native American Indians? Should we give back most of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California to Mexcico?

          It won’t be neccessary to “give back” the states we stole from Mexico. In case you haven’t noticed, the Hispanic people are slowly taking them back by simply reoccupying them. The same thing will eventually happen in the land of Palestine and the sooner it occurs the better.

    3. Yeah sure Tim. Morrocco “surrounds” Israel. So does Algeria, Tunisia, etc. Only land-locked countries like say Switzerland, can be considered “surrounded”. You see all Arabs as one single mindless entity consumed with hatred of Israel.

      1. Once again usual we had to contend with such oversimplication,the same old trick ,the true or false questions as we were in a high school. The so called Arab countries is like a cart that is driven by many horses and many drivers each going his own direction.The Arab regimes are the best gift that Israel has.International law does not accepet that might makes right,and therfore does not make acqusations as a result of war and occupation legitmate.Iraq invasion of Kuwait ilustrates this point clearly.

        There no such thing that says state or country must recognize other state or their right to exist or not.To this day the US does not recognize or have diplomatic realations with Cuba.Golda Mier,prime minister of Israel,said, “Palestnians do not exist”!

    4. While we are playing “true or false” (and the core things you asked about – the right of the victor to the spoils, for example – are FALSE)…

      Israel has defied several DOZEN resolutions from the UN (both the GA and the UNSC) – true or false?

      The US invades countries that fail to abide by UNSC resolutions – true or false?

      Judaism’s core tenets are predicated on racial supremacy – true or false?

      Ben Gurion, Rabin, and Stern and co were terrorists – true or false?

      The death toll from the Qassams is less than fifty (while more CHILDREN than that died each week during the recent blockade of Gaza) – true or false?

      If the entire foundation ideology of a country is based on terrorist tactics (the bombing of the King David hotel, the assassination of British dimplomats, and the Lavon affair spring to mind) and slaughter (Sabra, Shatila, Jenin – hell, go all the way back to the Amalekites if you want to get Biblical), do you really think you’ve the right to whine when the people you dispossess try to hit back (with the equivalent of sharpened sticks)?

      Frankly, I am amused when I read the self-congratulatory accounts of genocide in the Old Testament, and then hear modern-day Israelites whining about getting on the other end of a genocidal campaign during WWII. What goes around, comes around…


      GT’s Market Rant

      1. Nice set of Talking Points Timmy.

        But you see Life is not a “True or False” question.

        Lets try:

        1. Israel was created through Terrorism. Yes or No?
        2. Jewish Settlers to Palestine established Terrorist Organizations. Yes or No?
        3. Jewish Settlers in Palestine built Weapons and Bomb manufacturing facilities under the guise of “Farming Communes”. Yes or No?
        4. Most land in pre-1948 Palestine was owned by Semitic/Arab Palestinians not European Jewish Immigrants. Yes or No?
        5. The Jewish Settlers to Palestine first received support from British Authorities and then stabbed them in the back by carrying out terrorist attacks against them. Yes or No?
        6. The Arab Governments made a pre-emptive strike against what they saw as the formation of a State by Terrorist Organizations. Yes or No?
        7. Since Israel was created it has received 10s of Billions of Dollars in Financial support and Military equipment from the US and Western Europe. Yes or No?

    5. Your “facts” are mostly deceptions, if not outright lies.

      Even the oft-stated “in 1948, Israel declared independence and the Arab nations attacked her” has never been confirmed to my satisfaction. Name a single Arab military unit (like “Fourth Infantry Division”). Name one Arab commanding general along with that unit. Why can’t you? Because they never existed. Yes there were scattered gangs of Arabs who came into Palestine to help the Arabs there, as they were systematically murdered and deported from their own homes and villages, but “armies”? Where is there any evidence of them????

      The FACT is, in 1895 Theodore Herzl and other European Zionist jews planned to re-invade and occupy Palestine, murdering the inhabinants therein if they refused to leave or submit to an apartheid slavery. This was long before the grandparents of any suicide bombers were ever born. Yes, what the Nazis did to the European Jews (not the Jews in middle east or US) was terrible, but just because Ralph hurts Ed, it does not confer the moral right to Ed to rob and murder Peter.

    6. Tim R,
      You state that the land area of Israel as roughly equivalent to New Jersey or about 16,000 square miles. The official size of Israel is actually about 8,500 square miles (guess you’re figuring that the occupied Arab lands are already “in the bag”).

      1. Why should the Palestinians have accepted the loss of 55% of their country? They had no part in the holocaust. The problem for the Palestinians was that during the period of the “British mandate” (a “mandate” they neither asked for or wanted) they could not prevent their country from being flooded by Jews.

        1. “Finally, a truce with Hamas was negotiated. Since the beginning of the truce defense minister Barak commenced preparations for a massive attack on Gaza[8]. On November 14th the working truce with Hamas was deliberately broken on Barak’s orders, by killing several Hamas fighters. A totally predictable Palestinian response ensued – cancellation of the truce and a barrage of rockets. The barrage was used by Barak as a pretext for that large-scale operation, including the slaughter of hundreds of people in Gaza with missiles deployed from airplanes. This muscle-flexing is an obvious part of Barak’s and Livni’s forthcoming election campaign, at the price of hundreds of Palestinian casualties, and several Israeli ones (as meanwhile Palestinians have improved their aim). In a forthcoming ground operation Israeli soldiers are also likely to pay with their lives for this form of electioneering.”

      2. So if some bunch of Chinese, Korean and Thai politicians passed a ‘partition plan’ handing over half of the US to a bunch of Taiwanese refugee peasants, you would be cool with that?

        I think it is fascinating that people pretend that the current crop of Khazar Ashke-Nazi who live in Occupied Palestine are ‘semitic’ – they are about as Semitic as the Romanovs. They got handed a chunk of dirt out of PITY by the victors of WWII (I view the uinpleasantness of ’41-45 for the Ashke-Nazim as an outburst of ‘karma’, 3000 years after the OT genocides of which bible-maniacs are so proud). Then, having been given that land subject to conditions, the Ashke-Nazi proceeded to violate even the conditions of the grant of territory. The grant of territory was an illegitimate grant anyway – occupiers do NOT have the right to dispose of the land they occupy.

        Transplanting a bunch of middle-european peasant converts into Palestine was never going to work – and the moment the US goes toes-up (it’s already bankrupt), Israel will cease to exist as a viable entity… it is currently the world’s biggest sheltered workshop, relying on MASSIVE aid from the US.

        So enjoy the Last Days… and watch Livni’s face when Hamas closes the pincers and starts bleeding the invaders white (they learned from Lebanon 2006).


        GT’s Market Rant

        1. Yeah GT, I have often thought of the current state of Israel being a lot like the old Christian Kingdoms of Jerusalem or Antioch: Founded by European conquest and religious idealism, supported almost entirely by European governments and surrounded my hostile muslims. Once internal warring resumed in Old Europe, the support for the Crusader Kingdoms which was essential for their survival evaporated. It is not impossible to contemplate a similar fate for Israel should the US empire go bankrupt or suffer some other kind of serious reversal that would discontinue military and financial support.

    1. Israel never hesitates to piss on America.

      In 1954, they tried to provoke war between the U.S. and Egypt (“Lavon Affair”). In 1967, Israeli forces shot the hell out of U.S.S. LIBERTY, nearly sinking her. Israel commits uninhibited–and largely unpunished–espionage against the U.S. (One spy–Jonathan Pollard–was actually
      (gasp!) prosecuted and sent to prison. Now, there’s talk of a pardon for the sonofabitch.)

      1. The United States would be a thousand times better off if it just washed its hands of Israel (and the whole middle east trainwreck). Directly it would save 3-4 billion dollars a year, the money it gives Israel in “foreign aid”. Indirectly it would probably be able to live in peace with the Arab world. The pro-Israel influence has a subtle, unacknowledged, but in my view profoundly debilitating effect on America. The war in Iraq for example was largely a neocon affair. They are mainly Jews and are really motivated by what they perceive as Israel’s best interests. Just one of the so many ways the connection hurts America. Just TRY to imagine another American ally like Canada, Norway, Denmark, etc, doing what “ally” Israel did to the Liberty.

        1. “The United States would be a thousand times better off if it just washed its hands of Israel ” that sounds good.Sadly,It was the US that midwifed Isarel birth,raised it up and sastinedit,and continue to do so .Just think what would Israel do if the US abandon it given the fact that Israel a nuclear armed state.What would stop it from threatning the US with its nuclear weapons?

        2. So your telling me that Israel (our “ally”) will launch a nuclear attack on America if the USA stops supporting her? You must be nuts buddy! Such idiotic commentary doesn’t belong on this blog. In any case it was the American government, not the American people, who supported the creation of Israel. It was Truman’s desperation to win the 1948 election and the pressure from the Jewish lobby in Washington that did the trick. You really think it was a casual coincidence that Israel was founded in an U.S. election year?

        3. Lear K, I appreciate and understand your question. Why would the Israeli government stop at anything if it means its very survival is at stake? I mean that literally.

          Given its history of deception (blaming others) and cold-blooded acts, all stops would be pulled and all bets would be off, including nuclear blackmail. Besides, it would be a threatened plot, not perceived to be executed by Israelis, but by Palestinians or Iraqis or Pakistanis or Serbians or Ossetians or… (list is too long – I’ll stop) out for revenge.

          Given the extent of the Zionist tentacles, it will certainly be easy to “grease the wheel” for the next act. I think it would be a good idea for Americans to be on the watch for another gathering of “art students” in 2009.

  8. The things that bother me re mainstream news is their total ignorance of salient technical facts. In reporting on Hamas rocket attacks upon Israel one never hears:
    1. The rockets are crude – they fly at about 350 mile per hour (at Dayton, they have cars going about 200 mph) and have generally limited range (about 6 miles at most). This is fourth world weaponry and should be easy to avoid/defeat.
    2. Israel designed and started work on project called “Iron Dome” which could have rendered these flying pipe bombs totally ineffective, but Israel abdonded the project as a cost cutting measure. The US (Uncle Schmuck) considered funding it for them, but nothing happened because Israel would have had to abandon Sderot which is located less than a mile from the Gaza border and is too close for the system to react. There is an American built laser based system (Skyguard?) offered to Israel, but that too was rejected because it wasn’t built in Israel.
    It should be obvious to anyone with a clear mind, that Israel is just using a minor specific threat as an excuse for wholesale destruction of the Gaza. As for our media with its immense capabilities, instead of feeding us some facts, they are hosing us down with propaganda water cannons. I also worry about our new President Obama – he seems as clueless regarding the big picture in Palestine as the uber-dummy Bush

    1. I have tried to find credible source as to the thousands of so called rockets fired but i could not.

      1. Well, lucky for israel, journalists have been banned from Gaza so they can basically say whatever they want and no-one can really prove them wrong. I read somewhere that israel reckons Hamas has acquire Iranian missiles. They WHY have they never been used/seen?!?! Surely they are far better than the unpredictable Quassam rockets.

  9. “Zionism arrived in Palestine in the late 19th as a colonialist movement motivated by national impulses.
    The colonisation of Palestine fitted well the interests and policies of the British Empire on the eve of the First World War.
    With the backing of Britain, the colonisation project expanded, and became a solid presence on the land after the war and with the establishment of the British mandate in Palestine (which lasted between 1918 and 1948)…
    Thus, the conflict with Zionism was an additional burden. The pro-Zionist policy of the British mandate there naturally strained the relationship between Britain and the local Palestinian society…
    While the Zionist leadership finalised a plan for taking over the land and expelling the people between 1946 and 1948, the Palestinian leadership hoped the British empire would transfer to them their country in which they were still the vast majority and the indigenous population…
    In any case, the Palestinians had a difficult time presenting the moral side of their demands due to the Holocaust.
    The Western international community was only too happy to evade any discussions about the implications of the genocide in Europe and to drop the problem on Palestine’s doorstep…
    The Zionist leadership defined 80 percent of Palestine (Israel today without the West Bank) as the space for the future state.
    This was an area in which one million Palestinians lived next to 600,000 Jews.
    The idea was to uproot as many Palestinians as possible. From March 1948 until the end of that year the plan was implemented despite the attempt by some Arab states to oppose it, which failed. Some 750,000 Palestinians were expelled, 531 villages were destroyed and 11 urban neighbourhoods demolished.
    Half of Palestine’s population was uprooted and half of its villages destroyed. The state of Israel was established in over 80 percent of Palestine, turning Palestinian villages into Jewish settlements and recreation parks, but allowing a small number of Palestinian to remain citizens in it.”

  10. the sad thing is they did not even move a single word around and yet change the names i mean any one cheating in school knows you rewrite at least a little bit of it so you can’t just hold it up to the light and see its an exact copy.

  11. “Among the common mantras provided to the Israelis to justify the above is the following: “Israel accepted the UN partition plan, and Arabs did not, so what happened afterwards is their own fault”. What is conveniently overlooked is that Palestinian Arabs constituted between one third and one half of the population of that designated Jewish homeland (according to various UN reports). Why should these people, whose ancestors lived there for generations, accept living in somebody else’s designated homeland? Imagine, for example, the reaction of French Belgians if their country were designated as a “Flemish homeland” by the UN.”

    1. “Israel accepted the UN partition plan and the Arabs did not”,,,, ergo, the Jews are “good” and the Arabs are “bad”,,, well, not so fast,,,

      Why wouldn’t the Jewish immigrant / settlers (Israel itself did not actually exist at this time) accept the deal. They were being given 55% of Palestine. Say you own a nice 100 acre piece of property and I come along and someone (a third party) “offers” to give me 55 acres of your land. WHY WOULDN’T I “accept” the offer?

  12. “In a February 2006 interview with the Washington Post, Haniyeh dispelled many of the lies circulating in the western media about Hamas. He said that he wanted to see an end the “vicious cycle of violence” and vehemently denied the claim that “Hamas is committed to destroying Israel”. He said, “We do not have any feelings of animosity toward Jews. We do not wish to throw them into the sea. All we seek is to be given our land back, not to harm anybody….We are not war seekers nor are we war initiators. We are not lovers of blood. We are oppressed people with rights.”

    Wa Post: “Would Hamas recognize Israel if it were to withdraw to the ’67 borders?”

    Haniyeh: “If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish peace in stages… We will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people.

    Wa Post: “Do you recognize Israel’s right to exist?”

    Haniyeh: “The answer is to let Israel say it will recognize a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, release the prisoners and recognize the rights of the refugees to return to Israel. Hamas will have a position if this occurs.”

    Wa Post: “Will you recognize Israel?”

    Haniyeh: “If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognize them.”

    Haniyeh’s answers are straightforward and rational. He asked for nothing that isn’t already required under existing United Nations resolutions; a return to the 1967 borders, basic human rights, and settlement of the final status issues. An agreement could be facilitated tomorrow if Israel was willing to conform to international law. Instead, Israel has chosen to invade Gaza. For 60 years it has employed the same failed strategy.

    Haniyeh again:

    “Israel’s unilateral movements of the past year will not lead to peace. These acts — the temporary withdrawal of forces from Gaza, the walling off of the West Bank — are not strides toward resolution but empty, symbolic acts that fail to address the underlying conflict. Israel’s nearly complete control over the lives of Palestinians is never in doubt, as confirmed by the humanitarian and economic suffering of the Palestinians since the January elections.”

    “We want what Americans enjoy — democratic rights, economic sovereignty and justice. We thought our pride in conducting the fairest elections in the Arab world might resonate with the United States and its citizens. Instead, our new government was met from the very beginning by acts of explicit, declared sabotage by the White House. Now this aggression continues against 3.9 million civilians living in the world’s largest prison camps. America’s complacency in the face of these war crimes is, as usual, embedded in the coded rhetorical green light: “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

  13. It amazes me that the FBI and Jutice department, Scotland Yard, or even the local police have not gone after these semi-secret zionist organizations that have used technologies in inherent in MEGAPHONE, or, or, text messaging, etc…to organize participants in criminal activities such as this. It is organized crime; and, in this country, ostensibly one could use the RICO laws to go after these people.

    Further, it could argued that it is treason. Treason to use these mobbing, focusing, organizing technologies. These mobbing activities, have been used to harass and intimidate people and organizations. It is treason for this “war on terror” contrivance certainly has not benefited the United States, only Israel. It could be argued, and substanitated with much evidence that, since 911, this war we have been fighting for Israel has destroyed America…it’s economy, its military, its constitution, its people; and pursuing this agenda, using these techniques to aid a foreign power, is treason for these forces have acted to destroy our country.

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