Pity for a Constitution Stomper?

Congresswoman Jane Harman is indignant. A National Security Agency wiretap reportedly picked up her conversation seeking favors from a suspected Israeli agent in return for Harman lobbying the Justice Department to drop the lawsuit against AIPAC’s former top officials.

Harman denies the charge and swears that her good name has been defiled. (Har!). Harman sent a letter today to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to release the transcripts of some of her NSA-tapped phone calls and to “investigate possible wiretapping of other Members of Congress and ‘selective leaks of investigative material which can be used for political purposes.’”

Harman was a champion of illegal wiretaps on average Americans. She even urged the New York Times not to publish its original expose on Bush’s massive domestic warrantless wiretaps, and she suggested that the New York Times should be prosecuted when they did finally uncork the story.

Jeff Stein’s superb CQ article on Sunday revealed that Attorney General Gonzales had rebuffed proposals to prosecute Harman after the wiretpped conversations in part because Harman became a vigorous cheerleader for Bush’s destruction of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable, warrantless searches.

The feds should release the records of Harman’s phone calls (at her request) – and all the other evidence regarding members of Congress, White House and other exeuctive branch officials, lobbyists, and other insider players who have sought to pull strings to squelch the trial of AIPAC’s former leaders.

22 thoughts on “Pity for a Constitution Stomper?”

  1. The feds should release the records of Harman’s phone calls (at her request) – and all the other evidence regarding members of Congress, White House and other exeuctive branch officials, lobbyists, and other insider players who have sought to pull strings to squelch the trial of AIPAC’s former leaders.

    Oh James you are such a kidder. We all know that’s as likely to happen as…well as the US becoming an honest broker in the middle east.

  2. There is no lightpole too high, nor no rope too long from which to hang the traitors who defile this nation with their very presence.

  3. Just publish all congressional wiretaps, not only the ones related to AIPAC.

    Lester Ness

    1. Damn straight. That way we can see what the members of the “Parliament of Whores” are up to.

      Piss on Jane Harman. She was trying to help out her AIPAC buddies, in return for favors from an Israeli agent. Of course, she’s always been under the thumb of the Israel Lobby. (By the way, Jane: You’re a big supporter of government surveillance, in all its myriad forms. As your own wiretap(s) demonstrate, you’d better be careful what you wish for–you just might get it!)

  4. What’s ironic is that she’s protesting this wiretap as a breach of her civil liberties, even though the wiretap was conducted with authorization duly obtained from a FISA court, and she herself supported the Bush administration’s claim that it had the right to conduct wiretaps even *without* obtaining a FISA authorization.

    One law for the “chosen”, another for the rest of us….

  5. Harman is the product of a confused, self-righteous, elitist and totally corrupt generation of politicians who cannot keep track of their self-conflicting rants on a daily basis. She should be removed from office immediately and deported to the country of her affection. And while she’s at it, get a nose job. Whatta beak!!

  6. George Orwell:

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

    Benjamin Franklin :

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

  7. Harmon another traitor, she should be waterboarded. Then maybe she will confess. Now they are going to let the AIPAC spies off. Will there ever be justice for thes people.

      1. What kind of viper, seeks and accepts a position of great trust and power in a country and then feels perfectly justified in betraying that country in favor of her ethnic group identity? Better question – what kind of country condones that?

  8. “Muslim and Arab American groups are also upset with the FBI’s decision to allegedly place an ex-convict as an informant in the Muslim American Community in Orange County, California.

    The informant posed as a new convert to Islam and reportedly espoused terrorist ideology to several members of the Islamic Center of Irvine. That prompted two members of the mosque, including a man named Ahmadullah Sais Niazi, to report the informant’s inflammatory statements to the FBI and ask for a restraining order against him.

    FBI officials then began investigating Mr. Niazi and asked him to become an informant, according to the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections, which has formally filed a complaint with the FBI. When Niazi refused, an agent told him he’d make his life “a living hell.” Niazi has since been arrested and charged with making false statements to gain his citizenship and failing to disclose that his sister is married to an Al Qaeda operative, according to court documents.”


  9. Parliamentary means of trying to place a floor beneath the bottomless moral sewer this country and culture has become are an absolute waste of time. And there will be no end to the descent until demonstrations and strikes result in the evisceration of the prevailing system and the trial and sentencing of each and every serving lobbyist and political office holder going back over four generations. And while we wait, let the “shovel ready” projects of the new stimulus package include the construction of a barbedwire concentration camp large enough to house all of these reptiles.

  10. John, FEMA has already built the camps. How convenient! Sometimes I wonder if these people were, in effect, “digging their own grave”, so to speak. You’ve got the wiretap of her damning conversation, thanks to a bill she supported, and you’ve got a ready prison camp to send her to once she’s convicted, also what she voted to support.

    How appropriate.

  11. I live about a two hour drive from one of these “camps” it’s pretty scary stuff. Full sized guard towers and concentina wire etc. It’s definately a setup for holding a large amount of people. Why is this going on? There are lots of rumers going around but no official statements are ever given.


  12. And explain to me exactly why is Jim Traficant in jail on what type of charges ??

    This lady should be given a one way ticket to Gitmo. Friggin traitor.

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