Remember Fallujah?

Friday on Antiwar Radio I’ll be talking with Mark Manning whose award-winning film “The Road to Fallujah,” about his travel there just after the massacre of November, 2004, recently premiered. (2-4 eastern.)

It is a great film and should be a great interview as well.

(The best part about watching films like this noticing how little American TV portrays what it is like for those left alive in the country they helped destroy.)

Author: Scott Horton

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29 thoughts on “Remember Fallujah?”

  1. Nazi Anglo-American Terrorist Organization is creating FallujaS in different parts of the globe on a daily basis.

  2. Fallujah, one of the “trophys” of Empire. And the Iraqis love us for “saving” them.

  3. But 9/11 changed everything,and remember over 2000 Americans were killed so what few thousands Arabs or Muslims or hunderds of thousands of them die in our quest to avange those who died on 9/11.Kill them all and let God sort them out after all the only good “ayrab’is dead ‘ayrab’.

    1. Sure makes me wonder what this scared brainwashed kid thinks now. I wonder what he did when he found out it was all a lie. Did he cry out in frustration or stick his fingers in his ears and go LaLaLaLaLa, I hear nothing, I see nothing etc? Yet another sad demonstration of what we have done to our youth.


    2. I wonder if Seiler has smartened up since 2003 and realized that if he wants payback for 9/11, he’ll need to start looking for the perps in Tel Aviv, DC, and Langley, right where they’ve always been.

    3. Except that the Iraqis DIDN’T do anything to him and the boys. Just another foolish misguided youth who thinks he’s defending America when he signs up.

  4. According to recent studies (by indepdendent groups) the MAJORITY of civilian deaths in Iraq were not caused by the US Military or by US Bombing but were caused by SECTARIAN violence. (ie the Shia attacking the Sunni and vice versa)

    1. Tim R. are you really that ignorant or just putting us on? All of the deaths whether they came from our bombs or thiers are a direct result of our actions. We started this BS way back when we put Saddam in power and with every action we have taken sense then. But we all know you don’t care anyway. Your just trying to justify the occupation and covering your bigotry towards anyone who you feel threatens your holy Isreal. Your a complete and total bigot and you have shown it with every post you have written. Sorry Tim but the Jews are people just like the rest of us and have no more “Right” to existance than anyone else. Keep up the good work you AIPAC shill.


    2. That may, or may not, be true, but your comment is disingenuous at best. The sectarian fighting began AFTER AND AS A CONSEQUENCE of the American invasion.

      1. Andy, you are right about that. The sectarian violence did start after and as a consequence of the invasion. I suppose after decades of brutal repression by an evil dictator and his evil cohorts, people began letting out their anger (not to justify it but that is probably what happend. So yes, thousands of people died becasue of this sectarian violence. And that is tragic. And it is as much a result of the decades of brutal persecution by Saddam Hussein as anything else.

        So yes thousands of innocent people may have died.

        And MILLIONS of innocent people now are free of the yoke of tyranny. They have tasted freedom for the first time. They can vote. They can elect their leaders. An evil tyrant and his band of henchmen have been removed and the country is now moving towards freedom and democracy.

        1. “There is a tacitly racist assumption operating here. The Iraqi people are depicted as murderous by nature. It is suggested they would love to kill each other if it weren’t for the benevolent, civilised order being bestowed on the country by the US. Every part of this equation is completely wrong.

          Firstly, it is Western leaders who seem to be the inherently murderous ones. The brutal occupation follows a decade-long sanctions regime that caused a million deaths since the last US war on Iraq in 1991. This has devastated the Iraqi economy, destroyed much of Iraqi civil society, and created a situation where criminal elements can manufacture a power base using sectarian garb to grab a share of the wealth.”

        2. Yeah sure Tim, anything you say. You just can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And if those dumb AY-RABS aren’t smart enough to appreciate all that Americans are doing for them, then so what. Except…except..that the people of Iraq didn’t ask Bush and his neocon cronies to give them this alleged “freedom”..didn’t ask to be human guinea pigs in a massive political social engineering experiment gone disastrously wrong – and the American people were not told they were invading Iraq to make it “free” but because of weapons of mass destruction, except there were no such WMD. Everything you say is just rationalization and self-deception. The biggest lie is lying to yourself. You probably don’t even have the self-awareness to appreciate the underlying arrogance and supremacist nature of your thinking.

        3. Must…not…reply to Tim’s latest stupidity. Can’t let…provocateur…make me…respond.

  5. As usuall the anonymous source!

    SECTARIAN violence !the old divide and conquer,or the Salvador Option.Then again,the US never considered the number of Iraqis killed by its forces worth even counting,and brutal sanctions did not kill hunderd of thousands of Iraqi children ,it was malnutration,unclean water,and depletd uranium !

  6. More Iraqi Civilians Killed by US Forces Than By Insurgents, Data Shows

    “Iraqi officials said about two-thirds of the Iraqi deaths were caused by multinational forces and police; the remaining third died from insurgent attacks. The ministry began separating attacks by multinational and police forces and insurgents June 10.”

  7. Indeed there is strong sentiment in Iraq that the occupying forces are sponsoring much of this so-called sectarian violence. For one thing, it is widely accepted that the US has supported the Badr Brigades, a Shiite death squad run out of the Interior Ministry. The policy of using death squads to murder insurgents is known as the “Salvadorian Option”. The US pioneered this strategy during its intervention in the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s.

    Western media discourse that overemphasises sectarian tendencies among Iraqis is part of a sick game of blaming the victim. The US occupation is the cause of the violence in Iraq, and the notion that the US military can makes things better is an extremely dangerous fantasy.

  8. Fallujah. Who could forget! American heroes de rigeur. Killing six thousand in revenge for the burning of four dead mercenaries and hanging them from a bridge. The only consolation is that those murderers are or will be back in America enriching the American culture even further!

    1. Don’t assume that all Joe’s will come back as ignorant as when they left. Most will come back with at least a little education regarding the lies they were told. If we ever do have a revolution it will be led by pissed off vets. We do have an almost complete lack of empathy, but it’s mostly led by armchair warriors not the kids who were used and abused.


  9. Poor Fallujah, poor Iraqis, damn mercenary scum..Yeah, I remember. I remember our troops with their armored personnel carriers, tanks, body armor and air support up the wahoo calling the Iraqi patriots ” cowards”..

  10. So yes thousands of innocent people may have died?!

    (may have died)!And what price democracy? Forgotten are WMDs etc.

    “It is important to mention that Maliki, a U.S. puppet par excellence, acts only as told. After the January 2005 elections, the government that came into power had chosen Ibrahim al-Jaafari as its prime minister. When Jaafari refused to toe the U.S./UK line, Condoleezza Rice and her UK counterpart Jack Straw flew to Baghdad, and before their short trip ended Jaafari was out and Maliki was in as prime minister.”

  11. Robert Fisk’s World: Right to the very end in Iraq, our masters denied us the truth

    The sentence ‘millions of Iraqis now live free of oppression’ is pure public relations

    “I’m also sure that this is a standard “reply sheet”, sent out to all dissenting English people. The sentence “millions of Iraqis now live free of Saddam’s oppression and have control of their own destiny” is pure public relations – not least because it fails to mention that up to a million Iraqis have not been able to control their own destiny since 2003 because they happen to be dead as a result of our invasion.”

    If else fails democracy would be as usual the last refuge of scoundrels.

  12. “They have tasted freedom for the first time. They can vote. They can elect their leaders. An evil tyrant and his band of henchmen have been removed and the country is now moving towards freedom and democracy.”

    In Iraq now there are over 20000 prisoners in several newly US built prisons .These prisoners are subjected to many types of severe torture ,and many have died while in the USA costdey.There about 5 million Iraqis living abroad as refugees afraid to return to Iraq.They are not free of fear.

    There is no freedom or democracy under occupation,no matter how the occupiers try to paint such a rosy pictuers to fool people back home.

    The moment the current government in Iraq start to realy act independent of the US,or try to assert any true sovereignty over the affairs of Iraq ,the US will quickly engineer a coup and bring another puppet goevrnment to take its place.Only people who labor under the delusion that the US is realy interested in promoting democracy would believe in such utter nonsense.

    1. Didn’t the Palestinians have free elections and vote for Hamas? Then Bush refused to have anything to do with them. So much for Bush and his “freedom” agenda.

      1. Gaza and people of Gaza have ever since been under the most inhuman blockade and war for that election.

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