Supreme Court Justice Aids Torture Coverup

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg approved an Obama administration request to have an additional 30 days to submit their appeal to justify suppressing the photos of US troops torturing detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan. The administration can now dally until July 9 before submitting their brief arguing their case.

This is simply one more layer of BS atop of all the government excuses that have piled up since May 2004. Ginsburg’s order is a green light for the government to continue playing games and concocting excuses not to disclose the hard evidence of U.S. war crimes.

The SCOTUS Blog notes: “President Obama and his aides are pursuing two paths for trying to overturn that disclosure order: first, they are seeking action by Congress to amend the FOIA to bar the release; if that does not succeed, they plan to ask the Supreme Court to overturn the Circuit Court decision…. The Ginsburg delay order gives Congress more time to act. The Senate has passed a measure to block the photos’ disclosure, and the two houses are expected to work on the issue early this month.”

The torture scandal continues revealing the sham that there are any checks and balances to restrain our rulers from seizing and abusing absolute power.

18 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Aids Torture Coverup”

  1. Any notion of a judicial check became a cruel joke after FDR’s cynical court packing scheme in the 30’s. It’s been all downhill from there, with the SCOTUS being little more than a rubber stamp for every executive power grab since.

  2. The release of these torture photos would help to illustrate the brutality of our heinous government and military. Anyone who murders, plunders, rapes, occupies, and oppresses on behalf of our evil empire deserves to be executed for violating man’s natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

  3. The photags must surely be the icing on that torture cake. They WILL get leaked sooner or later. Ginsburg must realize that. Hmmm, maybe she is that stupid.

    1. The photags must surely be the icing on that torture cake. They WILL get leaked sooner or later.

      Yes indeed, and let us pray that a whole lot of other things trickle out of the federal concealed information cesspool along with them, courtesy of some conscientious federal “employees” who have had enough of the criminality.

    2. how dare you , sir mam whatever accuse the cowardly of being not intelligent or even worse,uh,unpopular,thair they are working feverishly to rationalize the events allready occurred and you mam sir whatever have the unmittagatted audacity to pretend a right when this really doesn’t even concern “you at all,(can’t ya see were trying to finish our divinly inspired werk here)it’s just to be exspected that people are being murdered in the name of democracy,freedom and justice,,,but not capitalism OK blame it all on judas preist or jesus christ but god man or whatever just stay outta harms way,stability it’s just a tyranny away,how does all this chaos keep messing with represenative change,i guess ya’d have to be a specialist to see it from somewhair else than in yer own eyes

  4. Well then, it’s a good thing the debate over Sotomayor is focused on issues such as this and not focused on divide and conquer wedge issues……….

  5. Ginsberg typical Israeli loving liberal. The whole torture regime comes from the Israeli’s. It has been a disaster for us and only makes more terrorists.

  6. Dear Barry,

    Take all the time you need. We wish you well in your attempt at subverting the First Amendment. But please realize that if you do need us to finally render a decision, you can be sure that we will do whatever we can to come to a ruling that you would like. What’s that saying, once a sycophant always a sycophant? Hahaha!



  7. Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that the only alternative to holding some suspected terrorists indefinitely would be to execute them, arguing against the Obama administration’s plans to close the Guantanamo detainee prison.

    “If you’re going to be engaged in a world conflict such as we are, such as the global war on terrorism, if you don’t have a place where you can hold these people, your only other option is to kill them,” Mr. Cheney said.

    “And we don’t operate that way.” !!!!?

    Welcome to the Mondo Cane!

  8. Like her no doubt buddy Alan Dershowitz, Ginsberg’s ‘liberalism’ stops, as the New Repubic owner put it “at the kosher deli door” – I do not doubt one reason is a strong israeli connection will emerge-

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