Today ACORN, Tomorrow … Lockheed Martin? Northrop Grumman?

Not much can top a federally-funded ACORN associate telling a (supposed) prostitute how she can launder her income — on camera. Except for maybe this:


or this:


Those are guards from the federally-funded ArmorGroup, which has a $184 million contract to protect our embassy in Afghanistan. When these photos emerged from a FOIA request by the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), ArmorGroup fired 14 guards for a whole host of inappropriate, and perhaps even illegal activities. Subsequent reports indicate that the guards may have even been involved in running a prostitution ring.

According to Ryan Grim over at Huffington Post, the ironies have not been lost on Democratic lawmakers who have been whipsawed in recent days by legislation passed by the House and Senate to punish ACORN. The  House bill , however, would in essence de-fund any federally-funded organization guilty of a wide range of ethical and legal violations, including fraud. That, according to POGO, would apply not only to ACORN, but to possibly the ArmorGroup, and a long line of federal defense contractors, including tip-toppers like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. So far, they have identified 87 cases of fraud among 43 contractors.  Here’s the list — have fun.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the double-standard of the treatment of ACORN and that given to fraudulent military contractors. I don't argue that ACORN should be forgiven, but it's transgressions are relatively minor compared to the billions of dollars that KBR and others steal or the innocent people killed by Blackwater. The difference is that ACORN exists to help the poor while the military contractors are politically connected and make big campaign contributions.

  2. ACORN exists to further the careers of politically connected Democrats. Just because they claim to be helping the poor doesn't mean they do. At best, they use the poor as a political football. At worst, they exploit them to further their own narrow political goals.

    Next you'll be saying LBJ was trying to end poverty.

    1. Well, to address your snide remark at the end of your post, the US poverty rate in 1963 was about 20%, but it had already dropped 2 or 3 points over the prior few years. Ten years later it leveled out at 11%. It is about 13% or 14% now. Those are just the facts. There would be less poverty in this country if our manufacturing base didn't move to Asia.

      As for ACORN, I know very little about their operations so I won't address those comments.

    2. Another thing, (I've been learning more) their "narrow political goals" have been to get the minimum wage raised (that would help poor people, wouldn't it?) and to register more people (especially among the poor) to vote. Further, there is not one case of voter fraud related to ACORN's efforts. It was ACORN that reported problems with its registration efforts and ferreted out phony registrations. ACORN is politically non-partisan. It just happens to be that the people they help tend to vote more often for Democrats because the Republicans represent wealthy corporate interests.

      Ball, you are either badly informed or a Republican partisan.

  3. Have the contractors sent Obama a letter yet?

    De-funding contractors could potentially jeopardize future torture sessions. We have to support those that support those that torture.

  4. Sure is comforting to know that my working 12 hour days and having 40% of my paycheck taken off the top is paying off for defenders of freedom half a world away. For a minute there I thought our Middle East wars were a waste of lives and treasure. Thanks for setting me straight!

  5. Interesting to see that has no compunction about prostituting itself for a buck; the lead ad over the article is for Boeing tankers that will refuel the US bomber fleet, enabling the slaughter or more millions, go antiwar. Off to the right are some war-contract opportunities. Go antiwar, sell your soul to the highest bidder.

    1. That is an automatic Google ad that must've been overlooked. I'll contact Angela to have it blocked, that way so as to preserve the intactitute of our souls.

      Boeing, go bankrupt!

      –Scott Horton

  6. Wow. I'd sure feel safe at that embassy with those idiots guarding me. I've seen more maturity from drunken frat boys celebrating a football game.

  7. I hope you have been paying attention to the efforts by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) to apply the recently passed Defund ACORN Act to all other organizations that have defrauded the government. Their list of 43 corporations are a who's who in the military-industrial complex.

    They are citing a part of the bill that targets "organizations" that submit fraudulent forms to the government. (What Boehner had in mind when he submitted his unintentionally broadly worded legislation were the phony voter registration forms submitted by ACORN, even though it was ACORN that responsibly reported and identified the fraudulent registrations.)

  8. the only way out of this Military Industrial Complex gulag isn’t in the fake courts of so called ‘law’, but in the hands of We The People, armed and ready to abolish this charade and elect a new, Rule Of Law government in it’s place.

  9. I do think ACORN should be punished for one thing – being too stupid to see through the ridiculous “pimp” outfit that little conservative activist was wearing. And his friend, “Muffin”, looked like a private school teenager dressing like a whore for a costume party. Overall, they looked like the Captain and Tenille. If ACORN personnel are naive enough to buy the stunt, they have no business giving tax advice.

  10. I agree with this, first time I heard that type of news.Please share more info.After wards, I can put more points and views in front of everyone.

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