Karzai Gets 2nd Chance to Steal Election

So what am I missing in Afghanistan?

Isn’t this like a really dumb bank robber being caught in the act (stealing almost a million votes) – and then – instead of booking him on charges, being given another chance to rob the same bank?

The U.S. government and NATO are going to let Karzai take another swing at the ballot boxes. Why? To see if he became a smarter vote thief since August?

6 thoughts on “Karzai Gets 2nd Chance to Steal Election”

  1. A damn good analogy, Mr. Bovard. That U.S.-propped-up scumbag Karzai is being given a second chance to rob the bank, as it were.

    Get the hell out of Afghanistan.

  2. Bush stole the election with the support of his budies.Bribes in the US are called political campaign contributions.Most of the US population feel secrewed by greedy politicians who only listen to the lobbiests(war-lords).I do not see much difference here or there!

  3. Here is one Dictator that the US is fond of and has supported for so long!

    Tunisia’s Ben Ali set for 5th five-year term

    “The campaign offered timid gestures toward the opposition in this tourist haven that is allied with the the United States and Europe but criticized by human rights groups for not following through on pledges to liberalize.

    Ben Ali, at 73 running for a fifth five-year term, set the tone for voting day by taking the unusual step of going on national television late Saturday to attack any Tunisian who suggests the elections are unbalanced or fraudulent. The campaign formally ended Friday.”

  4. You're not missing anything. The bank robber was hired by the people who are currently running the bank, so of course they're not going to press charges against him. That's the point–to rob the bank. I guess they could be a little more subtle about it, though.

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