Blair Lied, Thousands Died

You’re a liar and murderer, say protesters in Britain.

More details here also. Although I often criticize soldiers for participating in the war in Iraq, I believe Blair and Bush are the chief war criminals.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

19 thoughts on “Blair Lied, Thousands Died”

    1. you are fucking worthless pig, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marines. Why don't you take a trip there sometimes and see if you feel the same way. Yeah, that is what I thought bitch. Go to your safe home tonight, lay in your soft ass bed, and fuck your fat ass slut of a wife because tonight my brothers and I will spill blood to protect your goddamn liberties. Fuckin Americans are pussies these days, fuck

      1. We are protecting our liberties. You are protecting the governement that is taking away our liberties. Educate youself on what our government has been doing to the citizens.

      2. You are either part of the military industrial complex that dwight david eisenhower warned us about or you are not part of the military industrial complex.

      3. It is easy to spill blood. The trick is to spill the blood of the guilty and not the innocent.

      4. I don't take any offense to your words Keith. I know how much propaganda the U.S. military drills into the heads of its members. Where were the weapons of mass destruction? You know, the reason we attacked Iraq in the first place? Doesn't that trouble you that you went to war for a lie? Believe me, you are NOT fighting for my liberties, whatever the military would so desperately like for you to believe otherwise.

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  1. Yes, Blair lied the British people into a war that caused hundreds of thousands of innocents to be maimed and murdered. And the British people are rightfully holding his feet to the fire for his part in that crime against humanity. But he was just following the lead of Bush and Cheney who were even worse! Where is the outrage in America? For years now, Americans have stood by and silently watched as our despotic political-military-banking-corporate ruling establishment has systematically destroyed the principles of constitutional government, our economy, our standard of living and our god-given liberties. Yet we hardly hear a peep of protest from the American people. Shame on us! We have squandered the blessings of liberty and prosperity that God and our forebears bequeathed to us. We deserve that wretched fate that will surely be ours. God forgive us for betraying the blood of our founding fathers and for not demanding that murderers be brought to justice.

    1. Blair didnt just lie to the british people. At a very critical time in bush's credibility on the iraq war , tony blair held a news conference for the american public and he lied to us as well. Many americans who held very little credibility for george bush thought that surely tony blair would not lie to us. But he did. In fact, tony blair I now believe is a much more sophisticated lier than bush.

    2. It boggles my mind that my generation, a generation that lived through the lies our government told us about how communism would spread like wildfire if South Vietnam lost to the North, has let the same thing happen again. What is worse, as you pointed out, it was done with barely a whisper of protest from the American people. Now, the Empire of the United States has progressed to a point where it is probably impossible to stop unless China stops financing the continuous wars from which our elite class profits. They will do anything, including turning our, now their, military inward against it's own citizens. The mainstream media certainly shares some blame for the endless government propaganda they spew out daily, but American citizens are the primary culprits because they, on the whole, are just plain dumb. They have no clue what they are throwing away in their support of a crooked government.

      1. I cannot disagree with anything you said. I weep for my country. I weep for my fellow Americans.

  2. If only, as in days of old, The King/President/Prime Minister of a Country ordering his troops to attack another country was required to LEAD his troops into the battle zone , none of this would happen.
    Our current day Leaders are cowards and criminals who would not place themselves in harms way . The ONLY reason they go to war is so that they and their cronies can profit from the death and destruction they create.

  3. 9-11 turned your country into Fourth Reich and the change will come when they exhaust the means to finance occupations/conquest/theft of resources or the nuclear exchange with Russia or China with whom Anglo-American alliance of terror is at war with as well.

  4. Some of the Viet Nam Anti-War people came out after 9/11, but they didn´t make the 6 o-clock news. The one thing the American Goverment lear´d from Viet Nam was "Don´t Use Draftees".
    In this International Police Action, (war is men fighting, not crazies in camoflage fatiuges running amuck) ALL ARE GUILTY! simply because we let it happen.
    We´v forgotten Buffy St Maria´s Universal Soldier, "no soldiers,no wars"
    As in Sir Ridley Scotts film Kingdom Of Heave, "men of power may move you, but the soul is in your keeping, when you stand before God you cannot say I was told by others to due thus, or that virtue had no place at the time"
    As för the Bushes, Blairs, Hittlers & Stalins of the world:
    Even before God or the Devil they will thump their chest and stand tall justifing themselves.

    1. I just noticed your reference to the movie Kingdom of Heaven. I am so glad you reminded me of that film. I think that film is a very good film in very many ways. I suspect that you do to. I may go rent that movie soon just to view it again!

    2. Your right. The only real thing Washington took away from Vietnam was to get rid of the draft.

    1. You're right about that. 911 did change everything. It is the day the American republic died. Facisim (corporatisim) replaced it. And it is only going to get worse.

  5. Tony "Prag" Blair is merely the latest poster child for the completely owned and soulless thralls that have allowed themselves to become enslaved by the Amerikan Empire. If Blair hadn't been the Bushtard's key foreign collaborator, some other "prag" from the House of Commons would have taken his place. In other words, Blair is just one of several hundred, if not several thousand opportunistic criminals who willingly sell themselves and their compatriots out in order to savor the crumbs of power. Blair just happened to be in the (right?) place at the (right?) time.

    1. If Britain was smart it would distance itself from America. This "special relationship" nonsense doesn't serve British interests at all (it does get a lot of British soldiers killed though). Time to put away the sentimental WW2 bombast and become a modern European state.

  6. It is not a crime for the lords and masters to kill or send to be killed the untermenschen they see about them. After all, the state does own everything now, including the minds/bodies of its citizens to do with as it pleases.

    Crimes writ large have been perpetrated. I will not hold my breath for "justice".

  7. The war in Iraq is linked to the forced adoption of thousands of British children every year. Gibson Dunn and Crutcher, Lard Falconer. Contact Zoompads Blog for more details

  8. America has become a thoroughly corrupt country. Keith (above) is a good example of what passes for patriotism these days – an insane willingness to kill anyone who is perceived as a threat. And the basis of a threat consists of any objection to our invasion of their country for whatever damn reason we feel like. Just like the Bushido Japanese and the Nazis of WWII, we will eventually get our ass kicked. And the World will be a better place for a while.

  9. I feel sorry for Keith. It’s painful to hear truths like this spoken, that make bloody lies of cherished beliefs. But truth will out. We learned in Vietnam, and will learn in Iraq and Af-Pak, that Empire is not defense, and the corollary, that defense is not terrorism.

  10. Yes it is easy to feel sorry for Keith because his ignorance has caused him to do terrible things. But he is also very angry and it is not good to put an M-16 in the hands of an angry young man. Unfortunately his training included numerous falsehoods that are designed to incite anger and minimize the trauma associated with killing someone.
    This is all about inequality which currently allows one country with 5% of the worlds population to suck back 25% of the worlds resources.

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  12. Our current day Leaders are cowards and criminals who would not place themselves in harms way . The ONLY reason they go to war is so that they and their cronies can profit from the death and destruction they create. wedding partybus

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