India’s Most Delicious Weapon

One of my favorite subjects is the militarization of everything, from fashion trends to disaster aid. Now the Indian Army intends to weaponize the hottest chili pepper in the world.

The tiny “bhut jolokia,” or “ghost chili,” will be used to make nonlethal gas grenades to immobilize hiding suspects.

A scientist at India’s military R&D division said “[t]his is definitely going to be an effective nontoxic weapon because its pungent smell can choke terrorists and force them out of their hide-outs,” where they will then presumably be machine-gunned.

Thanks to Ivan Osorio at CEI for the tip.

9 thoughts on “India’s Most Delicious Weapon”

  1. Handling this and similar Mexican peppers many wear gloves. All one need do to see why is rub an eye unthinkingly after operating on such an item, even very carefully.

  2. One wonders if pouring raitha (indian yoghurt sauce) in the eyes will cool the burn as it does with their curries. By the way, avoid using the restroom with any pepper juice on your hands as well.

    Looks like Ghandi had a truly long-lasting effect on the Indians (not!).

  3. Chili sauce grenades? What next, bean bag projectiles and infra-red projectors for heating up the area? Next thing you know, Lagasse'll be in uniform.

    The protagonist of "The Grains of Paradise" had his own antidote for stifling pepper heat: bread.

  4. I'm told that Mexican police sometimes question suspects by putting some hot sauce in a bottle of soda pop, then shaking it up and squirting it up the suspect's nose. Maybe the next torment at Bagram?

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