Federal Judge: Bush Administration was Criminal Conspiracy

Federal judge Vaughn Walker ruled today that the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance program was illegal.

This has been obvious ever since the New York Times blew the lid off of the National Security Administration’s massive surveillance operation in late 2005. It is amazing that the issue is still open to dispute.

Unfortunately, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that busloads of White House, Justice Department, and National Security Administration officials will be going to jail for this crime.

17 thoughts on “Federal Judge: Bush Administration was Criminal Conspiracy”

  1. It's a first step, the "C" word opens doors in the court… Hearsay is allowed.. It ups the stakes… Probably allows racketeering prosecutions… Good for America, bad for the neocon cabal and their 911 gambit.

  2. My hearty compliments to Judge Vaughn, and piss on the “Justice” Department. (That place has very little to do with “justice.”)

  3. What’s new? We haven’t had a legitimate govenrment in the U.S.S.A. since November 22nd., 1963, so why is this a surprise? Every one of these slime who’ve been in office, including Carter (remember East Timor) have committed genocide, mass murder, and plunder for the CFR who OWNS THEM.

    it’s so tragic that Rule of Law is forever GONE in the Untitled Snakes. The nation is bereft of a soul, and certainly wouldn’t recognize a HIGH CRIME if it hit it on the freaking Capitol Dome, for damned sure.

    Under the new ‘puppet’ we’re with the same scumbag policies that have rendered this nation BANKRUPT and SINKING IN DEBT, and killing people indiscriminately to keep the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds in control of it all from their Tel Aviv offices.

  4. Can it be possible that our judiciary, after more than half a century of kissing one president's arse after another in obeisance to the "state secrets doctrine," is finally shaking off its deathbed lethargy? One swallow doth not a summer make, but even one might mean that winter's over.

    1. I doubt it Drain and it is so perplexing to me how the judiciary has let Americans down. One expects the legislative and executive branches to always be in search of more power. The judiciary was supposed to protect the citizens from these power grabs, but have failed miserably. I don't understand why.

    1. My first thought exactly. I have a nagging suspicion that Judge Walker will, at a minimum, soon find himself impeached on some form of "misconduct" charges that will suddenly rise up out of nowhere and that will get him thrown off the bench.

  5. Can't do nothing to him
    He never was the president
    If he was the 5 should be lined up and executed for treason
    I would claim not being the president
    Al Bushomma & Satan 2012

  6. The entire Bush administration was a criminal conspiracy. Lamentably, as Obama seems to be picking up its mantle, it now appears that the entire political power structure is irretrievably criminal and corrupt with almost zero interest,in or accountability to, the american people or our constitution. They serve only Wall Street, Boeing, AIG, AIPAC………..

    1. An obvious fact that, we can only hope and pray, will continue to dawn on more and more of the ever-somnolent masses.

      1. Have some mercy on them! 20% are unemployed, the rest trying avoid becoming unemployed, trying to pay off debts that looked logical a year ago, etc.

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