Don’t Repeal DADT

I like this theme, and have written about it here before, as has Justin Raimondo. Simply: the world isn’t made more just for gay people by inclusiveness being extended to history’s largest murder organization. Lesbians don’t have an equal right to kill. It’s not progressive to include transsexuals in the American project to garrison the globe. And so on. To promote this theme, and to culture-jam in general, I made a page on Facebook entitled Don’t Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which includes a few links to sympathetic essays. So far, it’s a few people I know and some other general military or christianist flunkies who don’t seem to have even glanced at the content. The description is clear:

“In the fight for equality, gay people now claim the right to join in our government’s pointless, counterproductive, and expensive wars. This page is for those who think the equal right to kill isn’t something worth fighting for.”

I invite those who agree to “Like” the page, join in the discussion, and make this a more well-known position. US-Liberal types embrace gays in the military automatically, unthinkingly — “gay” = “good.” But gays who kill for the state are killers like anyone else.

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