Government Lies Make Leaks Explosive

The Pentagon is caterwauling that the next round of WikiLeaks’ disclosures of US government documents will be even more damaging than the last round.

It is always touching to see the world’s most powerful military machine portray itself as a “pitiful, helpless giant” (the phrase Nixon used in his speech announcing his illegal invasion of Cambodia).

WikiLeaks is wreaking havoc primarily because the U.S. government has shoveled so much bilge on Afghanistan for the last 9 years.

The easiest way for the US government to reduce WikiLeaks’ impact is to disclose the truth at the time events occur.

But that is like asking a king to surrender his sovereign immunity….

5 thoughts on “Government Lies Make Leaks Explosive”

  1. "Dans la pensée et l'analyse politique, on n'a toujours pas coupé la tête du roi."

    Michel Foucault

  2. You said it James: End WikiLeaks by ending the lies. If our government was truthful then WikiLeaks could not exist.

    We need WikiLeaks to grow and expand to the point that all the governments of the world have their lies exposed to the world. Democracy requires transparency, and WikiLeaks is giving us more of both.

  3. If Orwell and Goebbels sat down together to write the most sinister, machiavellian, and downright twisted plot for a new novel, they'd be hard pressed to top the narrative of our current times.

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