Worth It for Whom?

In his forthcoming new book, former war criminal secretary Donald Rumsfeld says that the war in Iraq has been worth the cost. If only we sent more troops to their death, says Rumsfeld, then it might have helped. Worth the cost for whom? Helped whom?

Was the debacle in Iraq worth it to the thousands of U.S. soldiers who died for a lie and in vain? Was it worth it to U.S. soldiers who suffer from mental and physical agony? Was it worth it to the families of dead American soldiers who still suffer from their loss? Was it worth it to the U.S. taxpayers? Was it worth it to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who would still be alive under Saddam Hussein? (yes, of course, Saddam was evil).

It might have been worth it to Bush so he could be a war president like FDR, Truman, Lincoln, and the rest. It might have been worth it to Rumsfeld so he could be famous and write this book. It might have worth it to military officers who moved up in the ranks and didn’t have to do any actual fighting. I don’t know who else would think the war was worth it.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

19 thoughts on “Worth It for Whom?”

  1. It was worth it for the neocons and the Likud Party. Then again, they didn't have to do any fighting either. The war was good for security firms and defense contractors. It was good for Larry Krudlow and his beloved stock market. Finally, it was good for the cretins known as "christian" Zionists. Like "liberals", they too can stand in from of the mirror and say to themselves "I'm a good person. I care," forgetting that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (at least in their eyes, that is).

  2. Ditto to Laurence Vance . BTW rob payne , ANY deaths of Iraqi children , ALLEGEDLY by the use of sanctions …is pure B.S. /Saddams sole responsibility for any deaths of children , "blamed on the UN sanctions" , is undeniable .Because Saddam chose to further abuse his own people , and many imbeciles and lackeys believed it was the sanctions , is but another sad epitaph to his evil reign .

  3. It was WORTH IT for the "right" people, who not uncoincidentally didn't do ANY of the actual fighting. I don't have any sympathy for the U.S. troops. THEY CHOSE to sign up. They enable people like Mr. Rumsfeld.

  4. IMO, in Iraq now it is much worse than it was under Sadam Hussein.
    Obviously people in the US never had to endure an occupation by a foreign power who claims
    to be culturally better. Even though Sadam was a gruel dictator, it was somebody from their own background. Due to secret treaties, even we in Germany cannot get rid of our ocupiers, now 70 years after WWII.

    1. "Due to secret treaties, even we in Germany cannot get rid of our occupiers, now 70 years after WWII."
      Occupiers do not sign nor have "treaties" with conquered Nations/States, rather they impose their conditions of enslavement and decide the length of a leash. for its subjects

    2. Yo, Wolfgang, How does that secret treaty thing work? I mean really, how do you keep a "treaty" or its terms secret, in an advanced, top-of-the-line first world power, now 65 years after the end of ww2, and twenty-some years since "the wall" came down?

      I'm not necessarily saying it ain't so, cause it seems somewhat plausible, I'm just asking for some clarification.

      1. Ha, ha, the German government wants the American troops there. We pay them big bucks, it helps the local economies of the towns near the US installations, and we subsidize their defense. It is the US taxpayer that is the giant stooge!

        1. Aggie; Italy, too.

          Now things may have changed – but when I was in Italy in the 70s the Italian supervisor/liaison/head honcho told me part of the basing agreement was SHOULD Uncle Sam close any installation in Italy then the laid-off Italian workers would still receive their complete salaries through to what would have been their retirement date.

  5. These same people are now doing outmost to sabotage the Egyptian people upraising because they serve them or the interests of the state of Israel

  6. I don’t know who else would think the war was worth it.

    How about the warvangelical "Christians" who see it as a preliminary battle to the Armageddon they're so anxiously awaiting.

  7. It must be worth to all those who have stickers on their cars.Such as this with these two stickers:

    1-Choose life
    2-Support our troops.

    Choose life indeed.

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