Let the Meddling Begin Anew!

Most of the world wanted Obama and Clinton and especially Biden to just shut up as Egypt’s popular revolution played out. The revolution, having succeeded in forcing out the main figure in just 18 days of peaceful protest, goes on, and will likely be carried into the oligarch- and military-tied bureaucracies and other workplaces in the coming weeks. But even as Egyptians have barely begun to enjoy their hope and change, the Obama administration is already preparing to coopt and, if successful, probably ruin this grassroots movement.

In a piece couched as Obama wagging his finger at Egypt’s military establishment, the NY Times buries the real lede:

“…the White House and the State Department were already discussing setting aside new funds to bolster the rise of secular political parties.”

I don’t think it’s necessary in this venue to go into the pathetic history of the spectacular failures of this sort of intervention — from Hamas to al-Qaeda and beyond, the evidence is a mountain if you would only look at it. And the stupidity of the Muslim Brotherhood boogeyman has been debunked everywhere.

It seems Washington is just pathologically incapable of leaving people in peace, domestic or foreign.

But this isn’t all. The president is quoted right after this “aid” announcement, a statement of breathtaking hubris.

“Mr. Obama promised ‘whatever assistance is necessary’ to pursue a ‘credible transition to a democracy.'”

Mr. Obama, do you know what “credible” means? If you had any clue, you’d know it’s not American-funded and probably -created political parties in a country already smarting from decades of American support for its powerful oppressors.

Really, can you all just please shut up and lay off? Can Egyptians have at least a little break, just to catch their breath, from US intervention in their country? At least give them that.

24 thoughts on “Let the Meddling Begin Anew!”

    1. The USG/MIC, Mafia Industrial Complex, is co-dependent and dysfunctional, in that it keeps making the problems and/or creating problem for others it's won problems. This is also the definition of co-dependency a mental, emotional, spiritual illness. The entire USG should be forced to attend Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings daily for 2 years. It may not cure them but it may prevent the USG from having the time to meddle/create in the problems of others to waste taxpayers $trillion's although the Corporations that profit on the murdering of others would protest and then proceed to bribe the USG/MIC revert back to being C0-dependency insane.

  1. Saint Barack O-Bomb-a The Blessed should back the hell off and let the Egyptian people sort things out. It's their country, after all.

    What's vital is that the new government put Egypt's needs first and foremost. Egypt must not be a vassal state of the U.S. and Israel any longer.

  2. They fear the Muslim Brotherhood because they would not be able to control it.It wants an independent Egypet free from foriegn domniation.They do not give a damn about all so called democarcy,rights of women,they never cared about the rights of the whole people.The dominate theme of their conceren has always been Israel.

  3. If the the American people want to be liked and apperciated by other people,they should wake up from their long self-imposed slumber and demand that their government stop meddling in other people affairs and stop imposing its will on them.

  4. What did you expect out of DC? History doesn't exist for DC. How else do you think these assholes could mutter things like "The Iraqi people will welcome us with flowers?" To even bring up history- no matter if that history was ten years ago or two days ago- is "Anti American." America is supposed to judged by what it says in the present only- and the past does not exist. Thus you can have the US supporting Iraq's Saddam Hussein for 25 years- egging him on to attack Iran- descending that nation into years of hell- DC can butcher 100,000 retreating conscripts on a highway- murder half a million children with murder sanctions- bomb the country every other day for ten years- and then announce- blithely that Saddam is a "Dictator" who is a 'threat" and no one can bring up any of that past- without being called "Anti American,"

    And now- with Egypt we see the same phenom- The New York Times publishes a synopsis piece of a meme growing among the brain dead corporate media that George Bush and his policies ignited the revoltuion in Egypt and Obama's policies are hailed as a "Balancing act". The past 30 years of support for Mubarak- intimate support in which the FBI trained his goons? Joe Biden just last week saying that Mubarak wasn't a dictator? Nope- not supposed to remember that- can't remember that if you are a DC hack. Must fall in line with the absurdities of American Exceptionalism and simply deny the past completely.

    Is this insane? Yes. But that is America ruling elite and its poodle stenographer press.

    1. Washington will do anything it can to spin the Egypt issue as somehow being a result of President Hussein's foreign policy wizardry; he's desperate to take credit for something- anything- good that happens. If the revolution had failed, you can bet he would quickly distance himself from any involvement whatsoever.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the spin doctors turn one way and then another for the past few weeks; one can only wonder how they will react to the next revolt against a US puppet ruler.

  5. Yup, same old-same old. I'm sure that Egyptians, who just overthrew an American-backed and Israel-supported dictator, are lining up for the right to vote for candidates propped up with American dollars. Makes as much sense as bombarding Arabs with American TV shows and fast food in the hope that they might convert to our world view. God forbid these people should actually think for themselves.

  6. Really, ;"President" Obama], can you all just please shut up and lay off?

    Of course not. No sock puppet ever has any control whatsoever over whether not a human being sticks a hand up its ass and makes its lips move to the voice of a distant ventriloquist.

    Seriously, people, can we grow up and stop pretending that ANY Amerikan president of the last 150-plus years has been the source of any of the verbal vomitus that it spews forth?

    1. Sock puppet insofar as they allow themselves to be one. I have yet to see one of these bastards ever resign and state openly and honestly ( a cold day in hell ) that they've been lying to us all.

  7. Hopefully the Egyptian Patriots should know that the ONLY way for them to remain/obtain freedom and Liberty is to not elect anybody who SELLS their services to enemies of Arabs and other freedom loving people. Anybody in the military trained by the Empire of Terror should be rejected outright otherwise Egyptian people would replace one Satrap by another. Resist humiliation, fight for dignity and independence, say NO to Evil doers and Zionist Vassals.

  8. Remember "Full Spectrum Dominance?"

    The war machine will not back off in its service to the business class.

    That is their raison d'etre.

    I would suggest the Arab people in Obama's words, "look forward, not back" and realize their future is best served… non-aligned.

  9. Full Rectum Dominance, is what the USG/MIC, Mafia Industrial Complex, give to the American people. No wonder ObombBush doesn't want US to look back to realize that HE IS giving US Full Rectum Dominance.

  10. Instead of "teaching" about democracy, perhaps Obama and friends should consider learning something from recent events.
    Egyptians (Americans) want broad based economic opportunity and not a situation where a tiny minority become enormously rich and the rest experience a slow decline into poverty.
    Egyptians (Americans) want their government to consider the welfare of their people first and not to be beholden to foreign govenments.
    Big change in Egypt. Its time for a big change in America. I remember when South Africa was the white bastion against godless communism. Times change. Time to tell Isreal to fend for itself. Time to throw the Isreal-firsters out of Congress.
    Learn from China, you don't have to control the oil, you just buy it. Its easier and its cheaper.

  11. How do we get Mr. Obama to promise ‘whatever assistance is necessary’ to pursue a ‘credible transition to a democracy’ in the United States?

  12. (NYT) "the White House and the State Department were already discussing the setting aside of new funds to bolster the rise of secular political parties" –
    Great! About time, we got rid of that barbaric, Old Testament rubbish advocating "chosen people" and giving them heavenly license to effect genocide upon their neighbors. — The New York Times is talking about Israel , isn't it?

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