Eric Garris on CrossTalk About Libya (video) founder and managing editor Eric Garris appeared on Russia Today’s debate show, CrossTalk, to speak about Western intervention in Libya:

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  1. I watched crosstalk Eric. I thought you were rude and you didn't really want to talk about the situation in Libya. It seems you tried everything to cut the other two fellows off and wouldn't let them talk. I agree that the last thing we need, is boots on the ground. It mostly just made me mad , everytime the other 2 would start to make a point, you would cut them off with some crap about the bull in a china shop or some other drivel.

    1. Watch the video again. The other two guests interrupted Eric first when he spoke. If the other guests wouldn't keep quiet when Eric spoke, there was no point in Eric granting them any favor in return.

    2. The host told all three of us that we should interrupt, that is the nature of the program.

      Eric Garris

  2. Easy question about the nature/sicerity of the enforcers of the UN mandate; say the rebels are able to get to the borders of Triploi and have collected equipment and Qaddhafi deserters along the way and they lay a medieval-type seige on Triploi and start shelling indiscriminantly, would they be bombed to protect civilians?

    I think to ask the question is to answer it and see the true ploitical (not humanitarian) motives of this conflict.

    I will shed no tears for Qaddhafi, but I am concerned about the character that the opposition is taking on as this conflict and European/North American involvement grows.

  3. I have a lousy connection so I only could view part of it but I heard one fellow say that if the rebels fail than all the others will see it as the way to deal with rebels yada, yada, yada. Yeah right, but again I fail to see why it is any of my concern how the Libyans run their affairs. America and the pipsqueak allies that tag along with our “foreign policy” if it can be dignified as such are only interested in stopping the rebellions because it is in the best interests of the west that there is no democracy in the Middle East. Only an idiot could fail to see that. At least two of the speakers were obviously only interested in entangling America in their mess for which I would say, no thanks thank you very much.

  4. Eric.,I love America and I love democratic and human right of all people around the world..but I agree with you and Talha. It is breathlessly amazing that in the name of saving lives this libiya conflict is paving way to civil wars all over the world.. Why the armed opposition is given air cover to walk to Tripoli? Are the civilians not suppose to be in safe places away from gaddaffi forces. i saw news a guy in the mob moving towards tripoli had a big knife and putting on his neck he said I am going to cut Gaddahfffi neck. the other one put his gun to his head and said he is going to Tripoli and will shoot Gaddahffi in head. THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINALS AS GADHFFI IS. If this was happening on the roads of any Europe OR Ameica these guys will sit in jail for ever . Or will be executed if they say same thing for the head of the nations. Gaddaffi is no good but does NATO want lybiyan forces to give way to these people who are marching to kill? Are we supporting that people can take law in there own hands> Are we looking for anarchy around the world NATO should ask both sides to put down arms . issue international warrant against gaddahffi and try him in court of law and put him in jail.suppoeting criminals against criminals should not be on Nato or UN agenda. THis will lead to killing of civilian population who are always dismissed as collateral damage

  5. UN should ask Gaddafi,rebels,Nato to put down arms and talk ! No one should be allowed to be dictator in today world. Get the elections going in whole of Africa and Arab world where till date dirty laws take away peoples civil liberties!

    Bombs do not recognise and are not capable of not hitting at civilians! donot kill just donot kill any one without due process of law.
    One dictator cannot be treated as friend and another one as enemy, as is happening now
    save people di not instigate people.

  6. The best this invervention can do is replace one criminal (Khadaffi) with another. Just like AmeroCon elections.

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