Peaceful Palestinian Protests Met with IDF Violence

Joseph Dana:

The demonstration started off peacefully and then the army attacked the nonviolent demonstration with tear gas and stun grenades. Some Palestinians began throwing stones.

via Matt Yglesias:

It’s often been suggested in the American press that if Palestinians would stop engaging in terrorist violence and adopt non-violent protest that they’d make more headway in their quest for a nation. Putting that idea to the test, earlier this week a group of Palestinian protestors attempted to cross through the Qalandia Checkpoint in the West Bank that separates Ramallah from Jerusalem.


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  1. Yggie is a goddamned moron. His entire claim to fame is he headed his shcool rag and then started blogging. Why anyone would take anything Yggie says as serious ought to have their brains checked. Where is the mention of the twenty dead protesters? Oh god yes, just what we need, teenie boppers like Yggie with their VAST and HUGE life experience explaining how the world works to us.

  2. "It’s often been suggested in the American press that if Palestinians would stop engaging in terrorist violence and adopt non-violent protest that they’d make more headway in their quest for a nation."

    How about making their case, peacefully and formally, at the UN? Does the White House Stenograhy Corp suggest that?

  3. Does NOT matter how Palestinians protest. They are always met with IDF violence. Every time. The IDF will indiscriminately bulldoze American women, thuggishly obscene, board vessels in international waters and gun down young American men, piracy on the high seas, and overall and in general, act like terrorists. But and of course, this is Israel we're on about here and Israel can do no wrong. Ever. Just ask AIPAC and/or Barack Obama. Israel's bestest buddy in a whole wide world.
    Really doesn't matter what Palestinians do, they are screwed. Violently so.
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."… John Kennedy

  4. The only consistent factor in any event involving the Israelis is the fact that they will- every time- respond to any given situation, peaceful or not, with violence and intimidation. Usually these will be in amounts completely disproportionate to the situation on the ground, and will be accompanied by the obligatory deaths of one or more civilians (and, as we have seen, their nationality matters not one bit- in Israeli eyes, everyone is a target).

    I wonder what Israeli response would be if a protest group dressed in all white and linked arms and walked peacefully towards the border, in a scene reminiscent of one in the film, "Gandhi". In the film the marchers were met by riot clubs and horses- I suspect the Israeli version would be very accurate rifle fire. However, if enough international media crews were there to document the event, perhaps the world would see for itself what great humanitarians the Israelis are.

    Just be forewarned, for future reference in the event of anti-government marches in the US- if Israel is a nation to be looked up to as a bastion of freedom, democracy, and humanity (as our Congress seems to think) then what is to prevent our own officials from turning US guns on its own citizens? After, all, we'll just be honoring our beloved allies with the compliment of imitation of their actions.

    1. The Israelis have always been specialists at long range sniper head shots against unarmed civilians.
      Brave boys yes. They were also pretty good at strafing USS Liberty sailors in the water way back when. Eventually the wheel will turn , and justice will be done to them.

  5. They had a pretty good situation in the past when they could be what ever they wanted knowing that the press would put a lot of lips stick on the pig and call the IDF the heroes of the situation. With the new ability to get almost live shots of the situation the true nature of the basic brutal nature of the IDF comes out. They are nothing but animals. They have no moral standing in their actions. This weekend as the weekend before they shot unarmed woman and children at long range from the golan heights into Syria. There was no danger to the IDF and the only danger to Israel is they might have to have the USA buy them a new fence.
    Cute movies making the warrior IDF just not hold up to the film of some little jerk shooting someone wanting to have a place to live on land that was once theirs.
    I noticed the comment of strafing the USS Liberty. The poster should have also told of the brave IDF strafing the life boats so as to make sure our kids were killed. The USS Liberty was an unarmed naval ship which was attacked again and again until the IDF got scared that the US Navy might actually be sending relief. The common lie by the Israel government is was an accident but they refuse to release the tapes that were recorded in the matter as do our government because the tapes would tell the truth. The USS Liberty was the only ship attacked in the entire war not in a harbor. Why would one ship be singled out and attacked? The IDF does not like that type of question. One last thought on the USS LIberty. The Israel government received at 2 am the formal acceptance of the cease form Syria. The cease fire was proposed by Israel. At 8 am the IDF attacked the golan heights and with information gathered by an Israel spy they captured the area which this past weekend the IDF shot the woman and children. The USS LIberty attack has some believing it was attacked to hide the attack on the golan heights. Syria has told its troops to step down but Israel still attacked.

    1. Occupation of the Golan was Israel's reason for starting the war.

      Without control of Golan Israel would not have been unable to divert water to its settlements in Negev via the National Water Carrier, which came into operation in 1965, depriving tens of thousands of people living along the Jordan valley of water their families had depended on for centuries and resulting in the Jordan river becoming a the dried up stream that is today.

      In fact the water sources found on the land Israel illegally occupied in the 6 day war provides it with around 70% of its freshwater. This amount is still only 50% that recommended by the UN for an industrial country of Israel's size.

      1. You are so correct on the water. The people of Israel have used up all the water. They planted trees which require more water than available. 60 years of massive tree planting along with other really stupid practices have left Israel in a position of needing to attack and steal others waters. The water of the Jordon which is the water being shipped to the Negev is used up so they will attack Lebanon and take up to the Latavi river. Israel is also funding the bad guys in Sudan to get at the head waters of the Nile. Nassar offered to provide this water to end the threats that israel made. Israel having just gained so much water resources refused the offer. After all Israel will just steal water when they need it. God gave the chosen the right to steal water. The problem for Israel today is the fact that events get to the public without the master tv editors smoothing the events to show that Israel was the good guy.

  6. It was said at the time that Ghandi's tactics would not have gotten very far if India had been occupied by Hitler instead of Englishmen. The Palestinians, tragically, have proven that point many times over. Peaceful protest against nazis is nothing short of suicide. Their courage is admirable but they should be dissuaded. Palestinian marchers can't halt Israel. Only we the world, by ostracizing them and refusing to trade with them, can stop them. And it's time we did.

  7. Palestinian Arabs have been attacking the Jewish people since before Israel was born. My uncles bought Arab land which later became part of Israel The above blogs distort Israel's reaction to those so-called peaceful demonstrators. Israeli soldiers and civilians have been killed by suicide bombers, innocent looking women and children, who hid their explosive devices under their clothes, who once they entered Israel and got passed the Israeli guards activated their explosives killing both soldiers, civilians including women and children. This has been going on for more than 63 years, so why should the Israelis believe that those demonstrators were "Peaceful" and were not hiding their explosive devices, etc? Constant attacks by Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah, have made Israel wary. Hamas has not stopped rocket attacks on Israel. Now that Fatah and Hamas joined forces and Hizballuh has been arming itself with Iranian and Syrian armaments, Israel is more wary than ever. In fact, this "peaceful"demonstration was, I am sure done to make Israel look bad.

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