Political Calculations of Absurdity on Libya

The attempt on the part of congressional leaders to obstruct growing discontent with Obama’s war in Libya by jumping the gun (so to speak) and approving the war without even having been formally asked to approve it brings with it a whole new host of questions.

First of all, I’d be interested to know how closely McCain and Kerry have been colluding with the administration on this, whether or not it included some top-down direction. Second, what kind of cognitive dissonance must these senior senators be going through to fully recognize the swelling opposition in Congress as well as the overwhelming public opposition, and still push for a resolution granting the President unprecedented authority to wage war with impunity? Can someone in the mainstream media please just ask McCain if there are ever any wars we shouldn’t involve ourselves in and if there are ever any conceivable limits on Executive war-making prerogative?

But an older set of questions is itching me (by older I mean just barely last week). These were articulated by Amy Davidson at the New Yorker blog:

So why would the President choose a bad legal argument over a better one? The better question might just be this: Why is he so reluctant to bring this one to Congress? Is it because he thinks that he can’t get their approval (which should cause him to ask why), because he thinks it’s just a lot of trouble (so are a lot of things worth doing, not to mention ones the law requires of us), or because he’s caught in some web of self-delusion—since he’s not the sort of President, or person, who gets involved with wars, this can’t be one? (It is generally a bad sign when policy decisions provoke politico-psychological speculation.) Or is it a matter of principle—a belief that Presidents shouldn’t have to ask Congress for permission for anything short of D-Day?

It must be a mixture of the last two speculations. Self delusion is conjecture on my part, but its comforting somehow. He lives in his own little bubble as President and good sense just evades him. The last one, though, is the more strategic explanation. If Obama gets away with this piece of Executive overreach, it sets a precedent for whenever he may need it in the future. You never know when an unnecessary, unpopular, illegal opportunity to go to war is going to pop up.

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  1. Another possible speculation – Obama is a psychopathic genocidal lunatic and mercy, did the American people get sold a bill of particulars or what…

    1. No, Obama is just a pathetic muppet, like each of his predecessors. The thing is, each one becomes a more pathetic facade than its predecessor. Assuming that Amerika lasts beyond the decade, can you imagine what the Oval Office Figurehead of 2020 is going to be like?

      1. Hi liberranter:I'm gonna take a wild swing at Oval Office 2020…Bristol Palin.Oh yeah, Amerika is done.

        1. Bristol, sweetie, you've clearly got what it takes to "lead" the Amoricon Sheeple. I predict a landslide victory for you in '20 – provided that you wear nothing but a thong when giving your campaign speeches, which must focus SOLELY on the latest Amoricon Idol news. Who could possibly compete with THAT?

  2. I reall belive Americans need to do watever it takes to When I sat whatever nessasary Im,ean whatever nessasary stop the wars and get there freedoms back by making sure the government includind the President don't stray from the laws given by the foundind fathers through the constitution.When I say whatever nessesary I mean WHATEVER nessasary.No muder except self defence most citizens are human unlike the people hoe are sopposed to represent the American people.I'm Canadian but live in Windsor ont witch is the most Americanized city in Canada and I have American friends.I always got american telivision and news so they used to fool me through there propoganda.But I knowq l;onger watch the news about wars exept to see who they spin things.But Canadians are full against the NAU because it would be a matter bof time before are freedoms are taken.Arew government seems like a lap dog for the US government.But the people I know would do anything nessasary to stop laws like the patriot act late is named for exactly the opposit it is.Canada has been peace keewpers but the government has let the US get t6hem into Illegal wars that they should face justice for there crimes also.

    1. Did you attend publik skool in Amerika, or were you just drunk when you typed this?

      Just askin'…

  3. I am surprised that somebody is surprised about the 3 wars, excuse me for ignoring the minor ones.
    The Nobel war price is for wars not for peace and it's normal that wars be waged in order to maintain the militaro industrial complex going… Create enemies, ask for bombs to fight them and make money — that has been the motto of the "Civilized" world for centuries and mind you, the "civilized" world is constantly fighting to enlighten the "dictators" of the "third" world!. They're Not the world dictators, they're the world saviors… They're the chosen ones….

    Long live the imperialism!
    Long live the world dictatorship!

  4. Revolutions are internal matters of a country … the revolution in Gypto was successful internally … people were not killed, cities were not bombed, war was not raged, outside countries didn’t send their forces … whatever was done … it was within the country and by the people … without outside support … that’s a revolution.

    Look at the massacre they are carrying out in Tibby … you call that a revolution man … you call that an operation for the people?

    Read more:

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