One Hundred Peace and Social Justice Groups Call Upon Members of Congress to Oppose War Funding

From United for Peace and Justice, Code Pink and the Progressive Democrats of America:

More than one hundred national and grassroots organization have signed on to a letter to the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) calling for a vote against the FY 2012 Defense Appropriations bill, slated to come before the House this week. The letter raises grave concerns that the bill not only allocates $648.7 billion for continued operations of the Pentagon, but $118 billion to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Noting that the Obama Administration seems determined to continue the war in Afghanistan, the letter also urged CPC members to back an anticipated Lee/Woolsey/Nadler amendment to limit funding for Afghanistan to the rapid and safe withdrawal of all US troops from that country.

The letter states in part, “With an economy teetering at the edge, and an exorbitantly expensive, protracted military engagement in Afghanistan, Congress is again asked to appropriate more war funding.” It notes that a decade of military expenditures has accomplished little, while people in the U.S. have grown poorer and tired of hearing that there is not enough money for schools, jobs, health care or housing – but always enough for wars.

The letter notes that the US Conference of Mayors overwhelmingly passed a resolution to end the wars and bring the money home, amplifying the voices of their constituents. It asks the CPC to send a strong signal that they are unwilling to accept the continuation of a failed policy, and are determined to move the country towards a peaceful solution in Afghanistan.

It further calls on Congress “to exercise its Constitutional role of overseeing expenditures on behalf of its constituents,” and promises to support the CPC in efforts to redirect national spending priorities away from militarism and towards domestic needs.

The organizations backing this letter are calling upon their members to contact all members of Congress now, urging them to oppose continued funding for the Afghanistan War and to vote against the 2012 Defense Appropriations bill totaling $648.7 billion.

Many of the national groups signing the letter are members of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), the largest anti-war network in the US. This project was initiated under the auspices of United for Peace and Justice by Progressive Democrats of America and CODEPINK. Other national organizations include Military Families Speak Out, US Labor Against the War, American Friends Service Committee, USAction, Veterans for Peace, National Priorities Project, Pax Christi USA. Full text of letter with signatures here.

One thought on “One Hundred Peace and Social Justice Groups Call Upon Members of Congress to Oppose War Funding”

  1. Although USA been a militarism regime for last 60 or so years.., with a gun in other nations head demanding to give to USA everything they got and anything that USA government is asking.., or for that matter bribing corrupt governments all over the world.., yet is about time for American people to wake up and demand for democracy to work for the people.., after all.., democracy once again was chosen by the people and for the people for last 3 years or so to work for people and not the American corporatism.

    Here, once again people choice been democracy, a functioning system based on the transition of US economic and social political situation without any kind of war or lies by yet another president.., once again the history in deception has repeated itself and once again people witnessing another war.., this time in Libya.., another Arab nation among those which been bombed and betrayed by USA government. It seams that every president needs to have a war in their name for people not to forget about where they live and what the system is made of or is about.., a police state at home and a militarism regime abroad.

    As much as people around the world been suffering.., by being held on USA government gun point.., so is been the case with freedom lovers, patriots, socialists, communists and antiwar movements throughout these years demanding to stop these wars and cutting the militarism spending where the only result been the more suffering of people all over .., here president after presidents been deceiving people by lying to them where such lies resulted for yet another war.

    Although Barack Hussein Obama might read the letter or going to be told of its contents but the question is if he is going to react to it or even finding it interesting.., thus far it seams that he is more engaged in pleasing his Angelo France NATO partners in Libya war and US congress is engaged in to cut a deals then just voting positive in stopping the Libya and all other US wars or the US militarism spending.., here for president ordering a Stop to Libya bombing or as they say “assisting NATO bombing campaign in Libya” and stop the war in Afghanistan and Iraq bringing solders home.

    “The Obama administration, in seeking $4 trillion in spending cuts in a debt limit deal, has put major changes to Social Security and Medicare on the table if Republicans agree to increased tax revenues“.
    Yahoo news.

    This is what I mean by presidents betraying its own people by giving what needed to go to people went to US corporatism which they thanked Obama for.., yet this president making deals where needy people will suffer more then before and the democratic party calls it democracy.., this is not democracy.., is a fake and falsified democracy benefiting those whom democrats think that they are helping people.., otherwise is a capitalism economic system with a capitalist president helping the system. Libya war is not about democracy.., it never will be.., is about the Libyan money to be stolen by the US and EU and China.., is about a favor to Tyrants regimes as Saudi Arabia and Arab emirates.., is about Muslim brotherhood and its affiliated terrorist groups.., is about opening a corridor via Libya for NATO to invade more country in Africa.., is about African Union and slaving the African people.

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