It’s All About the Money

Lebanon and Israel are becoming even more hostile to one another in disputes over natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean. The recent hostilities are due to maritime borders that were approved by Israel’s cabinet and sent to the United Nations for approval. This prompted a response from the Lebanese:

‘The new border as proposed by Israel cuts through Lebanon’s economic zone,’ said Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour.

‘Israel’s new measures will create more tension in the region and will threaten peace and security,’ Mansour told reporters. He added that Lebanon would also refer the issue to the United Nations.

Lebanon’s president Michel Suleiman warned against any ‘unilateral decisions Israel may take on maritime borders which would be a breach of international law.’

As both countries are still technically at war and diplomatic relations have been severed, there are no legitimate channels through which Israel and Lebanon can directly resolve the dispute. While Lebanon is yet to threaten any military action, Israel has already done so. When the fields were first discovered, National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau said, “We will not hesitate to use our force and strength to protect not only the rule of law but the international maritime law.” Almost speaking preemptively, Landau added, “Whatever we find, they will have something to say. That’s because they’re not challenging our findings and so-called occupation of the sea. Our very existence here is a matter of occupation for them. These areas are within the economic waters of Israel.”

As a map of the natural gas shows, the deposits are quite literally on the borders of the two countries were they extended out to sea. The catch, however, is whether or not a Lebanese or Israeli map is used. An Israeli map would extend its northern border from west of Metula out to the Mediterranean, whereas a Lebanese map would would extend the Israeli border from Rosh Hanrika out towards the Mediterranean.

The deposits are significant, estimated to be worth around $40 billion. Israel has started the ball rolling early and is already establishing infrastructure to exploit the deposits while Lebanon has barely done anything. With so much money at stake, as well as hostile relations between the two countries, there runs the risk of a flare up between Israel and Lebanon.


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  1. For your consideration: People who study Israel note that it currently is a Ultra-RIGHT WING GOVERNMENT. Worldwide, history shows all ultra-right wing and Ultra-left wings governments make these mistakes. Argentina's government who fell after they claimed the Falklin Islands comes to mind. They make these mistakes by definition. At first, they have some success but arrogance eventually gets pushed back. Unless your a Christian Zionist, and believe supernatural powers will exclude Israel (and that faction of the GOP), rational minds have to only watch a political factions house of cards come tumbling down.
    America's real interest is not getting on board with their mistakes.

  2. Israel will undoubtedly steal these deposits as it steals everything else in the mideast that it can.

  3. It is a hoot that Israel would take the matter to the United Nations which is on record for many mandates which Israel refuse to accept. israel is short of water because they wasted the massive water reserves they stole in 1967. They planted massive forest in the North of Israel which has taken a problem and made it a disaster. Israel is only setting up the next war with Lebanon which will end with the Israel taking up to the Latavi river and the oil deposits will just be a bonus to the water thief. In the 1950 Ben Gurion was setting up terrorist in Egypt to blow up American buildings and then blaming the Egyptians. Ben Gurion wanted to poison the relationship between Egypt and the United States. At the same time Ben Gurion was funding to send arms to Lebanon to set up christian militia which would be friendly to the Israel nation. For a long time the southern part of Lebanon under control of the christian militia were in reality Israel colony. Also at the same time Ben Gurion was address were or not to get involved in the
    syrian nation because of political weakness.
    People have to understand that instead of being the victim of arabs aggression Israel has been a monster getting involved politically or actual military aggression in every event other than 1973 war which was the direct result of the sneak attack of 1967.
    Lebanon is a goner and not one nation in the United Nations will help. That fate is sealed when the United Nations sat silent was the old colonial nations bombed Libya under the flag of NATO.

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