Iraqis Pay Americans For the Cost of Committing War Crimes Against Them

A while back I blogged about a nutty congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, who visited Iraq and suggested Iraqis ought to be the ones to pay Americans reparations. But that was just a kooky representative, right? He didn’t know what he was talking about. Jet lag, perhaps.

Or, not. Murtaza Hussain writing at Salon:

“Reparations payments” are being made by Iraq to Americans and others for the suffering which those parties experienced as a result of the past two decades of conflict with Iraq.

Iraq today is a shattered society still picking up the pieces after decades of war and crippling sanctions. Prior to its conflict with the United States, the Iraqi healthcare and education systems were the envy of the Middle East, and despite the brutalities and crimes of the Ba’ath regime there still managed to exist a thriving middle class of ordinary Iraqis, something conspicuously absent from today’s “free Iraq.” In light of the continued suffering of Iraqi civilians, the agreement by the al-Maliki government to pay enormous sums of money to the people who destroyed the country is unconscionable and further discredits the absurd claim that the invasion was fought to “liberate” the Iraqi people.


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  1. Maybe Obama could try something of the sort to "stimulate" the economy. For example, pass legislation allowing contractors to force services on homeowners and providing government backing for collection of the fees. Unfortunately the obstructionist Republicans in the House would probably block such an enlightened measure.

  2. I don't understand why US government is still placing troops in Iraq. How much money we have lost to keep the war. The war that we made is now attacking out economic. Stop Iraq's war now.

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