Are Segregation and Loyalty to the State Solutions to Conflict?

Last week we got a rather explicit perspective on what exactly is the driving ideological and political force driving Israeli policies of territory and statehood with Palestinians through the deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset who unabashedly rejected the notion that Palestinians have any right to a state or to equal rights.

Unabashed is also the word used in this State Department diplomatic cable from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to describe the Israeli right-wing’s intentions for grabbing more land and for establishing separate but ‘equal’ systems of segregation between Jews and Arabs.

Right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party leader Avigdor Lieberman told the Ambassador January 31 that separation of Israeli Jews from Israeli Arabs is necessary in order to promote Israeli security and maintain Israel’s Jewish identity.

…Lieberman underlined his view that to avoid conflict, a separation of Israeli Jews from Israeli Arabs must occur.  He said his proposal for such a separation is based on the Cyprus model, where, he said, the island’s Turks are separated territorially from the island’s Greeks. Lieberman said that the roadmap makes a mistake by advocating a two-state solution, wherein Israel retains two peoples within its borders, Jewish and Arab, while the Palestinian state retains only Palestinians.

…Asked about the status of Israeli Arabs living throughout Israel and in mixed cities, Lieberman acknowledged that this is “more complicated.” He advocated that all Israelis be required to take a loyalty oath, and that those who refuse be stripped of their citizenship.

Update: Also see this summary of a 2005 cable  from the WikiLeaks site on institutionalized discrimination against Negev Bedouin Palestinians (some specifics of which you can read about here):

A cable describes institutionalised discrimination and the denial of public services to its own Bedouin citizens. Despite their citizenship and the fact that Bedouins “continue to serve voluntarily in the IDF and otherwise support the state, media commentators and Israeli politicians often refer to the threat of a second ’intifada’ coming from the Negev Bedouin.” The 70’000 Bedouins of the Negev community have never been included in GOI land planning, do not qualify for provision of any public services, and therefore do not officially exist on Israeli maps. Many Bedouin are life-long residents of these communities, but are considered squatters by the government. Without legal status, these communities receive no government resources, including municipal services and infrastructure development. The cable describes squalor and poverty of one of the villages under the heading “Is this Israel?”. The Government of Israel decided to forcibly relocate Bedouin communities in order to create a ’buffer zone’ around an airbase because they feared Bedouins may acquire anti-aircraft missiles for use against Israeli aircraft, or to prevent vandalism and theft.

Meanwhile, the US, with unbridled support for Israel, is doing everything in its power to prevent Palestinians from gaining UN recognition for statehood next month.

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  1. Why comment at all here, given the propensity of certain of this blog's editors to censor anything that might even hint at criticism of the Zionist Empire?

    1. We have filters for insane anti-Jewish crap and evil-Jew conspiracies. That's all. We criticize Zionism and Israel *legitimately* every single day here. The reality is bad enough without teh jooz being space alien lizard people who want to drink our gold.

      1. And yet and its staff of moderators seem to have no problem with comments that denigrate Islam and Moslems. Sure, is not as hypocritical as the Daily Kos on certain subjects, but why can't you and your fellow co-moderators acknowledge the double standard you practice here?

        For example, would you allow comments that claimed J.e.w.s had different standards of hygiene? Of course you wouldn't. But, you do allow the same comments to be posted about Moslems, including far nastier comments.

        So, I ask again, why the hypocrisy? Why do J.e.w.s enjoy this special protected status on Why don't you treat all other religious and ethnic groups with the same respect and tolerance that which they certainly deserve?

        I don't expect an answer as it will most likely be a juvenile dodge as has been the case in the past with moderators on this website.

  2. The complete solution can be achieved if Israel returns all Palestinian rights, including their land. Peace will never be realized as long as Israel do not stop building new homes and let Palestinian to leave their home land.

  3. I don't understand this obsession has with the right-wing in Israel. Earth to John Glaser and Jason Ditz, both the right wing Likud and the left-wing Ma'arakh ("Labor") encouraged, facilitated, subsidized and pushed for more colonial construction and land grab. It has been going on since 1969.

    Either you use "Right wing" and "left-wing" together in one sentence, or you stop making the idiotic distinction that makes you guys look like fools.

    How many times do I have to keep making that point? This is the fifth time already.

    And if you disagree, unless I'm talking to brick walls, explain why you continue to insist on using that point of reference.

    There is no such thing as an Israeli left.

    The handful of 500 — at most — of activists and intellectuals who do speak out against Israel's criminal and oppressive policies are relegated to the status of "fringe left" in Israel by that very mainstream in which you and Jason DItz continue to find differences between left and right.

    You have no leg to stand on in this regard.

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