Occupation, Occupation, Occupation

A fair video from the Daily Beast.

For ordinary Americans, the notion that the United States is an Empire occupying directly or indirectly well over a hundred countries in the world is unfamiliar. And their tendencies are to presume the goodness and charity of these occupations. Heading into election 2012 – if Ron Paul hasn’t convinced them of it yet – more of them need to see introductory videos like these.

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  1. An amazingly fair video, quite even handed; it even deals with the South, an issue that makes even me uneasy. As much of a libertarian as I am, I am reluctant to extend much sympathy for the South. Nor am I able to cheer for the North anymore. In truth, both were scoundrels. The stated motives on either side were baldfaced lies. The South no more cared about "state's rights" than the North cared about freeing the slaves. That was just propaganda to get the sons of factory workers and poor farmers to go die for what was essentially a rich man's war. Scoundrels all.

    All the same, this video helped to refocus that thorny issue by pointing out how the average Southerner felt about things, especially afterwords. Makes one wonder if there was a better way.

    The tone of this video was just right, neither sugarcoating the topic or descending into demagoguery. It is honest, straightforward. We need more of this.

  2. Embedded link must be Flash cause it just showes up as blank space for the tens of millions of us with iOS devices.

  3. Most people don't realize that there was an extended period of political violence in the South in the decade after 1865. The occupation of the south by federal troops was necessary to the survival of reconstruction governments. When the federal troops were withdrawn in 1877, the reconstruction governments of southern states collapsed one by one and were replaced by state governments in which blacks were excluded. This process was called the "redemption." The fact that a civil rights movement was needed a century later is a consequence of the failure of the occupation.

    1. It's this same sort of excuses being used in Afghanistan: We have to stay the course and finish the work because if we cut and run too early then the "enemy" will turn back the clock. Never mind that the original excuses have long since been buried along with the casualties.

  4. The misnamed "Reconstruction" era set the precedent for the domestic "occupation" that will reprise itself once the Sockpuppet-in-Chief, whatever name and faux party affiliation it might bear, declares martial law in the very near future.

          1. When someone doesn't know what the hell they're talking about, that's one way to reassure themselves.

  5. Overall a good video but I had to chuckle at the notion that the "roads got better" during/after the occupations. Palestine is economically crippled on purpose and every conceivable standard of living and infrastructure sector in Iraq has taken a nosedive. Afghanistan was probably better off in 1975 than it is now.

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