As if ‘the measure of a man is who we kill in the world’

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell had a great interview on RT’s Alyona Show:

3 thoughts on “As if ‘the measure of a man is who we kill in the world’”

  1. For those who were actually listening in the last election, Obama said then that his favorite President was Ronald Reagan. That and the millions from Wall $treet and the defense industry were kinda big clues that this would occur. That and Obama publicly saying during the campaign that the Afghan War was the 'right war' and his promises to expand the defense budget. That and Obama's support for Bush' drone strikes into Pakistan before the election. That and the near total Democrat support for these wars from the beginning, and always made sure the war money flowed through Congress even after the Democrats had majorities after 2006.

    The signs were there. Obama ran a spin campaign paid for by millions from Wall $treet that presented a fake image of Obama as some sort of anti-war progressive. But if you really listened and watched closely, and realized where the millions that paid for the spin campaign came from, then none of this was surprising.

    Don't blame me, I voted for McKinney. And I did so because I could see exactly that Obama's foreign policy was going to be so close to Dubya's as to make no difference.

    1. I second that Ricky. I stopped listening and started reading what he said instead and boy did the veil fall away. And he's proved to be every bit as sociopathic as the fine print indicated.

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