What is War Good For?

Antiwar.com columnist, Econlog blogger, and economics professor David Henderson appeared on John Stossel’s show on the Fox Business channel last night. Henderson debated regular Fox contributor Colonel David Hunt on “war, Ron Paul’s foreign policy views, Israel, 9/11, and Iran.”

Watch the clip:

6 thoughts on “What is War Good For?”

  1. yikes! what a freaking **** hunt is. he is thoroughly nuts. i cannot believe they let this man appear in public. or play with guns.

    that being said: "we are at war… we are in the middle of a war.. we are at war… war… war"…? did i miss a declaration of war by our sociopathic congress? that should have been corrected on the spot by someone (maybe henderson?). we are not at war. we are committing an invasion. there is no war. the usa et al are slaughtering civilians and taking the money and resources of their lands. again.

    accuracy is important.

  2. Excellent…Excellent…Excellent… I’m not sure this interview/debate could have been better. Thank you David Henderson!

  3. The problem with these 10-minute debates on the idiot box is that you can only get so deep. There were a hell of a lot of assumptions begging for proof that were casually stated as fact.

    For the umpteen billionth time, Iran's president did NOT declare an intention to destroy Israel. That is a baldfaced lie that gets repeated all over the place. Worse, even opponents of war with Iran just assume it is true. It is not:

    Look, most of the establishment hacks are right, Ron Paul will NEVER get elected president. They should know since their people will be counting the votes. There is still a long string of wars ahead of us. These crazy fuckers like Hunt will continue manufacturing one paranoid fantasy after another, day after day, year after year, and the US government's massive killing and robbery spree will go on and on.

    Nobody will stop it. The only thing that will stop it is massive poverty in the US, poverty on a scale that most of today's Americans have never experienced. When the economy is so destroyed that the predators like Hunt can no longer feast their fangs on it to satisfy their lunatic desires for centralized global management, that's when it will finally stop.

  4. Col David Hunt is a total brain washed idiot – how the hell did he get promotion to Colonel – I would rate a corporal with more common sense than him – get him off the air he cannot justify any statement he utters, he just rants on and fumbles for words from his almost non existant vocabulary

  5. Don't u people realize that war is a part of life, and is to be respected.The whole reason why we have the problems we do in the world is because darkness and destructive energies are being suppressed spiritually.Hate is the answer.Express yourself.True self expression will set everyone free.Life is about balance.Balance between light and darkness, which are rooted in each other.We need more war, because people haven't learned to respect it yet.Hate u all.

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