Two Dozen Afghan Children Freeze to Death

New York Times:

Mohammad Daim Kakar, the director general of Afghanistan’s disaster assistance agency, confirmed that camp officials, parents and religious leaders in two of the camps in Kabul had reported the deaths of 21 children from the cold, as well as two elderly adults. The New York Times, quoting similar sources, found 22 cases of children under 5 who had died there as of last week, with a 23rd case reported on Sunday.

That’s a small glimpse of the living conditions in the country we’ve been tearing apart. But what’s more, if you read the story, is that the Afghan official basically called these bereaved villagers liars, accusing them of vying for more aid. And that’s the kind of government we’re propping up.

6 thoughts on “Two Dozen Afghan Children Freeze to Death”

  1. Why are you reporting this? You are an Al Qaida sympathizer trying to malign the great and wonderful drone program! They were all militants. Our drones are extremely precise and only kill who we—-wait, what? Froze to death in a camp? Oh. That's sucks. Anyway, I gotta go. Dinner reservation in Georgetown. Then we're heading up to Vermont. Bought a beautiful place up there with what I'm making on that side gig with the defense contractor. Life is good, baby!

  2. Who cares about this? They're dirty Mooslims who would most likely grow up to be Terrorists anyway. By freezing to death on their own, at least we don't have to waste resources finding and bombing them in the future. Besides, I'm more concerned about the proposed requirement for hospitals to provide their employees with free contraception. This is a REAL issue. It's immoral and evil and obviously requires our undivided attention until it's resolved. Theoretical, potential, American fetuses are much more important than real Afghan babies…For 1: Afghans not real people. I don't care if I'm even forced to pay taxes in order to prop up a sham regime that imprisons rape victims for the crime of being raped… Whatever… As long as they're "our" terrorists, then it's 'okay'. The important thing is to uphold "Moral Values" and/or practice "humanitarianism"… LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

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