Grasping at Straws: Justifying the War in Afghanistan

Apparently White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was caught stumbling for an answer recently on Afghanistan. Via Glenn Greenwald, George Zornick at Nation followed up:

Finally, ABC’s Jake Tapper asked Carney when was “the last time US troops in Afghanistan killed anybody associated with Al Qaeda.” Carney didn’t have an answer, and referred Tapper to the Defense Department and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force.

I queried those agencies Tuesday and got an answer today. According to a Defense Department spokesman, the most recent operation that killed an Al Qaeda fighter was in April 2011—ten months ago. However, there was an “Al Qaeda foreign fighter” captured near Kabul in May 2011, and an “Al Qaeda facilitator” captured in the Paktiya province on January 30 of this year.

By comparison, there have been 466 coalition fatalities since April 2011.

Given Carney’s repeated insistence that the “number one”  purpose of the American mission is to “disrupt, dismantle and ultimately defeat” Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and given the ongoing sacrifices the country is making to achieve that goal, it’s very important to keep these benchmarks in mind. It is surprising Carney wasn’t aware of them, or didn’t disclose them—though, perhaps it’s not.

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  1. We need to hold Pres. Obama accountable! While the US media keeps most of the truth unreported, the world is aware of war crimes and human rights violations. We need to express our outrage ! Maybe it will need for the world to begin the action. Show your support.

  2. There is NO justification for the war on Afghanistan. None, nada, zip, and nope. Ten plus years of utter insanity. War crimes tribunals? Oh yeah. Probably about the time pigs sprout wings and take to flying holding patterns over downtown Jerusalem. Oh yeah and, Jay Carney is a meat puppet. The aforementioned is on account of and because, distantdrummer suggests Dear Obama be held to account. Yeah that'll happen. Just like it did for Bushco. No disrespect intended distantdrummer.

    1. You sound ,like so many "Americans". I was once told; "And whose is going to prosecute him, you?!" No, you sound like so many others who just want to complain. "No disrespect intended", but it took action on the part of the people in Egypt to accomplish what they did. It was not for a day or two, it was until it happened! We need to see the power we have when we are united. It has already begun, it just needs to grow until cites are clogged and things stand still! We need a peaceful revolution for justice. "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE"

  3. Well this seems to support the argument that the stated reason for being there is not the real reason for being there (it's either that or total incompetence, and I'm not sure the military, whatever else it may be, is that degree of incompetent).

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