As Washington Aids the Syrian Opposition…

Ed Husain, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations:

In the Syrian opposition, it’s no exaggeration to say that there are Saudi Salafis, as well as al-Qaeda elements, and others who are included toward more extreme versions of religiosity present in that conflict. Given that we don’t really know who the Syrian opposition is composed of in detail, how wise is it to then bring down another regime and put in its place yet another Muslim Brotherhood-led government?

Priest from the Syrian district of Hamidiya:

“Some Christians who tried to escape a week ago were stopped from leaving by the rebels and were instead forced to go to a mosque to act as shields,” he said. “They thought that, because Christians support Assad, the government would not attack them.”

5 thoughts on “As Washington Aids the Syrian Opposition…”

  1. The fact that a (liberal) member of the Council on Foreign Relations is saying this speaks for itself.

    The paramiltaries are known to consist of radical jihadists who are Saudi Salafists, the Brotherhood, the reactivated fundamentalist network etc., who perpetrate violence against their flloe pious Sunnis as "traitors" if they fail to support them.

    And then there are the other groups – thee chant has been "Christians to Beirut and Alawites to the wall".

    The motivation is that Syrian is a SECULAR state since arab nationalism was secular.

    What other crazy foreign policy schemes are they going to come up with?

  2. The US and its international co-conspirators are playing a dangerous game, trying to sideline the pro-Iranian Assad regime in advance of strikes on Iran. Not only are they sacrificing Alawites and Christians on the altar of Netanyahu's political ambitions, but they are creating a much more dangerous neighbor for Israel in the future.

    Assad is no saint, but Annan's idea of leveraging his current desperation to obtain reforms is the wisest path forward.

    1. Are you kiddin?

      It is the same plan, (in which Annanwas involved) for a ittle pace called Jugoslavia – you know that country that no longer exists.

      His plan is a plan for war, total disorder and fighting as the Islamist paramilitaries infiltrate the towns, use "ceasefires" to lainch attacks and "humanitarian aid" convoys to smuggle arms – which it turns out to be what they are for.

      Annan knows this only too well.

      Where else was this done for Islamist paramilitaries, many of whom didn't some from there_ -Jugoslavia.

  3. This is a day that will live….until we pearl harbor our enemies. How many times have we heard that Iran is providing arms to the bad guys in Lebanon or recent our recent traitor congresmm king claiming that the bad guys are using the USA charities to collect money for the terrorist. Is there any larger charity group than the American jewish funds? Is not supporting Israel supporting the 4th largest manufacturing of war material?
    We cry about what we do the most. In the old days they just called it the Ugly American.
    Syria is just another regime change started when Richard Perl who was paid by our defense department wrote operation clean break for the Likud. One wonders why Hilary is so deeply involved in operation clean break until on understand hillary has gone to the dark side and all she needs is a big plastic mask to make it complete. We have met the enemy and they are us.

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