Puncturing Obama’s Afghan Bubble

Congratulations, Secret Service! No brawls with whores during Obama’s whistle-stop in Kabul. OK, it wasn’t an overnight visit…


It was inspiring to hear Obama invoking the usual idealism during his spiel from Bagram Air Base. The event was nicely managed insofar as there were no blood-piercing screams during his speech from detainees being tortured.

Oh – that’s right. There isn’t any more torture in Afghanistan….

*[another excellent cartoon from the Washington Post’s Tom Toles]

3 thoughts on “Puncturing Obama’s Afghan Bubble”

  1. Ehud Barack Obomba's trip to Afghanistan is like George Warmonger's trip to Iraq but no one threw a shoe at him.

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  3. sayang…percaturan bn/umno gagal sekali lagi..tahniah untuk anwar..tahniah untuk pak lah..tahniah untuk najib…tahniah untuk permatang pauh…takziah juga untuk permatang pauh…By Aku Pening on August 27, 2008 12:20 AMAkum Tun,

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