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This week’s top news:

Bin Laden Disapproved of, Had Little Control Over ‘Affiliates,’ Documents Reveal: Osama bin Laden often disapproved of what so-called "affiliate" organizations were doing and in fact had very little, if any, control over their actions, according to revelations in declassified documents that undermine the Obama administration’s legal justification for the drone war in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond.

US Fumbles With Chinese Activist Seeking Asylum as China Condemns ‘Interference’: The State Department has bungled and mismanaged the situation of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng seeking asylum in the U.S., now having apparently abandoned him for a worse fate than if they never got involved and infuriated the Chinese authorities.

White House: UN Ceasefire in Syria ‘Not Working’: White House spokesman Jay Carney urged the international community to "admit defeat" and abandon the struggling ceasefire in Syria, insisting that the Assad regime was fully to blame for its failure.

Pakistan: US Needs to Find ‘Alternative’ to Drone Strikes: Pakistani Foreign Office officials say that they have been in talks with US diplomats pushing for the U.S. to find an "alternative" to drone strikes against targets in Pakistan’s tribal areas, which Islamabad has consistently objected to.

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