Military Planners Ordered to Not Consider Sequestration Cuts

Under statutory mandates, Congress is required to impose automatic budget cuts if an agreement on “debt reduction” is not reached. It is already clear Congress is ignoring its own self-imposed requirements, which Americans overwhelmingly support. As I recently wrote: “Essentially, Congress mandated action on cutting spending by force of law, and then ignored their own legislative mandates. A more illustrative example of lawlessness is hard to find.” Well, I may have found it:

Military planners are under strict orders not to devise scenarios for meeting the demands of “sequestration,” as the automatic, across-the-board spending reductions are called. Such paperwork, if leaked, would tell Congress there might be a way to deal with such drastic cuts.

…“They said they had all been ordered not to. It would be a violation. It would be a crime,” one participant told The Times.

An Army officer said, according to the participant: “I would be disobeying orders. I would be violating my orders and essentially committing a criminal act if I did any analytics on sequestration at this point.”

Remember, this is not about slashing budgets, but rather about a decision to slow the rate of growth in defense spending.