Good Times in Libya

There is news today that Libya’s interim authorities have declared portions of western Libya a “militarized zone,” with what they have for a military ordered to use force against any scuffles in that area. In addition, As’ad AbuKhalil reports that “In libya, new law 37 makes it criminal to say anything positive about qadhafi and the old regime and law 38 gives amnesty for anybody who fought against the old regime of qadhafi for anything they did.”

Sounds like things are going swell there thanks to NATO’s humanitarian war. See more the chaos in Libya here.

8 thoughts on “Good Times in Libya”

  1. Well, it looks like poor old Gadhafi is scaring "freedom fighters" more than ever. Gadhafi in 40 years of funny government of Libya pulled the country from the very bottom of the list of all African states to its top. He paid for a good western education even to all members of "freedom fighters" elite. These western educated freedom fighters have not been able to build a credible government , so they are at least forbidding to compare their performance to Gadhafi's. What a freedom! What a democracy!

    1. Gadaffi was an asshole dictator who ran the nation as a family criminal enterprise and nobody should miss this enemy of freedom and democracy — Gadaffi used to hang Students Protesters in the Main Square of the Universities as a Warning to the Students to not mess with the Dictatorship. Gadaffi covered the nation with Icons of himself and created a creepy Cult of the Personality around himself and forced everyone to worship his bullshit Gibberish nonsensical Green Book as if it were some kind of intellectual contribution to society. Gadaffi made his Children billionaires from the stolen wealth of Libya and his kids were sadists who had private jails in the basements of their houses. Gadaffi and his sons and cronies raped countless women and passed around Gadaffi's famous female bodyguards as Sex Toys to one another. Gadaffi forbid the press or tv from promoting the achievements of any Libyan individuals other than him or his family out of fear that anyone else could become popular other than a Gadaffi. I could go on forever but suffice it to say that Libya is now free for the first time in over 40 years. Now that Gadaffi is dead with a stick up his ass and a bullet in his forehead the Libyans now have Internet and youtube and freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom to demonstrate and a million other freedoms they never had under Gadaffi.

      1. I see propaganda is alive and well in Libya. AbuFehmi if you believe half of what you wrote then there is a long way to go for democracy in the Middle East.

      2. Ummmm….Abu…. Libya had the internet while Gadaffi was alive and ruled. Also, if the conditions were as you described, how is it the "revolution"/"uprising" started over government subsidized housing improvements, rather than a reaction to these hellish conditions you describe? Why were there luxury cars all over the g-damn place when I turned on the TV. Why did Gaddafi give the Libyan people free stuff–like heath care and, of course, housing–the building of which, or the delays in doing so, initiated the "uprising" in the first place–as apparently the current free housing conditions were obviously deemed "not up to par" and "unacceptable" to the 'peaceful protesters' who subsequently started burning government buildings and hanging police officers in the street?

        Considering the claims made in your post, as well as the facts of how everything played out, these seem like strange priorities if you ask me…

        Also, I've heard some reports of "peaceful" armed men recently driving through the streets of Benghazi calling for something that doesn't quite sound like "freedom" to me, and waving flags similar to flags flown in Al Qaeda video releases…. But hey, I'm sure this is nothing to be concerned about. I've also heard of censorship laws recently passed. On top of that, I've even heard of violent protests and vandalism of the self-proclaimed 'government's' (the "NTC") buildings and attacks on members–very similar to what was occurring before the "revolutionary" offensive…

        I guess the bright side is that all of the black skinned people previously employed in Lybia are no longer "employed"…so this should open up the job market for the "revolutionary" go-getters…but many of them may be able to retire off of the spoils of their "freedom fighting" alone…who knows…

      3. Obvious to me that you cannot think for yourself. How familiar were you with Libya, or did you learn everything you know from the news? Do yourself a favor and read the Green Book. 32 pages only before you should morally be allowed to post one more disparaging comment about the man who took on the NWO. Go join NATO scum and liberate more peoples you Joe. BTW, any tips on where I can buy some 'creepy icons'? This Gaddafi loyalist is looking for some.

  2. AbuFehmi, I think you are one of those “revolutionaries" Libyan who lived in Sweden or somewhere in Europe or even USA and had a good time there, receiving all kind of social benefits, having a time of your life getting lied, visiting the disco clubs, the mosques that are built and paid by Saudis and other tyrants, smoking what was offered to you, thinking ahhh, this is not democracy, my democracy is about my dick and my dick only, if you are not one of those cases then you would have think about your country as a Libyan intellectual with some intelligent considering the facts that Libya was one of the poorest nation on earth before Gaddafi, a nation with many tribes and culture, it was Gaddafi who liberated Libyan and give it to Libyan. What you are saying about Students being hanged shows that you are not an intelligent man or for that matter a women but a puppet of who (Saudis and other true feudalism of the middle east)) is feeding you and have you by your boooollls using you as a propaganda to destroy more of what Libya once was. If what is happening in Libya is democracy to you, then you are one of those who dance the dance when your masters calls on you to dance and make them happy.

  3. I guess my main point is that people came from all over the world to reside and work in Libya… People immigrated from other countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, elsewhere in the Middle East, even as far as Southeast Asia…so it seems unlikely it was the totalitarian hell hole which doubled as Gaddafi's personal sadistic pleasure palace many with a vested interest described it as–although, I guess one's perception can largely be shaped by where one comes from originally to a certain degree, as well as one's frame of reference; even so, the 'issues' described didn't seem to justify firing 10,000 NATO strike sorties into the nation in effort to decapitate the Libyan government, causing death and destruction in the process, only to leave the nation at the mercy of various militias–some of whose concept of civic duty apparently consists of filming the capture of the Nation's head of state of 40 years, sodomizing him, and uploading the incident onto Youtube the next day–all while chanting: "Allahu Akbar…Allahu Akbar…Allahu Akbar…" constantly throughout the entire process.

    This whole "episode" is not something the US/NATO/the UN/the ICC/and all other foreign nations and organizations involved should be 'proud' of…

    Anyway…not quite the supposed indiscriminate shelling in Homs…no doubt…but I'm just glad everyone "feels" better…that's the important thing…"feelings"…

    I'm just getting tired of listening to the BS talking points over and over….

  4. come on when is “mumbles” gonna step forward & claim great credit & acclaim, for santana’s mask i eye’d only, that alone seems grounds to deny whats up in Syria, what, feifdom building, district emeritt offices, now appeariently nwo aligned with nary a streak of free willed independence, happy PNAC, even if that century is still flying in thare face the spirit of1776, I really don’t think that sounds /looks like anythang narry near “it”,,, the spirit thang, the free will of the people concept, more like that nwo/pnac inbred deale surely with proxy’d toolz at the wheel, remember, its best waypoint being to make steam for a constallation of CON-FEDERATED municipalities with a central democraticaly grounded country wide body politic (cheif tribal executive council) yeah, pretty much what Col. Koffoe coulda done & still yet, the wing was alternatively alligned huh

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