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We are deeply disappointed to announce that Scott Horton is no longer part of the staff. Antiwar Radio has consistently been the best foreign policy show on the airwaves, always featuring the biggest names in foreign policy and noninterventionistism. Scott’s unique interview style, his deep knowledge and brilliant skill for entertainment were a centerpiece of this site. The impact the show has had on people, and this site, has been profound. However, we could no longer financially afford to maintain Antiwar Radio. and our donors are not immune to the shrinking war time economy. We have had to make several changes with a smaller budget the details of which we will announce in our weekly newsletter. Meanwhile, the archives of Antiwar Radio are available here. You can continue to follow Scott’s new show, the Scott Horton Show here.

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  1. Good luck, Scott, & my thanks to you personally & overall. You were part of my afternoons for several years.

    Believe it; I know all about the impact of the "shrinking war time economy"as well.

  2. That's quite a shock … I'll continue reading and supporting the site, but Antiwar Radio was a strong part of my bond to In fact, I followed Scott here years ago. I may divide my support now. I recently doubled it for some reason that I didn't understand myself. Maybe there is a God after all …

    No. I do understand. I like being on the side of the angels.

    I see that Scott last interviewed Robert Murphy on Obamacare. If he's tired of focusing so exclusively on foreign policy, I can understand that. I focus more on the larger political economy myself when not reading Best of luck to everyone.

  3. What a terrible turn of events. Justin Raimondo attracted me to and Scott Horton made me fall in love. Scott, I wish you the best! It's a travesty that you don't have a national radio program, it is the highest quality radio available.

    I hope it doesn't take you too much by surprise and I hope you land on your feet. Let your listeners know if there is any way we can help you, Scott. Seriously, people love you.

    Good luck to both and Scott Horton!!!

  4. AntiWar Radio was a huge influence on me becoming a libertarian/anarchist and seeing the wars and the world for what it is. I gained so much knowledge from this show. It’s a shame, really. I always tried to get people to listen to the show.

    I hope Scott continues on with the show and LRN.FM, but without the backing of, I doubt he’ll be able to get the interviews he’s had. That’s going to leave a big hole in the LRN.FM schedule without the show.

  5. Devastating news. I have learned *so much* from Antiwar Radio and will miss the much needed perspective on current events. hope AW is able to do some sort of interview-based thing again, like podcasts, but not broadcasted? (Is that a thing? :)). Scott will be missed.

  6. So lemme git this straight…the likes of warmongers Limbo and Sean Insanity make tens of millions of dollars every year and meanwhile there is no room financially speaking for the likes of Scott Horton???

    Well, if that is the case it is indeed a cruel, perverted and insane world we live in.

    Talk about Bizzaro World…geez..maybe it's time to just checkout…

  7. Pretty awful. I find it curious that the most anti-Rand Paul contributor to the site gets dumped. Reminds me of Justin writing a critical column on Rand some time back, only to have the announcement of a major donor pulling out a day or two later, followed shortly thereafter by a huge backtrack Raimondo article on how he was wrong about Rand.

  8. The best part of AWC for me personally. Thank you for making the show available to us for as long as you have. Now, hope we can keep Scott's independent show on air.

  9. i agree with the posters above, scott and antiwar radio are the heart of this site for me

  10. @Irvine & Rick
    I'm not a large contributor and will probably never be one, but I have contributed thousands to over the years. Let's keep an open mind, but if I discover that the site dropped Antiwar Radio for political reasons, to satisfy a contributor or anyone else, I'll drop my support. Repudiating Scott's politics is close enough to repudiating mine, and I obviously won't support a site repudiating my politics.

  11. I discovered when I was listening to Chalmers Johnson talk on The Sorrows of Empire; he recommended the site. The Antiwar radio archives, allowed me to catch up on the wars. Through Antiwar archives, I discovered: Michael Scheuer, Christopher Hedges, Eric Margolis, Charles Goyette, Karen Kwiatkowski, Pepe Escobar; and their books. This information kept me from joining the military. Bring back Scott.

  12. Sad day – I will follow you Scott. Keep up the good fight man, you are the best!

  13. Good grief. How can this happen. Frankly, Scott Horton kept me coming back to; not sure how long that will last.

  14. Scott Horton’s show was the only reason I visited’s site, and thus might read some of the articles. It’s a serious mistake to cut this excellent, unique show. When cuts are necessary in hard economic times, it’s foolish (perhaps underhanded) to cut people that make your site more valuable, because, without Scott, will lose support and readership. The death of antiwar radio could mean the slow death of your site. Indeed, where has all the supporter funding gone towards, if not also to keep the very likes of Scott Horton on the air? This is an egregious error that the gods will regret.

  15. This seems like a terrible mistake. I have no time to read articles here, but while taking care of my kids and cleaning the house, doing the laundry, blah blah I listen to every episode of Scott's show. It is a good outreach tool. Couldn't you guys do a fundraising drive to keep antiwar radio?

  16. Seems like like a poor way to save money. There is probably more to this than we are told. I presume the program will continue with another host???

  17. Well, I must say that I'm disturbed to see that my comments to about firing Scott Horton have been taken down in two places. My comments were not rude, crude, or offensive–just strongly disapproving of their decision to cut Horton. At least ten other comments have also been axed as well. For a site claiming freedom of speech and information, holding up the banner of speaking the truth and open debate, this is truly unacceptable. Can't stand a little disapproval? Shame on you! Talk about Big Brother. Perhaps my comments hit too close to home. This behavior does not speak well of

  18. What a travesty. Scott Horton was my bond to Antiwar Radio. I listened to his podcasts almost every day, sent all my friends and family to him, sported an bumper sticker beside my Ron Paul bumper sticker, got a Randolph Bourne Institute donation credit card, and donated my own funds all to support Scott's work. Sadly my donations are moving from to Scott Horton.

  19. This is really a sad news that Scott Horton is no longer part of the staff.. I am really looking forward that scott will be part with us forever. industrial surplus

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