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An Important Note to Our Supporters About Antiwar Radio:

In order to continue being the leading source for non-interventionist news and analysis, has had to make some cutbacks and some changes.

We were recently informed that one of our largest donors, plus one additional source, is no longer able to provide us with funding, amounting to a loss of 20 percent of our annual budget.

Scott Horton, Assistant Editor and host of Antiwar Radio, will no longer be a part of our staff due to these budgetary constraints. We were forced to make this very difficult and unfortunate decision, but we will continue to promote The Scott Horton Show and support Scott’s work. You can still find The Scott Horton Show at the top of our website pages.’s development team will be engaging in more conventional fundraising models, focusing more on renewing monthly donations, selling advertisement and merchandise, and cultivating new sources of income.

This week’s top news:

Warfare State Sending US Off ‘Fiscal Cliff’: The US budget deficit grew by nearly $60 billion in June, and is on track to exceed $1 trillion for the fourth straight year. Washington spends too much in every dimension, but paying for the warfare state makes up an enormous chunk of these massive deficits.

US Forcibly Injected Gitmo Detainees With ‘Mind Altering Drugs’: Detainees inside the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay were forcibly injected with powerful "mind altering drugs" and then interrogated in a cruel form of psychological manipulation.

Under Netanyahu, Illegal Settler Population Swells: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘s policies over the last three years have drawn tens of thousands of Israelis into the West Bank, causing the Jewish population in Palestinian territory to increase by 18 percent.

Annan: Syria’s Assad Discussed Transitional Government: Annan said that Assad told him last week that he would consider a political transition and proposed someone who could mediate on behalf of the regime as it explores an interim government with the opposition.

DEA Agents Kill Another Honduran in Increasingly Aggressive Drug War: Two US agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration shot and killed a man in Honduras last week who was suspected of drug smuggling, in the third instance since May of DEA involvement in the killing of suspects in the troubled Latin American country.

Military Intervention in Mali ‘Probable,’ Says French FM: Foreign powers are likely to intervene militarily in Mali after al-Qaeda-linked militants took control of some of the territory, but Obama is already intervening in Mali and much of Africa.

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  1. Thank you so much for what you do. It pains me that Antiwar – and the anti-war message in general – does not get the support and coverage it deserves.

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